Sarah’s not ready for the Oval Office

Everyone is talking about Sarah Palin and wondering if she will run for President. The pundits are frothing at the mouth and the good old boys are falling all over themselves like jackasses. No one in the media or in elected office or thinking about running thinks she has a chance of winning against Barack Obama. When asked why not – they usually say things like – She doesn’t have any experience and she is not ready to run a country.

She was council woman, mayor and governor, he was a community organizer then a senator who spent his entire senate career running for President. She had to prove she gave birth to her own son and he didn’t have to prove where he was born. After three years on the national stage we know more about Sarah’s personal life, family and every job she ever held then we do about his. Yet she is expected to “prove her mettle and he didn’t have to prove what his college grades were. We know every move she made and yet of all the supposed jobs he held we have never heard from a soul he taught or that he worked with or for.

They both wrote books , he describes being a socialist, smoking dope and hating white people , she describes God, family , and country.

Hmmmmmm, If I had to pick between these two people – I know who I would pick! How bout you?

Liberal women’s groups fail again: Shame on you!

BettyJean Kling

 Update- 8/12/10 10:38- NH has 2 idiot dems who are sexists !

 A New Hampshire Democrat has quit the state legislature after cracking a joke on Facebook about Sarah Palin’s death.

Rep. Timothy Horrigan of Durham posted a comment Wednesday that a “dead Palin wd be even more dangerous than a live one” and she “is all about her myth & if she was dead she cdn’t commit any more gaffes.”

Horrigan apologized Thursday and resigned. He is also discontinuing his re-election campaign.
Horrigan is not to be confused with another New Hampshire Democrat, state House candidate Keith Halloran, who posted to Facebook that he wished Palin and her daughter’s ex-fiance, Levi Johnston, were aboard the downed plane that claimed the life of former Republican Senator Ted Stevens.

NH Candidate hits new low: wishes Palin dead! Visit:

I’m waiting… tick tick tick. Where are the women’s groups? Tick tick tick- this is a new low for any candidate of any party! The vitriol coming from the Democratic Party towards women since the 2008 primary has completely been disregarded by the so-called women’s groups.

“Just wish Sarah and Levy (sic) were on board,” wrote Keith Halloran, a Democratic candidate for Cheshire County House District 7, referencing Palin and Levi Johnston, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of her daughter.

I have called them out over and over and over again to no avail. They should have been on this and every other occasion the first to scream foul instead they will only be heard when they are shamed into it!

Well you are being shamed again! Jehmu Greene ,  NOW, and whoever is running Women Count- obviously only Liberal women, (except Hillary) abortion and same sex marriage count! Shame on YOU for failing to care about ALL women’s rights! Let me remind you yet one more time you have no right to call yourselves National Women’s groups because you do not serve ALL women. You are a sham and a shame.

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. John F. Kennedy

For the record- I demand to know what is going to be done about this Keith Halloran whose web page claims:

Keith Halloran supports NH Governor John LYNCH in our shared respect for New Hampshire’s history & traditions, an emphasis on non-partisan and fiscally responsible approaches to governing New Hampshire today, and targeting priorities for building and safeguarding New Hampshire’s future.


Obama’s race baiting flunkies

Another Rant By: Bettyjean Kling

Yes I know- anyone white who brings it up — is the race baiter and racist. Well too damned bad. I am sick and tired and I have been since Oprah marched herself across the stage in her newly acquired black southern drawl preaching about being a free women and telling her audience that this was “THE ONE”.

