One Last Kiss

This is a cry for Justice from: BettyJean Kling


On 2/20/09, ( we think that was the date – no one informs any of us) Louisa Richardson – Rodas was rushed from Kessler Institute in West orange , NJ to Hackensack University Medical Center  Emergency Room with a life threatening emergency. We understand she was there a good part of the night. Louisa was fighting for her life within 2 miles of most of her loving family while Frank Rodas, her third husband of only 4pic54 years – her brother Tommy and his wife Shelly played God. Was it spite- revenge and hatefulness that deprived her grandparents – parents children and sister of what might have been her last hours? Even more egregious, (According records from the courts from her nurse Nadia – it is highly probable she recognizes voices now) they deprived Louisa of the loving arms of her family- the prayers of her loved ones, the hugs, the kisses and the words of love from her sons in what could have been her final hours.

How long will this go on – where is the outrage? Where are the letters from the community on behalf of Louisa thapic111t the abuse must stop? Louisa cannot speak for herself- the law says her husband is legally responsible – he is under the influence of a of a brother who is using abusive control tactics – he has told me in no uncertain terms that either I do what he says or he is holding Louisa hostage.  It’s Tommy who insists that Louisa is kept in this state against her wishes and is now forcing her to face these perils without pic65the benefit of the love and caress of her family around her – instead she lies there alone and afraid and helpless. I know my daughter – she is afraid – Louisa does not want to die without her children -mother – father – sister and grandparents !!.

Louisa’s family consists of: Her grandparents Roy and Louise, her mother BettyJean and step-father pic1Dick, her father Doug and step-mother Diane, Marc her eldest son, Joshua her younger son and his father Ed and his grandmother Jean and Louisa’s sister Denise all of her closest relatives who love and care for her were prevented from information regarding what may have been Louisa’s near death experience both while it was happening pic9and after the danger had passed.

Had we not had a neighbor working at the hospital – we still would not know about Louisa’s emergency at all. We do not know if it has happened before and are sure we will not be told if it happens again. If she had passed would we have read it in the papers? Would Frank – Tommy and Shelly have acknowledged us as Louisa’s survivors or would it have appeared in the Elizabeth papers in another county that they are now listed as resisding in? Would we be welcome at the funeral or just expected to pay the funeral expenses? Would they hide pic103her resting place from us as well? What is the point of all of this nonsense and where does the abuse and neglect of Louisa stop? Will anyone out there write letters on our behalf to the editors to the media? Stop the continual abuse of Louisa!

pic4I have just gained knowledge that Louisa’s health is tenuous at best.  I have come to find out these episodes are to be expected and Louisa may not survive one of them. The report reads; Louisa may experience complications from her injuries, including neurological issues. It is anticipated that Louisa will remain at Kessler for up to a few more weeks and then will be transferred to a sub acute facility. Thereafter, it is likely that Louisa would reside in a nursing home.  Her return home is possible but not likely.pic75

This is not about me this is about Louisa. I am not a back down kinda girl- yet I pretty much stopped blogging about Louisa and these creeps- I did not start any suits- I did not make any noise at Kessler. I decided not to cut the baby in half thinking that as long as she was in Kessler she was safe and me and the rest of the family sacrificed our feelings for my baby girl but after finding out that we were wrong – that she is in danger – and in danger of  pic33dying alone and without us to hold her and tell her we love her. We now know she needs us more than ever.  She  needs us – all of us – she damned well needs her mother and her children and we cannot sit quietly by anymore! What these three cold hearted people pulled the other night was a downright calculated cruelty aimed toward me but it hurt Louisa and it must stop! IT MUST STOP NOW!pic21

Everyone of us that found out after the fact is livid with these three took it upon themselves to make this decision for Louisa and how thpic81ey abrogated her rights the other night! How dare they make that decision for her. First- frank has not yet been named her guardian and secondly – that was not a fit decision and finally that would never have been her decision and therefore it is proof positive he nor they are fit to make those decisions. The entire family would prefer a court appointed guardian to intervene on Louisa’s behalf and in her best interests! A court appointed stranger would care more for her and have more sense- and would know better!

Louisa is entitled to medical privacy – I agree, however, when that privacy is used as it is being used as a tool to hurt her mother – it is cruelty. When a mother can not call a facility and ask how the daughter is doing – one has to ask – why not? Might I write on the blog – Louisa smiled today and is that private?

