Louisa’s Law :To Reduce DV by Prevention, Services and Accountability

BettyJean Downing Kling

In the US, nearly 4 women are killed daily at the hands of their domestic partner, a woman is raped every few* minutes; a woman is battered every few* seconds. Every year, violence in the home and the community devastates the lives of millions of women. Perpetrators of violence against women are rarely held fully accountable for their acts. When women do challenge their abusers, it can often only be accomplished by long and humiliating court battles with little sympathy from authorities or the media. Violence against women is so deeply embedded in society that it often fails to garner public censure and outrage; instead the sentences are often nonexistent. It’s time to stop slapping the hands of perpetrators of violence against women. It’s time to send the message of zero tolerance. And It’s time to create specific sentences for VAW. Women must feel safer to file complaints and testify against their perpetrators and violators must take committing violence against women as the serious crime it is. * Statistics need to be updated to 2012

Louisa’s Law is proposed to honor my daughter, Louisa Richardson Rodas, who was caring for her dying sister Denise Richardson on the day she was shot in the head and permanently disabled by George Hartwig, Denise’s abusive husband.  Had the following proposed measures been in place on December 15, 2008, my daughter Louisa would not be lying in a nursing home, unable to sit or stand, unable to communicate, unable to eat or drink, unable to raise her children or recognize them. 

George Hartwig had viciously bludgeoned his dying wife Denise in the head with a hammer months earlier. He pled guilty to an attack on a dying woman for her pain medication as a result of drug abuse yet he was denied treatment. He was a repeat offender yet he was set free without bail and released without a restraining order. The only protection Denise had was her family taking turns to protect her. It was Louisa’s turn when George Hartwig returned with a shotgun and callously blew the right side of her head off.

Proposed Draft of Louisa’s law

Louisa’s Law seeks to require significant, effective sentences and strictly enforce VAW laws to reduce violence against women, using a three pronged approach of Prevention, Services and Accountability.

a)      Speedy trials because of the risk of repeat violence perpetrated while free on bail and incarceration during sentencing period;

b)      Enter an automatic and enforceable order of protection with a minimum term of ten years;

c)       Violators who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the violation against a woman or who have any drug-related offenses within three years of the violence incident must enter a rehabilitation program and/or be tested periodically for continued drug or alcohol abuse;

d)      A GPS monitor should be installed if the violator is released from police custody using a system with victim notification;

e)   Full cash bail and full cash surety bonding must be implemented with domestic violence screening as part of the bonding process.  For repeat offenders or violators of restraining orders, offenders are not given the opportunity for bail but should remain incarcerated pending trial because of the documented risk of death to the victim and victim’s family members upon release of repeat offenders and those who have violated restraining orders; 

f)   Violator must enter an approved batter/anger management program with monitoring;

g)   Require a compliance conference before the judge for accountability;

h)   Sentences must be served rather than suspended so that the victims and their families are safe.

i)  Require judges to consider a variety of aggravating factors to ensure safety and punishment consistent with the risks for repeat violence, death, and permanent disability associated with VAW;

J.) Pro bono legal services are provided to the victim to advise her of her rights and direct her for help and services.

K.) Establishing a Nationwide Domestic Violence Registry for use by law enforcement and the public to promote instant access to existing orders of protection and residence of convicted abusers because of the risk of repeat violence.





Join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MajorityUnited and register to be a part of the TMU WOMEN coalition that will advance Louisa’s Law , to reduce DV by prevention, services and demanding accountability. In this way we will change the way Justice is meeted out to abusers and reduce injustice  toward their  victims women, children and male intimate partners as well.

TMU is a non partisan group seeking equitable JUSTICE for All!

What Does it Mean to “Split the Baby”?

Another Rant by: BettyJean Kling

Louisa Moved to Kessler

On Friday January 23, 2009 Louisa Richardson- Rodas was moved from Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ to Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ.