I recognized the tent revival type of hypnotizing she and her messiah pulled all through that nasty campaign. And I recognize now the continued race baiting and racial discrimination being pulled on whites. Racism is racism and I for one am not going to tolerate it nor am I going to be held hostage to neither white guilt nor will I cow tow to anyone while I am being discriminated against. As my friend Martin said, judge not a person by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

What is it going to take to understand that this president is a racist and is surrounded by racists by design? I am still shocked that some did not get it after learning that he and MS Shelly sat in that racist church for 20 years and took those two young girls to that racist church. I am not sure why they didn’t get it after reading his books- that told the story pretty clearly but no one seemed to care- why not? He admitted to doing drugs! Hell Clinton had to lie about inhaling to get elected and this clown admits doing blow to our college kids and we elect him? What the hell are we snorting? And it wasn’t just some college snorters that elected him.

And there were not enough blacks in the country to elect him either. And on that subject- why is it ok for blacks to admit they voted for a black man because he was black but not ok to vote for a woman because she was a woman? Quite obviously he has so much less experience, he is using her entire staff except for the Czars and he is running the white house entirely on her platform programs except for the commie twists? Oh yes – I remember now – it’s because she turned out to be a racist – she and her husband. Right?

Yeah that’s right we can’t have any racists in the white house – that is no racists except if they hate WHITES! Obama’s team started this race baiting and it is very clear and always has been that blacks can talk race but white cannot. I am breaking that rule here and now. I have first amendment rights and there is no law preventing me from using any damned words that I want to. Enough with the race baiting but with this clown on the loose and Jeremiah big mouth and God knows how many others running around we will soon have another racial clash that was all but over.

So many minorities have had so much to whine about; The American Indian, the Jews, women still are being used and abused – the Blacks can’t claim they are the only human beings wronged by others! Right now you can’t say about black what you can still ‘show N tell’ about a women and yet they whine and carry on? If a woman calls out blatant sexism we are ridiculed all the more and yet these blacks use racism as if it were a bat to bludgeon us where no racism even exists so as to prevent us from being able to speak at all. Yet they are the greatest racists of all using the term Nigger freely and calling females bitches ho’s and cunts no matter the color and hide behind the first amendment while whites are held hostage to walking on eggs around their delicate feelings! Screw them! They should be ashamed after all the strides they and we have all made on their behalf to allow their racists to categorize all whites and therefore allow all blacks to fall into the all blacks category in kind. I am a grandparent of biracial babies and I will not have it!

Tell me how using the word WHITES in the contexts they have been using it is any less racial than using the term NIGGER in the ways they disapprove of it being used? WHITES polluting minority drinking water! WHITES taking Indian land! WHITES conducting experiments of minorities! WHITE youth shooting up students in places such as Columbine. WHITES preventing poor blacks from getting health care as if there are poorer blacks then poor whites or poor anyone else!

If someone lynched Obama on Halloween the lyncher would be jailed – but for lynching Sarah he was hailed as a great artist! If we showed a black woman being held in chains by a white woman that would be racist but a black woman holding a white woman in chains is art (Remy Martin Ad)! I am done walking on eggs what is good for the race baiter is good for the race baited! It wasn’t ho that got Imus fired it was nappy headed! Ho should have been enough.

As John Lennon wrote and sung it’s women who are the Niggers of the world and that is exactly who we should be worrying about not the blacks who have been using past hurts as a crutch, holding all whites accountable and running roughshod over us for far too long. Sure there is still racism- there is no denying that- but applying white racism to others neither serves to correct the past wrongs any only serves up the same wrong the hypocrites claim to abhor.

What false outrage they pretend to feel when all they are doing is jockeying for a position to do the very same thing they claim is unbecoming to do to another human being. Instead continuing racial harmony these race baiters have purposefully brought about racial dissonance.

Cosby did more for bringing us all together by asking all of us to take more responsibility for ourselves. I have never heard Cosby pose inflammatory language in order to incite blacks against whites such as the WHITES are deliberately poisoning the water like Van said. I cannot imagine Cosby saying something Like “Hillary ain’t never been called a Nigger”, like the reverend said. I have heard Cosby talk about blacks being targeted and how they ought to act toward police but I never heard him call the police stupid like POTUS did.