Help us Help Louisa – I cannot imagine that Louisa would not want to kiss her sons goodbye – Can you? Next time she may not be so lucky – it is urgent that she not be kept in near solitary confinement!

George Hartwig took her out of this picture but Frank Rodas, Tommy and Shelly Richardson keep all the rest of us out of the picture. Now all that are left in Louisa's life are these three

George Hartwig took Louisa Richardson- Rodas out of our family picture but Frank Rodas, Tommy Vitale- Richardson and Shelly Dobson-Richardson took all the rest of us out of the picture the night Louisa was rushed to the emergency room. Now all that are left in the picture have all the control of Louisa's life and are those who only took but never added much to Louisa's life. Her Grandparents - her parents - her children and her sister not only love Louisa she adores us and needed us and wants us . Pictured here are her abuser George Hartwig pulled the trigger, Tommy left her alone that night , Shelly told lies to help them ban me from visitation and Frank who foolishly bit the hand that was feeding them and loved and cared for he and Louisa all these years.


Louisa Sits Alone, Denise Misses her

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

I have been unable to tell you much about Louisa’s progress lately, however, perhaps those who live in NJ will be able to get us some info while I take the legal route.

I wish I could go back to a few months ago and give you good news about Denise again but there is not much to give you these days I am afraid. Since the shooting Denise has gone downhill, her heart is broken and she misses her baby sister and she cries a lot. They keep changing Chemo tratments but the cancer keeps growing. It has spread to her lungs and her liver so Denise now has quite a bit more pain. We think this stress made this cancer growth  accelerate.  

I have a jackass calling him/herself Anonymous Anonymous who has hit my blog as several other alias for days ranting and raving on behalf of the abusers Tommy and Frank. Notice never does anyone ever bring up her children she has two boys! They would also have you believe that I eat men for breakfast and spit them out. Well I do —  but only the kind who abuse and disrespect women.

I have  3 grandsons that we are trying to raise to be real men. Denise’s boy Christopher is 21. Louisa’s Boys are Marc 20 a sophomore in College and Joshua a sophomore in High School. We simply can not afford to have them influenced by lying drug addicted drunken gamblers who abuse and disrespect women, who don’t work, have mouths like sewers and dont value education for their children. Men who show no respect for their wives – their mothers – the law or common decency.

Unlike the three men who just dropped out of my family album; George, Tommy and Frank who of course no longer deserve a page in my book! Let me introduce you to our other men, We have 6 great guys. In fact we had and still have more guys in the family than gals! I will also introduce you to the gals! Meet our Pure Breeds  3 gals and 3 guys! We remain a loving family of guys/gals and just look at these 11 smiling faces – Yeah we all got a lil devil in us but we are not evil- we are tough. KEWL huh?



From my parents, to my 3 grandsons and our Pups

Four Generations: From my parents, to my 3 grandsons and our Pups



Both Tommy and Frank are out of work and disinherited and are now trying to buy their way back into the family graces by offering to allow me visitation. But wait – there is a catch Frank also wants to stay in my house at the same discounted rate- and he wants me to stop blogging and only then I can see my daughter to my hearts content!


 I guess that’s all my daughter is worth to him in her current condition – but not to me
to me she is a Queen – not a pawn.  

I am concerned, however, Louisa is alone a lot of the time. Her father works so Doug and Diane visit her as often as they can but they are the only other company Louisa gets besides Tommy and Frank when those two bother to show up at all.  


I am told there is a list of persons Frank has banned- but he has not banned every name in the world. My parents in the late 80’s and Denise are fragile and will not /can not go without me.


If anyone is in the area of West Orange NJ- please go see Louisa. She can have flowers, music, cards and company. Please – I do not want my baby to be there alone. She is alive and she sees, she feels her hand being held. She hears if you speak loudly on her right side and I think my baby is alone and scared and does not know why she has been abandoned by her mom who promised her – I would not leave her.  It was the last thing I said to her in the hospital over a week ago.


So please if you are in the area go see my baby girl- I can’t get past the front door – I can’t even call!


Remember Frank is depriving Louisa’s own two boys Marc and Joshua of her home and instead has his kids living there on my dime and now wants to sell visitation of my daughter to keep it that way!


At the very least call Kessler and ask how she is – Let them know that there are people out there who know of her – that she has friends and fans that love her. Please –  do not let my baby be left alone and forgotten because of these two selfish hatful vindictive bastards and their heartless cohorts – who would rather blast me than pay attention to what is best for Louisa.


