Campaign (or)Coup d’état

A note from BettyJean- The opinions of this writer are not necessarily the ones held completely by the blog owner on all accounts. The writer makes too many important points to ignore and I feel I must give this piece it’s say- you decide!

The Obamessiah Movement

Written by JB Williams

2008 USA


Americans inherently sense that something is horrifically wrong in this election…


The 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama is a case of truth being stranger than fiction and conspiracy being more than just theory. Hollywood couldn’t write a more intriguing script of crime, corruption, deceit, cover-ups and international intrigue. Obama’s cultish grip on his young ill-educated minions makes Jim Jones and David Koresh look like beginners.


Anatomy of a Coup


A sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a drastic change of government illegally, or by force, is a Coup d’état.


It’s important to recognize the difference between a legal honest, open Democratic campaign for change and a corrupt coup d’état. A campaign offers voters an honest unfettered look at their options and does nothing to trick, con, threaten, intimidate, defraud or force voters into dramatic change completely at odds with all conventional precepts.


Obama has not run an open, honest campaign. Far from it! He is running the clock out on his coup d’état.


Because America is a well-armed society, change by force is the least desirable option for those seeking to dismantle the American capitalist markets and replace them with top-down federal socialism and a form of dictatorship or oligarchy. Even the once powerful Soviet Union knew better than to engage in house-to-house combat in America.


So, an American coup d’état was going to look quite different from third world military coups on poor unarmed and untrained societies. Yet the anatomy of a coup remains and the elements needed to succeed are much the same.


All the Messiahs Men


To have a successful coup, you need a long-term plan that collects all the necessary elements and players to carry out a propaganda war that shifts public support in your favor. The people need to support your ascension to power, as if it was their own idea.


You need the following elements in place to accomplish this.



Barack Hussein Obama has been carefully and quietly groomed by his powerful puppet-masters for more than 25 years now. King maker Dr. Khalid Al Mansour, who raised money to pay for Obama’s Columbia and Harvard education, groomed Obama and asked New York black nationalist Percy Sutton to write an entrance recommendation to Harvard on Obama’s behalf, set his sights on seating the first black nationalist president in 1966.


Obama is not a modern day Martin Luther King. He is a modern day Malcolm X of Black Panther fame. He is not a new messiah of democracy. He is the new face of Black Nationalism and global socialism, consistent with the ideals of his friends, Al Mansour, Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan.


All the messiahs’ men are in place and each is doing his job. The manufactured financial crisis was perfectly timed to hit only thirty days before the election. Although congressional Democrats and Obama’s community organizing are at the root of the crisis, the propaganda to lay blame upon Republican opponents has been successful.


Though John McCain led the failed effort to reform Fannie and Freddie, the propaganda press has convinced American voters to hold John McCain accountable for the crisis created and covered-up until the right time, by Obama and his associates.


Polls indicate that public talk of Obama’s known connections to terrorists and ACORN corruption have done more harm to Obama’s opponents than to Obama or his cohorts.


As the Obama propaganda machine, the main stream press, has worked around the clock to bury all investigations into the most mysterious and secretive candidate ever to seek national office, they have also worked around the clock to attack anyone who dared to speak against their chosen puppet.


In less than 24 hours, we knew more about Joe the Plumbers life than we are allowed to know about Obama’s life, after two years of campaigning. Sarah Palin’s wardrobe has received more press coverage than Obama’s life of corrupt associations.


The Cloward-Piven Strategy in Play


First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.


By forcing federal agencies and private sector industries to act as affirmative action outlets for redistribution of wealth via legislation from congress and the judicial branch, the systems have been overloaded by a growing proletariat movement always in search of access to other people’s earnings.


Once the system is overburdened and ready to collapse, American voters will demand socialist government solutions to problems created by socialists already responsible for bankrupting the system.


Americans will only support socialism from a soup line. The threat of a soup-line existence, caused by the Democrat manufactured financial crisis may be enough to cause Americans who would normally rather die than accept bondage, to support Obama’s kinder-gentler promise of wealth re-distribution, aka, socialism.


Since leftists have been successful in conning American voters into believing it is McCain and Bush who caused the greatest financial crash since the Great Depression, the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse is all but complete.


It doesn’t matter what the facts are. Ask any Obama supporter if they know or care about the facts surrounding any of the real issues or any true Obama positions and you will quickly learn that the facts don’t matter to Obama supporters at all…


Only those who know history, see the truth today


Those who are not well versed in the truth, the facts, the hard related evidence, are incapable of recognizing a lie when they hear it. Without a baseline of known truths to work from, the average Obamabot has no clue what they are being duped into supporting.


Like any good leftist political coup d’état, the Obamessiah movement targets the poor, the under-educated, the weak, the ignorant, those seeking special consideration, asking what their country can do for them, willing to swap their freedom for free-stuff at the drop of a hat.


Every good coup d’état needs a proletariat class that can be manipulated via class and race warfare, to attack their neighbors and fellow countrymen with righteous indignation and a belief that they have a right to the earnings and assets of others.


The people who marched with the Black Panthers in the 60s, followed Malcolm X and burned Watts during the race riots, murdered and intimidated employers and banking institutions through organized crime prevalent in the labor movement, anarchist bombers like William Ayers and international communists willing to use terror to achieve their political ambitions, this is the Obama constituency.


If you don’t believe me, just watch what happens if Barack Obama fails to ascend to the Oval Office. Part of this country will burn just like the Christian churches in Kenya, burned by Obama cousin Odinga, when he lost the election and forced his way into a power-sharing arrangement via acts of deadly terror.


This is not a typical American election and every red blooded American can feel it.


This is a coup d’état by Democratic process on a grand scale, as Thomas Jefferson warned against, when 51% of the people can run roughshod over the other 49%.


This is why Obama promises to only attack 5% of Americans for benefit of the other 95%. The mob is on his side. They are scared, they are angry, they are ill-informed and they are ready to pounce on November 4th.


I have been warned repeatedly to stop attempting to warn the American people about the Obamessiah coup d’état.


But a nation that will harm me or my family just to shut me up isn’t worth living in anymore anyway.


Its time for the American People to WAKE UP!



It’s time for all good men and women of good character and conscience to RISE UP, while we still can.


You know something is very very wrong in this election. You can feel it…


Truly patriotic Americans have only a few days left to do something about it…


DEMAND THAT OBAMA OPEN UP ALL OF HIS SECRET FILES before he simply runs the clock out!


Mr. Obama, I challenge you to OPEN YOUR FILES and prove me wrong!