We never hear a word from the race baiters about what the black community does wrong- have you noticed that? Al not to Sharpton is the first to run out and bitch about anything that a white does against a black man or woman. Never what a black does against a white and NEVER what a black man does against a WOMAN. Have you ever heard from any black except Cosby about how blacks mistreat women especially their own? We are not allowed to talk about how they (those who mistreat) mistreat white women by the way and somehow that translated into let’s not talk about how they mistreat women – which is deplorable- lower than how they mistreat animals (those who mistreat) mistreat their own black women worse of all. Hypocrites they have the greatest rate of disrespect for women in the form of wife beating, pimping, and single family homes.

My point here is this; stop with the race baiting because we WHITES are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. We know all blacks are not racists – that was your biggest mistake. We have been integrated and happy far too long for you to get away with that. Many of our families are biracial now and we simply are not going to stand for radicals from either the right or the left pushing the Majority around and holding us hostage to white guilt that is not ours just as we will not hold all blacks hostage to black guilt that is not theirs!

Please read – Are all anti- heath care citizens rich republicans? this is another lie much like race baiting  it is meant to make you think that all Republicans are rich and therefore above the poor and etc etc etc.

Hey Obama, got a few words about the sexism?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Ok Obama- you can jump all over a cop for a perceived racial incident but easily overlook Favreau groping a Hillary cut-out, somehow we let that go by but explain this one why don’t you?

 A Democrat speechwriter invited to speak on Fox News about Sarah Palin’s role in the nation’s health care debate instead spent Friday night bashing the former VP candidate.

And then to top it all off the World-News-Examiner puts words in his mouth and ties it to Tiffany Pollard and calls it an unintentional compliment and shows Gov. Palin side by side with Ms Pollard scantilly dressed in a suggestive pose. The media and Obama’s speech writers have got to be stopped especially in light of  all these ads being pulled from Glenn Beck because he dares to question if Obama may be racist. He is not only racist – he is quite obviously sexist and supports a sexist staff of writers who are out to destroy women. Time to boycott but not Beck!

At one point, Matthew Littman prognosticated that the former Alaska governor will end up as a Picture_9(66)washed-up VH1 reality star. This begs the question: did Littman actually just compare Palin to I Love New York’s Tiffany Pollard, the self-proclaimed HBIC? And if so, does he realize he just gave Palin one of the most unintentionally obsequious compliments we’ve heard yet?

One gal commented:

To Mathew Littman the insulting chauvinist, who is one of Obama’s speech writers, had made a nasty comment about Sara Palin and I am tired of these kinds of shitty comments. I don’t agree with her politics at all but she is a good wife, mom, and a strong woman which I do admire. This idiot said Friday on Fox, while being interviewed by Laura Ingram that soon enough Sara will be all over the news because she will be dating Flava Flav which is so disgusting. She has only been with one man all her life and is so devoted to her family which is so wrong to paint her as a loser loose woman is so damn ugly. I can’t believe that all women aren’t angered by this. To make woman who works hard and wants to do good in life out to be a whore.

Has the media, Obama and his administration set women back so far that this is going to be acceptable for now on? Stand up against this or all women will be hurt by this behavior and men will think it is acceptable to treat women like shitty whores. Damn I can’t stand this crap!!!

I am disgusted with Obama, his administration, and propaganda media acting like Jr. High girls which Obama gossipy insulting tactics from the beginning since the primary election just has made me sick. He is a rude gossipy male chauvinist that he and his locker-room buddies learned from his Jr. High and high school days when he played sports. I have never seen the media act like this so unprofessional and I use to think the information they put out is suppose to be investigative and had resources to back up their reports.

What the hell happened to the media? They want to go back to Jr. High and high school and redeem their unpopularity by insulting others it is not a position that should be taken to the airways that is what their own blogs are for. They are so unprofessional it is unbelievable they have to resort to such behavior to get attention. I hope the media wakes up and gives us true investigative reporting again or the so called “the mob” will shut them out, turn them off, and their ratings will be shit and they will be in the unemployment lines with all the heads of their news stations too. We the mob…

I have got to ask again – how about this Obama – got any comments about your speech writers? No? I didn’t think so!