Also PLEASE DO NOT ADVOCATE FOR ME WITH KESSLER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! They made it clear that any problems that I cause would be detrimental to keeping Louisa there and it is the best place for Louisa so DO NOT mention me – just let them know Louisa has friends – many many friends and she is loved and cared for! Please do not let Kessler think those two cruds are her only advocates or only visitors besides her Dad and Diane.


Louisa Rodas currently resides at Kessler Rehabilitation Institute

West Orange Campus
1199 Pleasant Valley Way
West Orange, NJ 07052
Tel: 973.731.3600
Fax: 973.243.6819

What Does it Mean to “Split the Baby”?

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Louisa Moved to Kessler

On Friday January 23, 2009 Louisa Richardson- Rodas was moved from Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ to Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ.


As I stood there, I was informed by my son Tommy with the most vicious disgusting terms imaginable that this would be the last time I would see my daughter and he was backed up by her husband Frank. I was not going to repeat his words but I decided To do so . He said to Louisa,


” Don’t worry Lou Lou – we will get you out of here and away from this murdering, whore pig and you will be safe very very soon.”


Then he looked me straight in the eye and told me I would never see her again and that he would



Yikes! One has to wonder what they are telling this poor baby when I am not there and just how dangerous this all is to her recovery! I am not concerned about what she will think of me- but what is this doing to her? And God help her – why doesn’t anyone care? Surely the rantings and ravings of these two should have raised some eyebrows with the hospital and they certainly should have conveyed this to Kessler.



I spoke to the Kessler Institute on Friday and they informed me that her husband Frank and brother Tommy had been there already and had been emphatic that they did not want me to visit my daughter. They also told me that they had reports from Hackensack University Medical Center that the two had attempted to ban me from that institution as well but that HUMC had determined that it was in the best interest of the patient to have her mother at her side and they overruled her husband. Kessler assured me if I waited until Monday and did not create any problems over the weekend they would probably follow the same visitation program. They already told the two guys that if there were any problems – Louisa would not be admitted or she would be released- seems they did not care- I did and stayed home and never blogged it- complained or called again till late Monday.


On Monday when I called for an update, I was told Kessler asked for a meeting about visitation and both men had created such a stir over the prospect that Kessler would also overrule them that they would  have Kessler turn her away rather than have me visit. Kessler assured me that if I pressed this issue – they will not keep her there. They actually warned me not to press them or Louisa would be released. I am withholding the woman’s name until I am assured the woman can not retaliate against Louisa. Again – Lou is my first consideration.


It took me several hours to contact my attorney and I instructed him that he was to inquire regarding both the legality of preventing my visitation and the legality of removing her should I request visitation. I guess the threat is to be considered as well but it is secondary and personal so no matter to Louisa’s best interests at this time.


At first – I was simply going to just step back as did the mother in the Bible and refuse to “Split the Baby” then I decided – not to allow anyone to use Louisa against her will nor was I going to be blackmailed by these two heartless fools who claim to love Louisa but who would risk her care for spite, or an Institute who would prevent a mother visitation without first checking the legality of doing so and by threatening to withhold care in retaliation for my seeking legal council on the matter. Finally, I am very concerned with the brainwashing of my helpless daughter – surely someone should be concerned about that?


Tommy and Frank should be ashamed of themselves for behaving on behalf of Louisa in such a way as to humiliate and degrade her dignity.


In the meanwhile, I intend to continue to try to work this out legally, without jeopardizing Louisa’s care and without loosing touch with my daughter who means the world to me and who I have been financially supporting for the last 5+ years since her husband could not afford to.


So what does it mean to “split the baby”?


It means that a Mother’s Love will allow me to step back and do the right thing while selfishness will allow others to use a totally helpless Louisa in this unscrupulous disgusting manner may they rot in HELL for:


” Using her without her permission as a tool of hate and spite

” Doing things without knowledge if what you are doing is hurting her

” Whispering in her ears not knowing how detrimental it is to her


Louisa is in danger because these two fools are messing with the memories and thoughts of a helpless seriously brain injured woman and they appear to have Carte Blanc to continue. Remember – Louisa has lost most of her right brain tissue. And we do not know what all this is doing to her. They are playing with fire and they do not care. I care – Pray God Kessler investigates before it is too late for my helpless daughter who is being victimized yet again! God help Louisa.


 Tommy and Frank you are both abusers just like George.  He got one side and now you are damaging the other . Shame on you both!!