HELP! Got a minute and 42 cents?

All you’ve got to do is copy this letter sign your name to it and send it- that’s all- maybe a few million of them will help move along the legislation proposed that will help us get new laws that will better protect women by applying new standards violence against women is a hate crime – a new law I hope we will call Louisa’s Law!

Write your own or copy the letter below sent by my friend Barbara. Be sure to tune in to hear Patricia Eddington and Marcia Pappas Monday 3/23 Live 10 PM or download the show later


I wrote to Governor Paterson, NY state Representatives, and NY Newsday.

Will also send to all MSM media.  Anyone else?

Good Luck tonight,


On Saturday Mar 21, 2009 NYers awoke to yet another murder of a woman by her Intimate Partner.

Yet another woman, Joanna Bird, murdered in her home. Yet another woman with a worthless piece of paper called “a stay away order of protection” Yet another would be murderer Leonardo Valdez -Cruz defying the worthless piece of paper stay away order three times.

Yet another investigation into how did this happen? The Nassau County Police Dept. is looking into “If there was a time we could have locked him (Leonardo) up but didn’t, but at this point I don’t know that thats true”

This question after a break in, a lie in wait, a kidnapping involving a gun, a strangling and a promise to kill Joanna on Jan 25, 2009.

A missed opportunity to lock him up and save her life because the laws that pertain to Domestic Violence in NY required Joanna to testify against Leonardo. The woman who is terrorized and threatened, the woman who is the victim of a felony is required to give testimony against her perpetrator in order to prosecute him. The laws in NY protect the abuser not the abused victim of the felony crime. Leonardo and thousand like him are free to do as promised, murder her.

Yet again the laws of a civil society that promise to protect and serve ALL its citizens failed this woman and fail to protect thousands of women everyday.

So Joanna Bird becomes yet another statistic a woman murdered by her intimate partner.

  • 55 percent of all women murdered in NY are murdered by their partners.
  • 75 percent of all women who are murdered in NY are murdered in their homes.
  • 20 percent have the worthless piece of paper stay away protection.
  • 100 percent of these women murdered/ massacred/ assassinated were sacrificed because of laws that did not protect them. Laws that require them to testify against their terrorist. Laws that view them as collateral damage in a dispute.

In 1962 the state of NY transferred domestic violence out of its criminal courts and into its family courts. Making a felony assault a dispute, or a “simple assault”. But 50 percent of these “simple assaults” result in physical injuries that are as, or more serious than 90 percent of rapes,, robberies and aggravated assaults.

“Simple assaults” are no accidents they are deliberate, premeditated acts of violence and frequently they occur over and over until the women is murdered.

Please join NY Assembly member Patricia Eddington who is introducing a bill that will require authorities to first apply the standards of a “hate crime” to offenses of domestic violence before seeking a lesser charge under the penal code.

Statistics and the current laws clearly state, A women in NY is safer with strangers and more protected on the street than she is in her own home with her “loved one”.

Change the laws that allow yet another woman to be murdered because yet another murderer was given the chance to follow through on yet another promise to kill her.

Barbara Budd

Wantagh, NY