Why Can’t The Kicked Can Be Opened Right NOW?

By Joe Klock, Sr.

HEADNOTE: Following is a verbatim reprint of my 4/12/11 column, since which date the can-kicking has continued unabated.

As the 2012 election cycle comes into heat, the plot sickens, while principal players gather their assets and cover their asses in preparation for the winner-take-all free-for-all lying ahead.

Aside: Lying is an appropriate double entendre  for what is to come in the months ahead, since truth will be among the first casualties of the prevailing rhetoric.

The ugly truth is this: Our country is broke and unable to meet either its present or future obligations.

That is the can (of worms) which has been kicked down the road by politicians of both parties for several years, pretty much for the same reason that people tend not to probe the contents of an overflowing cesspool.

Instead, they attack the problem of a smelly fiscal mess with futile strategies:

Most visibly, they stumble, bumble, fumble and grumble through a jumble of “remedial” actions, which have an effect similar to rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship, while ignoring gaping holes in the hull and icebergs in the course ahead.

To all but the filthiest rich among our readers, the phrase, “we can’t afford it” is a painfully familiar fact of family life.

Almost all of us are constrained by budgets that rule out extreme luxury and mandate uncomfortable cutbacks when “things” get tough.

The same should be true of our elected reprehensibles, from the White House to the whorehouses of Congress. (Sorry if you’re bothered by that reference, but look it up.)

Within those unfettered fantasylands, costs are merely lines on a report, either of the projected future or an irreparable past.

Out of money? Let’s just print some more. Out of balance? Just cook the books and/or place the blame elsewhere. Made promises we can’t possibly keep? Just kick the can farther down the road than the next election.

Now, then, here’s what is under the lid of our fiscal cesspool:

– Trillions (that’s thousands of billions) of dollars of unpaid bills.

– More (borrowed) trillions added to the deficit in the years just ahead.

– Even more trillions in commitments that we can’t meet to “entitled” people.

Want to put familiar faces on those burdens? Think Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, other social services, pork barrel projects, public pensions, preferential treatments, waste, mismanagement and downright thievery.

Only in Governmentland could such practices survive, much less thrive – and they do so there because of an absence of accountability, combined with a citizenry which tends to be either ignorant or apathetic, or both.

In the most recent national election (2010), it appeared that voters were becoming aware that our ship of state was headed for an iceberg of bankruptcy, seemingly suggesting those in power might face the facts and behave accordingly.

Instead, for the most part, and excepting those not facing a Judgment Day in 2012, our elected reprehensibles, their hirees and those feeding at the preferential trough have switched into full “reelection mode.”

This involves pointing with pride to the virtues of their own political ilkfolk, viewing with alarm the sins of their opposition, reassuring those who benefit from the status quo that their status is secure and, simultaneously, ignoring the fiscal tsunami which will, unless dealt with in the immediate future, drown America as we have come to know it.

We flat-out can’t continue to live in a national style which would make drunken sailors-on-leave look like clones of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

Neither can we postpone the day when Uncle Sam, through the aforementioned reprehensibles,  sits his nephews and nieces down and tells us that the party is over and the hangover unavoidable.

If he (and we) lack the guts to bite that bullet, our children and grandchildren will rightfully remember us as having robbed their piggy banks and turned their bright aspirations into impossible dreams.

Please waste zero time listening to any officeholders or seekers who will not admit that our problems are here and now, and serious.

Then, support them only after they have told you very specifically  what it will cost us in general – and you in particular – to solve them.

Those unwilling to do so are can-kickers, who will do nothing more than make a really bad situation really worse.

During the past six-plus decades, Firstwife and I have often had to tell our family that “we just can’t afford it,” and they’ve never failed to tighten their collective belts.

Gotta wonder why our elected reprehensibles don’t have the guts and good sense to do the same…and before November, 2012!

Freelance wordworker Joe Klock, Sr. (joeklock@aol.com) winters in Key Largo and Coral Gables, Florida and summers in New Hampshire. More of his “Klockwork” can be found at http://www.joeklock.com.


Reprinted July 13, 2012

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Incumbents need not apply 2010

Contributed by: Laureen A. Cummings 

I am a nurse from Pa. And ALL home health agencies have to send a 25 to 30 page check-off list into OASIS to be approved for the elderly on Medicare for home health visits.

And the BS about how Medicare is socialized medicine that works just fine is yet another crock. Didn’t anyone ever hear of BC/BS 65 special? You know the supplemental insurance that the elderly have to pay for, IN ADDITION TO MEDICARE, since Medicare doesn’t pay for everything!

And as for this health care outrage, the reason that we are fighting it is because of the following reasons:

1.) We, the American people, fought the Bush Bailout and literally shut down the switchboard at the White house–did they listen? NO!

 2.) We fought the Obama bailout AGAIN shutting down the switchboard at the White house –did they listen? NO!

 3.) We held tea parties ACROSS THE COUNTRY to fight against the Omnibus and to REPEAL the Obama stimulus –did they listen?  NO!

4.) What did they do? They came out with MORE SPENDING BILLS that not only will hurt our economy, but also takes our freedom away, you know like:

Cap and Trade and YES I DID READ IT. This will allow government into our homes to do “inspections” and tell us what type of light bulbs to use right down to “artwork lighting”! Not to mention we will have to DESTROY our pellet and wood-burning stoves, NOT replace, DESTROY them! And we will have to replace all our appliances’ including furnaces, dishwashers, refrigerators etc. And there is soooo much more!

Then they come out with a health care bill, and YES I READ THAT ONE TOO! That not only will bankrupt us, but also has stipulations that they can take payments out of our checking accounts, create psych evaluations for everyone over 65 for “end of life counseling”, mandates small business’ to purchase insurance for employees or be fined, etc. etc. etc.

We have CZARS in the White house, our president is APOLOGIZING for us around the WORLD, and he appears to be PURPOSELY DESTROYING our Country.

We emailed, we wrote letters to our senators and congressman, we called talk radio, we went to district offices to tell them in person how we disagreed with everything the were PUSHING THROUGH! The media ignored us, our Representatives ignored us. And when I asked for the statistics of the calls that were coming into the district offices, they told me that they couldn’t give that information out due to “privacy issues”!

And they want to know WHY we are angry in the Town halls?! Are you kidding me?  That is the first place we were able to meet up with them FACE TO FACE! And it isn’t going to stop. We want these representatives to knock it off with the spending and un-Constitutional practices. NOW!

 And all this President has to say is “We won”! Who does this arrogant jerk think he is? 

He only won because McCain quit his campaign to go to Washington over the Bush Bailout dilemma, only to VOTE FOR IT!!!!

And now, this president is asking people to give him names of those that oppose his policies? And sending his Union and Acorn Thugs out to “beat us up”? What the hell is going on in this country? And if he thinks his Looney left wing is big enough to fight the American people, well I say — BRING IT ON OBAMA!

And to the media, stop blaming it on JUST this health care — it is ALL OF THE ABOVE that we are angry about. A corrupt government coupled with a corrupt media is what we are angry about. And it started with the BUSH BAILOUT and got worse from there. And as I already pointed out we DID try to fight that as well.

The whole thing is a disgrace. These loons in Washington are an EMBARRASSEMENT to America. Our Media is an embarrassment to America. But if it’s a fight that they are looking for then I say BRING IT ON! We, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WILL fight and we will defeat both the corrupt Government and the media.

And as for incumbents, Republican and Democrat alike — I would suggest you hold on to your cash. Because NONE OF YOU, will be getting re-elected come 2010.