Meanwhile the black nationalists are boycotting Glenn Beck for calling out Obama for his racist stance of sticking his nose where it did not belong and turning a racial incident on a white cop when it was the black professor who was the racist! Now Beck is having ads pulled because advertisers are being bullied by blacks who are offended over the mere word ‘racist’. Has the word ‘racist’ now become the new ‘N’ word?

Write the advertisers and tell them clearly you will boycott them bigger and better if they stifle free speech and remind them that the word “RACIST” is not the “N” and if they want to boycott offensive language try boycotting RAP crap where the “N” word and the “F” word and the “C” word and the “B” words are used liberally to describe women who spend most of the money on their friggen products!

Glenn Beck is under attack from the fringe left and to get at him, they have targeted his advertisers. Led by NBC’s very own, Donnie Deutch, who has started a campaign of boycott of the advertisers for the Glenn Beck program. This cause has recently been picked by an organization co-founded by Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar, Van Jones, called “Color of Change“. On their web page, they state the following :

Fox’s Glenn Beck recently said President Obama is “a racist” and has a “deep-seated hatred for white people.” Beck is on a campaign to convince the American public that President Obama’s agenda is about serving the needs of Black communities at White people’s expense. It’s repulsive, divisive and shouldn’t be on the air.

Currently there are a few advertisers who has succumb to the pressure and have pulled their advertisements from the GBP.

Here is a current list (UPDATED).

  1. Geico Insurance
  2. Procter & Gamble
  3. Sargento Cheese
  4. Progressive Insurance
  6. Roche
  7. Sanofi-Aventis
  8. Radioshack
  9. S.C. Johnson
  10. ConAgra
  11. Men’s Warehouse
  12. Ally Bank
  13. Travelocity

  14. Statefarm

The reasoning for this boycott is completely false and unwarranted. There’s an ulterior motive here and that is to silence Glenn Beck. Deutch, Color of Change and all the other unhinged groups can’t stand that GB exposes the lies of this administration and, frankly, Obama’s supporters can’t handle the truth.

If fans of free speech wish to voice their concern and boycott these advertisers, these companies will pay a heavy price in the form of lost revenues. Something not welcomed by any corporation, especially, in this down economy.

Let’s remind these companies that we, too, can boycott, and our boycott will hurt a heck of a lot more than theirs.

Please pass along to all on your email list, remember Glen Beck has done nothing wrong. He is standing up for US!

Check out

Inappropriate sexualization and dehumanization?

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

How do you inappropriately touch a girl but not sexually? I guess if you dehumanize a female enough whatever you do to her becomes ok! It certainly seems so- The horror stories are mounting – how much more can we take before we realize that they do not even look at us as humans anymore?

Animals have more rights!

Maybe if we jail the parents for inappropriate touching of girls — parents will learn how to raise boys! I’ll guarandamtee you they will start teaching them beginning the day after the law goes into effect. It is the parents fault. Just as they teach their kids not to use the N word they ought to teach them not to mistreat females in any way shape or form!! I urge you to understand it is going to take a very very long time to turn this around and we had better start right now and with the birth of our sons and daughters. Just as we stopped racism and everything else- it must stop at home.

Marcy captures the thoughts well:

I just got your e-mail about the little Liberian girl in Arizona who was raped by several juvenile-age boys also from Liberia.