As I stood there, I was informed by my son Tommy with the most vicious disgusting terms imaginable that this would be the last time I would see my daughter and he was backed up by her husband Frank. I was not going to repeat his words but I decided To do so . He said to Louisa,


” Don’t worry Lou Lou – we will get you out of here and away from this murdering, whore pig and you will be safe very very soon.”


Then he looked me straight in the eye and told me I would never see her again and that he would



Yikes! One has to wonder what they are telling this poor baby when I am not there and just how dangerous this all is to her recovery! I am not concerned about what she will think of me- but what is this doing to her? And God help her – why doesn’t anyone care? Surely the rantings and ravings of these two should have raised some eyebrows with the hospital and they certainly should have conveyed this to Kessler.



I spoke to the Kessler Institute on Friday and they informed me that her husband Frank and brother Tommy had been there already and had been emphatic that they did not want me to visit my daughter. They also told me that they had reports from Hackensack University Medical Center that the two had attempted to ban me from that institution as well but that HUMC had determined that it was in the best interest of the patient to have her mother at her side and they overruled her husband. Kessler assured me if I waited until Monday and did not create any problems over the weekend they would probably follow the same visitation program. They already told the two guys that if there were any problems – Louisa would not be admitted or she would be released- seems they did not care- I did and stayed home and never blogged it- complained or called again till late Monday.


On Monday when I called for an update, I was told Kessler asked for a meeting about visitation and both men had created such a stir over the prospect that Kessler would also overrule them that they would  have Kessler turn her away rather than have me visit. Kessler assured me that if I pressed this issue – they will not keep her there. They actually warned me not to press them or Louisa would be released. I am withholding the woman’s name until I am assured the woman can not retaliate against Louisa. Again – Lou is my first consideration.


It took me several hours to contact my attorney and I instructed him that he was to inquire regarding both the legality of preventing my visitation and the legality of removing her should I request visitation. I guess the threat is to be considered as well but it is secondary and personal so no matter to Louisa’s best interests at this time.


At first – I was simply going to just step back as did the mother in the Bible and refuse to “Split the Baby” then I decided – not to allow anyone to use Louisa against her will nor was I going to be blackmailed by these two heartless fools who claim to love Louisa but who would risk her care for spite, or an Institute who would prevent a mother visitation without first checking the legality of doing so and by threatening to withhold care in retaliation for my seeking legal council on the matter. Finally, I am very concerned with the brainwashing of my helpless daughter – surely someone should be concerned about that?


Tommy and Frank should be ashamed of themselves for behaving on behalf of Louisa in such a way as to humiliate and degrade her dignity.


In the meanwhile, I intend to continue to try to work this out legally, without jeopardizing Louisa’s care and without loosing touch with my daughter who means the world to me and who I have been financially supporting for the last 5+ years since her husband could not afford to.


So what does it mean to “split the baby”?


It means that a Mother’s Love will allow me to step back and do the right thing while selfishness will allow others to use a totally helpless Louisa in this unscrupulous disgusting manner may they rot in HELL for:


” Using her without her permission as a tool of hate and spite

” Doing things without knowledge if what you are doing is hurting her

” Whispering in her ears not knowing how detrimental it is to her


Louisa is in danger because these two fools are messing with the memories and thoughts of a helpless seriously brain injured woman and they appear to have Carte Blanc to continue. Remember – Louisa has lost most of her right brain tissue. And we do not know what all this is doing to her. They are playing with fire and they do not care. I care – Pray God Kessler investigates before it is too late for my helpless daughter who is being victimized yet again! God help Louisa.


 Tommy and Frank you are both abusers just like George.  He got one side and now you are damaging the other . Shame on you both!!

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Specific fund earmarked for for Louisa’s Law has not yet been established, however, Puma Pac is committed to helping in this endeavor and funds given here surely will find their way into that cause.
We will have the specific fund especially for Louisa’sLaw set up in the very near future for those of you who want to donate specifically to that fund- please contact BJ@Free-US-Now.com and I will let you know when and where – that fund will be available.
Thank you for that inquiry- we are humbled by your kindness and appreciate your generosity and williness to reach out for our cause to save other innocent victims.