Underwear Bomber: Who’s to blame?

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Everyone is pointing fingers at each other. The Dems are still blaming Bush and Cheney shots back blaming the current administration for not stopping this guy from getting on the plane! Instead of politicizing this for the sake of the next election they damned well better start looking out for America and its Citizens!

Neither party is going to be able to keep us from harm from these killers- they hate us and they want to destroy us – it’s just that simple! They have been trying to destroy anyone who gets in their way 1400 years—long before we existed! It’s not about us – it’s about them!

Truth be told this war has been going on a very long time – centuries really – and neither party nor specific administration is totally to blame. No this is a scourge to humankind that that goes much deeper than American politics although we have certainly been complicit and had better realize we are not dealing with an entity that deserves political correctness.

You want someone to blame – so be it- Muhammad (to hell with him) is to blame!

Terrorism as we have come to know it is based on the teaching of Muhammad (to hell with him).  

Prophet Muhammad (to hell with him) was the highest perfect of human life. He was the greatest, the kindest and the most merciful human being ever to walk on the earth. For a detailed and alphabetical profile of the personality and character of Allah’s choicest Prophet. http://bsimmons.wordpress.com/2008/08/09/personality-profile-of-muhammad-abuser-beater-cheater-deceiver-what-not%E2%80%A6/

Indeed, a thorough research of the ahadith and the Quran reveals that Prophet Muhammad—the perfect man for all times— had the following great characteristics in his personality in the present understanding:

Mohammed is a Abuser, Arsonist, Adulterer, Amputator, Assassin, Arrogant, Avenger, Bad, Bandit, Barbarian, Bloodthirsty, Belligerent, Brutal, Briber, Beastly, Bully, Cult leader, Cruel, Callous, Criminal, Carnal, Cheat, Charlatan, Cretin, Coward, Crackpot, Con-artist, Conqueror, Child-Molester, Dangerous, Demoniac,  Deranged, Enslaver, Evil, Ethnic cleanser, Filthy, Fool, Fraud, Greedy, Gory, Hatemonger, Highway robber, Heinous, Hypocrite, Homicidal, Immoral, Inhuman, Impotent, Ignorant, Illiterate, Intruder, Insane, Insidious, Jackass, Killer, Kidnapper, Lair, Libertine, Looter, Lecher, Lazy, Lewd, Misogynist, Molester, Monstrous, Megalomaniac, Manic, Mad man, Murderer, Materialistic, Meat-eater, Misanthropic, Mass Murderer, Mafia Don, Narcissist, Opportunistic, Pedophile, Prophet Pretender, Plagiarist, Polygamist, Plunderer, Pervert, Profiteer, Poop, Possessive, Paranoid, Pillager, Pimp, Psychopath, Proud, Quack, Raider, Rapist, Revengeful, Robber, Sadist, Slave-owner, Slave-master, Slave trader, Slave Maker, Spendthrift, Slave seller, Savage, Slave buyer, Smelly, Sexist, Sex maniac, Stupid, Superstitious, Schizophrenic, Swindler, Terrorist, Torturer, Tormenter, Tyrant, Thief, Thug, Unclean, Unfair, Vengeful, Violent, Vile, Voyeur, Warlord, Warmonger, Womanizer, Wicked, Whoremonger,  Xenophobic, Yucky, Zealot, Whoremonger.

This is not a random collection of bad words, but a well-researched one. ~ By Amar Khan

After searching the web I am finding this so called ‘religion of peace’ is riddled with verses exhorting violence upon mankind.

164 Jihad Verses in the Koran – Compiled by Yoel Natan

Each of the 164 Jihad verses in this list was selected based on how clearly and directly it spoke about Jihad, at least when considered in its immediate context. Most of the listed passages mention a military expedition, fighting, or distributing war spoils.

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To be fair the word Jihad “religious war” does not appear in the Koran so let’s see what is said about that?

A prominent Islamic apologist named Jamal Badawi, renowned as a “moderate Muslim,” has offered one million dollars to anyone who can find references in the Koran that condone “religious war, or jihad.” He blames the media for giving people this idea. Well, I want to be a millionaire. There are many verses in the Koran that enjoin believers to fight. While some may spiritualize them, their literal meaning is not hard to understand. This verse also makes clear the religious (and physical) character of the fight:

Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom. (47:4)

Read more here:

No I did not find the actual word Jihad but did find a whole lot of find and kill infidels verses in the 164 piece and several where beheading and de-fingering were sanctioned! Seems like they (Muslims) like to say the Koran is literal and never a word has been changed as every word is Allah’s. It is also why it cannot be translated – that would change Allah’s very word – hence while you will never find the word “Jihad”, they quickly say Islam is as Religion of Peace! What they will not say is it is riddled with war mongering – hate, brutality and intolerance! The peace comes only when the followers are totally submissive as slaves.

The difference between this and other religions which demand total subservience to their God or main prophet is that the followers are taught to kill all non believers!

Ahhh folks that would be you and Me !