I don’t think we should be so quick to just assign this to the “well, it’s a different culture” file. It seems to be fast becoming a part of American culture to abuse and degrade women, with little or no punishment resulting. Certainly verbal abuse like this from the two Obama worshippers in the video is just par for the course; but the rape in Arizona reminded me of an incident here in Arkansas that occurred a few months ago. A little girl was held down on the playground and “inappropriately touched” by four boys. She was rescued by a cafeteria worker before more harm could be done to her, but the school superintendent made the remark that he didn’t think she had been sexually assaulted. Excuse me, she may not have been raped; but it seems to be that she certainly was sexually assaulted. The boys only got a few days suspension, and they were back in school by the time the story got reported. The little girl was not back in school (and if she was my daughter, she would never be back in that school), but the jackass superintendent said she was welcome to come back. At the very least, he has got to be one of the more insensitive twits ever to run a school district.

From the comments with the story, it seems like the townfolk are not too happy with the way this was handled, and a DHS investigation was underway, so it is to be hoped that something more will result. Here’s the link to the story.

I know everything can’t be blamed on Barack Obama (as much as I try), but he has certainly tapped into and encouraged a veritable pustule of hatred of women that is going to infect this entire country if we are not able to bring it to a halt. I know people often take a dim view of lawsuits, but I hope this little girl’s family is taking such action. If the school district just sweeps this under the rug and goes on its merry way, it’s just a matter of time before it happens to another little girl, because I’m not thinking a three-day vacation from school will deter anything.

My dear you are so so so right on all counts! You caused me to rant into a new blog piece see open season on women.

First- little girls and little boys are taught from the very minute they are born that females are less then and males are greater than! This must stop! Little girls hear little boys be told things like don’t cry like a “GIRL” they both hear it; you run like a sissy or throw like a girl etc. etc. etc.

The pictures they see of females are all sexist and the music they hear are pretty much all subservient to men as sex slaves- what are these children to think of the female from birth to death.

Likewise the boys are to act like a man – run like a man — don’t be like a girl — what are these children then to think of the sexes. The ideas placed in their minds at home- in school on TV in the media and in ads all point to female is the lesser – the weaker and the object- Male is the bigger – stronger smarter and the leader the winner the stronger .

The games depict men dominating over women – the songs, the ads; all depict the females as sex objects to the men. What do you expect from little boys? They are raised to believe this about girls as are the girls to believe this about themselves.

It is our job to teach both boys and girls the truth and the truth at this point in time is that we have little value for women – they indeed seem to have become worthless as anything but eye candy – punching bags – sex objects and mothers. As workers they are paid less, as leaders there are fewer and as for the glass ceiling- well they are still far from breaking it

What did our sons and daughters learn this last election cycle? They learned that the former first lady is a bitch and the Governor of Alaska is a cunt. But at the same time they learned you had better never say one word about Obama or you’ll be sorry very very sorry! You will be labeled a racist- you will be excoriated and if asked on the street or in your own driveway and give the wrong answer you will find yourself under investigation and the subject of late night comics along with having your children dragged through the mud.

This last week we learned that our president will jump headlong into a race situation taking a black man’s side against a white cop without even knowing if it is a race situation but after two years of the most outrageous display of sexism – he will not say a word in defense of any woman.

Read this piece from Alessandro who nails it as still an all boys club, where the men involved where invited to talk things over but the woman who was totally faultless  but dragged through hell never got so much as a mention let alone a beer:

Wake up America- it’s open season on females specifically straight white females – as Al Sharpton says unless females have a minority attached to them they are not a group and do not require any special protection! He went on to say if they were black- or gay- or Latino then they would be a group requiring protection!

Does that translate to straight white women do not deserve protection? Do we have a target on our backs and are we on open season? And are these females from countries that practice Sharia law also exempt from protection in America?

Where’s the Line


Where is Women’s Media Center’s video for Sarah?

Another rant BY: Bettyjean Kling

A few days ago I blogged against the Women’s Media Center for being 3 days late coming out with support for Sarah Palin;

Better late than never? Really!
Posted on July 7, 2009 by freemenow

Ugggggggggggg! I just hate it when these so called woman’s groups come late to a popular party so they can say they were there! You were not- you showed up late and as an afterthought- shame on you for trying to now capitalize on Sarah Palin! Where were you on July 3,4.5th?

