Hiram Monserrate Expellelled from NYS Senate

By: BettyJean Kling

I am beside myself- I don’t know where to start celebrating this small victory for women. I say small because while a batterer loses his seat, he did not pay for his crime, neither did the judge who merely slapped his wrist. If it wasn’t for the pressure that NOW-NYS along with NOW and TMU members from across the nation kept on this beast, I call MonsterRat we would not be celebrating this expulsion at all.

Monserrate gave the final vote and the final speech before the vote went down, laying the groundwork for a future legal appeal by continually asserting that the senate had no right to expel him, and that he had been denied due process.

And of course it wouldn’t be budsiness as usual if we didn’t have at least one Senator tossing about the race card — screaming his head off that this was a pay back by white¬† against Puerto Riccans without¬†concern for the actual crime against a woman. I wonder about her health, safety and how long she will be his girlfriend now?

¬†He attacked the panel report against him as “full of factual distortions” and “self-serving,” and lamented that the panel members never heard from him or his girlfriend. (The panel said they asked them both to testify, but neither of them agreed to do so.)

He reiterated that “the action that I have been involved with does not rise to the level of expulsion,” and that by voting him out the senate was “disenfranchising the voters of my majority-minority district.” He quoted Jesse Jackson — “God isn’t through with me yet” — and then sat down.

Ravitch then read the result and quickly adjourned the session. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2010/02/monserrate_expe.php

The very idea that this man was seated as a State Senator just days after cutting up his girlfriends face causing her 40 stitches and a judge gave him a minor sentence to save his seat is repulsive to say the least but that he is now screaming that this is illegal and unconstitutional galls me to no end.

First I want to point out Marcia Pappas, President NOW-NYS who has fought tirelessly since day 1 to bring this issue to the forefront of what NOW is doing for women. Fighting for women rights and to end violence against women, NOW rarely makes the news on these important issues. I am appalled that the media covers only that which can and does draw the ire of the Right negatively on the NOW organization but never gives them credit for the tireless efforts they put into issues all wpmen can or should  agree on. I will be putting out a newsletter where Marcia generously shares kudos with others including myself on behalf of The Majority United  and Amy Siskind from The New Agenda for our efforts and assistance in her fight in  Albany.

One of the Upstate papers had the nerve a few weeks ago to call NOW and other women’s groups out over this case asking “Where are they now? By the end of the day ‚Äď they pulled the article and made a lame apology. I personally submitted no less than 10 blog pieces and referred them to no less of Marcia’s NOW press releases and Calls to Action at the Albany courthouse.

Monserrate, a Democrat, pulled every trick in the book including waiving his rights to a jury and instead accepting the judge’s opinion which resulted in a conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge. Because of surveillance video that shows the Queens senator dragging his girlfriend in his apartment lobby in December 2008, we thought the judge would be compelled to convict Monserrate of a felony, and he would have automatically lost his Senate seat.

Led by Marcia Pappas, the women of NOW across the nation and The Majority United; their readers. bloggers and radio listeners never let up and now Hiram Monserrate is now out.


Expulsion of Monserrate.  How they voted.

The eight “no” votes on the expulsion resolution, which was sponsored by Sen. Brian Foley, were: Monserrate, Ruben Diaz Sr., Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., Carl Kruger, Eric Adams, Kevin Parker, Martin Malave Dilan and Conference Leader John Sampson. Sen. Tom Morahan was excused.¬† All other Senators voted “yes.” List¬†of yes voters is below.¬† Thank the “YES” voters and reprimand the”NO” voters.¬† They need to hear from you. ¬†Click here to¬†Take Action¬† or use this link¬†¬†http://capwiz.com/nownys/state/main/?state=NY Type in your zip code and see who represents you.¬†

Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr   Golden, Martin J. LaValle, Kenneth P.  Padavan, Frank  Squadron, Daniel L
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Fuschillo, Charles J., Jr. Larkin, William J., Jr.  Oppenheimer, Suzi  Smith, Malcolm A  

   NOW-NYS is working to end violence against all women. Donate to  or join NOW at www.nownys.org

Woman Haters

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Last Dec. 19, 2008, I started to follow a story about then State Senator elect Hiram Monserrate.

On January 8, 2009, I posted the following piece Oops- I accidentally smashed the glass then slashed her face and dragged her down a hall screaming!

On Feb. 2, 2009 NOW calls for removal of Sen. Monserrate ,

On March 27, 2009 Yet another lie sealed with a kiss ,

On March 29, 2009 Why do the women return? I suggest you read these for a firm understanding of this case.

monserrate_190On September 15, 2009, Marcia Pappas, a dear friend, President of NOW-NYS alerted me to an update and a campaign to which I immediately responded with a newsletter, HELP send MonsterRat to¬†Jail. I urge you to please ‚Äď if you haven’t already — join us in this effort. Apparently the combined has already drawn the attention of women haters everywhere and we made The New York Times!

Women’s Group Presses Judge in Monserrate Trial

In accepting Mr. Monserrate’s application last Monday for a nonjury trial, Justice Erlbaum warned the senator that “in a bench trial, I wear two hats: I get to see all the evidence, even impermissible evidence.” He said he would seek to separate his legal responsibilities as judge and jury, “but the same corporeal human being has seen and heard all the evidence.”

The comments section is telling. Please go to the paper and add to the comments ASAP. You will find the women haters were right there and not enough of us to show them for what they are. Please help ASAP.