One commenter wrote “They didn’t support Hillary” either to which I responded that if that were so they have no right collecting funds as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization making women visible and powerful in the media claiming the WMC ensures that women are represented. The next thing ya know another commenter probably from or a supporter of WMC leaves a link showing us WMC certainly did come out in support of Hillary.

Lisa’s Comment:
um? yes. they did defend hillary. here’s one of many examples.

I followed up and WOW they sure did and what a fantastic job they did. So great a job that I am going to show you right here. Having said that, I have three other comments to make.

  1. Where the hell is the video for Sarah? Surely they have just as much material to do the same kind of video for her? If not why not? This proves intent of my original post against WMC so I thank the commenter for proving my point as well as providing the fantastic video which I thank WMC for producing.
  2. Is this just another so-called woman’s group that only supports some women but not all women? Do they pick and choose which women to support based on her party or her issues? Do they have they own agenda too? Based on the fact that they too defended the left in greater detail then the right – it would appear so. This is unjust and leaves out half the women in the country. Why are we alienating the other half? If we are equal and want equality lefties – they let’s start acting like it!
  3. I never again want to hear the conservative say no one picks on democrat women as badly as they pick on conservative women- as if I did not know better – now I have handy proof to shove in their faces – again thank you WMC.

This proves my point that we women are being used not only by our government and by the media and the pundits but by other women. When oh when will we ever learn they are dividing us to keep us down? The Majority United is the way to overcome the tendency for women to be our own worst enemies. Wake up- support all women against sexism and unfair attacks.

Fire David Letterman Protest

By: BettyJean Kling

The only executive there was representing The Majority United which is comprised of women and men who are PUMA’s, Democrats, Republicans. Independents and individual members of one or more women’s groups or not.

Obviously the mentioned  groups did not send official representatives and clearly do not represent ALL American women – and believe me – it showed! Where was NOW? Where was Women Count? Where was The New Agenda? Where was The Women’s Media Center? Where was Gender Matters? And why do they advertise themselves as women’s organizations when they obviously have many women feeling unwanted?

Let’s not do to Sarah and any other woman what we did to Hillary. We sat silently by and let her carry the weight of it all on her back and never lifted a finger to defend womankind which she represented. A women’s organization must speak for ALL women -Right , Left and Center. Only then will we be  The Majority United.

I am here speaking up with only about 200 others who also do not accept Letterman’s belated tortured apology. We have larger women’s groups who should have be speaking up for all women- where were they? I want to know the media wants to know and those from across the country deserve and answer – where are all the the women’s organizations?

This is not the first time these women’s groups have left us feeling as if we had been thrown under the bus after we have become stirred up and rushed out to the defense of a woman who we felt were a target of sexism/misogyny or child abuse.

Here we are staging a rally and the coward is inside making yet more jokes and insinuating we have to accept that silly apology which was used as yet another night’s rating riser. Mocking us right on air as we demonstrated saying- “I apologized what more do they want” then listing 10 stupid things about the people at our rally.  Letterman suggested we were a handful of about 15 conservatives, I was one of at least 20 Puma’s made up mostly of Democrats and some Independents, I also had many Republican associates with me and quite a few Libertarians I am told. Mostly, I was told that most of them just consider them selves mothers and fathers and Americans tired of being partisans.

Where did that leave those of us who were not satisfied by that staged apology? I’ll tell you where – out on the street in front of the Ed Sullivan Theater being mocked by that very man for exercising our free speech, our right to assemble and being told it’s all over go home.  And it left us out there without the backing of the so called national women’s organizations.

Don’t let anyone or the media lead you to believe there wasn’t much of a protest – there was! And all this even though CNN, CBS and facebook and others reported that the rally was cancelled! NBC must have believed it as they were the only that never showed up. Imagine what it would have sounded like if it had not been erroneously cancelled by the media?  Imagine what it would have sounded like if the majority had been united by the so-called national women’s groups. Below are some of the clinps – it proves there was a lively protest.

It also proves what O’Riley said the next night – the women’s groups should be ashamed of themselves and are of no use to all women.  He said “women’s groups are done” He and others on FOX robbed all my lines but – I was already “On the Record” with Greta!

Bill O’Reilly says women’s groups are done. Actually, he says, “they’re DONE!” And then he wonders if he sounds like Regis Philbin.

It’s not over yet Sarah!

By: BettyJean Kling

‘Fire Dave!’: Crowd lines up to protest Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ Palin joke

BY Irving Dejohn


Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 3:58 PM

Savulich for News: Protestors demonstrate across the street from David Letterman’s ‘Late Night’ headquarters.

An apology from David Letterman was good enough for Sarah Palin – but not for protesters who demanded the late night host’s dismissal Tuesday at a Broadway demonstration.

“Fire Dave! Fire Dave!” the crowd of about 50 protesters chanted as Letterman fans filtered into the Ed Sullivan Theater for the show’s taping.

“I hope to have him see the light,” said demonstrator Josephine Sarnok, 59, of Newark. “I think it was over the line.”

BettyJean Kling, 61, accused Letterman of using the Alaska governor’s family to boost his ratings. She stood by a large plywood sign with the words “Fire the pervert” spray-painted across the front.

The demonstration came hours after Palin accepted Letterman’s Monday night apology for what he described as “a bad joke … a joke that was beyond flawed.”

The governor released a statement saying she accepted the mea culpa “on behalf of all young women, like my daughters, who hope men who ‘joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.”

Letterman sparked the controversy with a crack about Palin’s visit to Yankee Stadium last week. The one-time GOP vice-presidential candidate attended the game with her 14-year-old daughter, Willow.

Letterman – who initially said he was referring to 18-year-old Bristol Palin – said the teen “was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez” during the seventh inning.

Bristol Palin became a single mom in December when she delivered son Tripp.

Sarah Palin: a Rorschach for Feminists

Reprint from 2008 by Artemis March

Feminist eruptions about Sarah Palin have been stunning. Eve Ensler went ballistic. NOW endorsed an all-male ticket and disavowed Palin. Gloria Steinem contradicted her January op-ed argument. Naomi Wolf spun off into a paranoid fantasy. Feminists urgently circulated petitions full of false claims about Palin. When I sent friends information and links correcting these claims—shouldn’t that reduce fear and allow a saner conversation?—two who wrote back were outraged. Friends who normally speak in dulcet tones were suddenly pitched an octave and decibels higher, unable to converse in the normal rhythm of give and take.

I began asking myself, what is going on with feminists as they rationalize lining up with their misogynist Party/candidate while engaging with this new rorschach named Sarah Palin? How is it that feminists—the Americans most caricatured, distorted, misunderstood, and demonized by the Right and by the Left—are themselves caricaturing, misrepresenting, and demonizing a woman whose policies and beliefs offend them? Is it too much to ask that they at least get their facts straight, and not push rumors and unexamined claims as if they were gospel? How is it that Hillary supporters who have aligned with the DNC’s selectee are exhibiting some of the behaviors they formerly excoriated in Obama devotees (e.g., self-righteous judgmentalism, and the rejection, denial, or trivializing of information unfavorable to their guy)? Is it just too uncomfortable for them to bear the cognitive dissonance entailed by their second choice?