Example of Comments:

1-We need strict anti-violence against women because nowadays their sense of entitlement extends to saying and doing whatever they please. Men need to be saints to put up with them.

2-They are asking the Judge to give him the maximum sentence BEFORE he has been found guilty. As they put it in the Old West: hang him first, and then have the trial. This may not violate any law or ethical rule, but it is revolting. Their defense is simply our ends justify our much less to show what an appropriate sentence is. …
‚ÄĒ rick

3-About 10 years ago during my divorce I was falsely accused of domestic violence by my ex-wife as a tactic to help her get sole custody of our child. My ex-wife tried the same thing again twice since then. All three times she was caught. The only thing that happened was that I never lost custody.¬† I hate to tell Marcia Pappas this, but some women do lie about these things. A lot will depend on the cross examination. If it comes out in the trial that Monserrat’s companion perjures herself, I will be interested to know what Pappas feels her punnishment should be.
‚ÄĒ john

I left my comment which perhaps was too strong? It has not yet shown up but here it is:

Rick – I nearly fell over when your wrote the following about NOW’s campaign. “This may not violate any law or ethical rule, but it is revolting.” I wonder if you read the entire article and are aware of the revolting facts in the case.

He may have accidentally tripped while bringing her a glass of water and I suppose you could believe the glass broke on her eye. But can you then explain; how she got from that accident out of his loving and caring comforting helping arms into the hallways? The same hallways where the security cameras have recorded her running bleeding from door to door screaming for help? And where it is also recorded that he is seen removing her purse from her and depositing it down the garbage shute? And where it is also recorded he is seen dragging her kicking and screaming and might I add attempting not to be taken back into his apartment?

Are you also aware there is additional video of them leaving the building some time later with her head in a bloody towel- apparently this was not going to stop without stitches.

In addition- MonsterRat drove past several hospitals on his way out of his county to take her to another county hospital where she gave the hospital staff and dr.’s and police a domestic violence story which bears up what the video evidence shows.

Finally, he was arrested – she was admitted and miraculously – his family and his bodyguards never left her side from that moment on until she recanted her story.


One more thing, my daughter Louisa 41 lays motionless in a nursing home with half her head– having had her brains blown out on Dec. 15, 2008¬† because a judge was too lenient on my son-in-law. George was not her husband – George is my other daughter’s husband, who at 250 lbs. decided to bash Denise’s¬† 80 lb. Cancer ridden bald head in with a claw hammer to get her pain meds.

They let him out in 3 months and while her sister Louisa was caring for Denise¬† ‘THE SAINT’ came back and did Louisa in and would have killed anyone else who would have got in his way.

Sure every once in a while a women makes a false claim against a man – not nearly as many times as one man makes a false claim against another man for any number of things so don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. For every false claim there are thousands of unreported, under reported or recanted out of fear claims of abuse against women and girls.

Every time one of you punks, Dr. Klien or whatever her/his name and the rest of you starts this belly aching I want to laugh in your face because it is YOU and others like YOU that are the problem. And every time you rear YOUR ugly heads YOU make it clear — YOU are animals who think you are greater but who really fear women and hate them.

You are the reason – violence against women needs to be adjudicated as a hate crime- herein these comments lies the proof.

You better believe we are on a writing campaign. If they let my drug addicted son-in-law out after what he did to my 80 Lb. dying daughter so he could be free to murder the other,¬† how much sooner will they let this guy out — the¬† supposed upstanding¬†servant of the state?

a) former Marine
b) former cop
c) former Queens NYC Councilman
d) Now NY State Senator

But wait there is more! I am not done yet folks:

Queens City Councilman Hiram Monserrate has self-professed history of mental problems

Troubled police officer Hiram Monserrate has a history of mental problems – he said so himself.

“I suffer with adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder,” Monserrate wrote in 1999.

Monserrate – who just racked up his second arrest after an alleged violent outburst – claimed to be struggling with psychological issues when he quit the NYPD after 11 years.

His May 19, 1999, application for a disability pension was troubling enough that cops immediately seized his guns, public court filings show.

He cited reports from a psychiatrist and a psychologist to back up his claim of a mental condition. Court documents do not detail the condition or the cause.

The next day, the NYPD’s psychological services unit took Monserrate’s guns from him “based on their evaluation,” according to a lawsuit Monserrate filed against the NYPD to force a decision on his application.

He withdrew the case later in 1999. It could not be determined whether Monserrate obtained the disability pension.

A Marine-turned-cop, Monserrate had a rocky career with the NYPD.

He was a founding member of the Latino Officers Association, complaining of brutality and discrimination in the department, and said he was harassed and intimidated by white supervisors as a result.

He retired in 2000 with a $108,000 settlement from a suit against the department, and he ran for City Council the next year.

Yesterday’s bust on charges that he slashed his girlfriend was the second time Monserrate faced a judge after a nasty confrontation.

He was arrested in the early-morning hours of Sept. 11, 2001, on charges of trying to run over a tow truck operator attempting to repossess his car. The outcome of that case could not immediately be determined.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2008/12/20/2008-12-20_queens_city_councilman_hiram_monserrate_-1.html#ixzz0RZTgMZMw

Remember – They let him be a Councilman the elected him then swore him in as State Senator and put him in as chair on committees even with all this hanging over his head and a record of mental illness and violence!


If this guy walks- there will be hell to pay — damned it –hell to pay!¬†