As to those pesky facts: Palin favors contraception. Despite Ms. Gandy’s claim that NOW would not endorse Palin because of her anti-abortion position, as governor and mayor, she never attempted to promote legislation that would weaken or alter abortion laws. Palin tripled (not cut) special needs funding, did not try to ban library books, and has not pushed creationism in schools, only opined that students be allowed to discuss it along with evolutionary theory. Contrary to Charlie Gibson’s inquisition and ABC’s egregious, libelous cropping and editing of not only his interview with Palin but also of the video clip he referenced, she does not see the Iraq war as a mission from God. She asked Alaskans to pray that what our troops, our leaders, and our country are doing there is part of God’s plan. Or, as Lincoln said, to pray that we are on God’s side. Many of our past presidents have expressed similar sentiments, and the world didn’t end.

Exactly how does trashing Sarah Palin—a savvy, self-made woman with whom so many non-elite Americans can identify—advance the feminist agenda? And how far has that agenda advanced these last 40 years? Sexism is still overwhelmingly invisible, misogyny (literally, hatred of women) does not constitute a hate crime, feminists are ridiculed rather than honored, and gender asymmetry is not even on the table. This appalling state of affairs testifies to the depth and comprehensiveness of patriarchy as well as to the limitations of extant feminist strategies.

In her September 19 and 24 letter to NOW PAC members, Ms. Gandy tells us that, “Palin dismisses talk of sexism as whining and says women just need to ‘work harder’ and ‘prove yourself.'” Certainly Ms Gandy knows as well as I do that women who break barriers often feel they have to ignore the sexism and garbage that is heaped on them. They cannot even name what is going on. Why not? If they do, they are called whiners and ridiculed for “playing the victim.”

Worse yet, this double bind is perpetrated not only by the usual suspects, but also by many leftist feminists and self-proclaimed “postfeminists” who denigrate real feminists who are trying to change the many ways women are brutalized by patriarchy. The intention and the result of this leftist/postfeminist ideology is to erase the harsh realities of sexism and misogyny, and deny the validity of women’s experience of them—and that is what I call anti-feminist as well as anti-woman.

The truth is this: A woman can’t deal with sexism solo. She has to have a Greek Chorus to amplify, interpret, and spin with, for, and about her. And, after 40 years, there is no Greek Chorus for women at the national level. Nada. Zip.

¦There is no feminist voice in the Old Media, let alone a feminist perspective informing all the media. The media are totally androcentric in their framing of all issues. Women who are allowed face time either see the world as their male bosses do, or tread very carefully with their small departures.

¦The DNC never had Hillary’s back, never became her Greek Chorus. They not only betrayed their best candidate in 75 years, but they also betrayed the many constituencies for whom she has a long record of fighting.

And here comes Ms. Gandy adding another layer: dumping on Palin for taking the position that female public figures are routinely forced into because establishment feminism doesn’t have her back, and have not been able to make it possible for her to do otherwise.

After 40 years, feminist organizations and spokeswomen have not been able to create a cultural context that would make it impermissible to attack women and perpetrate the kind of vicious misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and now at Sarah Palin. It would be a tall order given that patriarchy has been organizing our social world and our culture for 5,000-6,000 years. The only good news here is that the behavior of the DNC has made it transparent to many of us that we’ll never get there by being an appendage of the DNC and held hostage to Roe.

If establishment feminists had any real clout with the DNC, Hillary would be taking the oath of office on January 20. Rather than attacking women candidates who don’t fit their precious self-image, leftist so-called feminists and those wondrous post feminists should get over themselves. If they had done that a year ago, Hillary would be on her way to the White House, and we wouldn’t be in this mess of opting between which set of candidates scares us less.

Sarah Palin is a rorschach for the Left and for feminists. She has exposed the boundaries and implicit rules for inclusion in their clubs, thereby sparking a much needed dialogue about what feminism is and can be. She has thrown into relief the limitations of establishment feminist strategies, and blown open the door to alternative strategies. Sarah Palin arrived on the national scene at the moment when many Hillary supporters were recognizing an old political truth: If you can’t walk away from the table, you have no bargaining power. If you have no alternatives, you will get nothing but crumbs.

© 2008 by Artemis March