Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Are you ready to party- or are you ready to rumble- this is after-all a war on women?

BettyJean Downing- Kling

Ladies are you ready to fight this war against us? Some of our opponents are other women! Perhaps instead of fighting with them we should talk. 

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is fighting for a job and her political life- but it is up to American’s women us to fight for our own lives- shall we fight for Debbie’s Job and future or our own?

Before you make up your mind- I urge you to read two books by amazing women who were there when the REAL “War against women” began! I was there and so were millions of women who were forced to sit down and shut up. But our time has come. Gigi Gaston along with Bettina Sofia Viviano, who started her own film production company in 1990 after serving as vice president of production for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment made a documentary called “ We will not be silenced”

Michelle Thomas who said she received death threats as she gathered the 300 signed and notarized petitions required by Democratic National Convention rules to prompt a count of votes for Hillary Clinton on the first ballot, has just released an astonishing statement that I personally witnessed : “Obama thugs history revealed in Michele Thomas Bettina Viviano interview, Obama stole 1996 Alice Palmer election and 2008 DNC primaries caucuses another documentary.

Thousands of us are blogging and interviewing each other. Weeks ago I asked, What Republican war on Women?

 On Monday I interviewed Anita Finlay on her new book Dirty Words On Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening, here it here:

Women are beginning to author books on the War on Women admitting it exists but bringing the evidence to prove it is not a Republican war waged this election cycle, but the pattern of behavior launched against women every election year by both the Democrats and the Republicans in an effort to use women  for their votes.

The following two books,  Admit The Horse – PG Abeles and  Dirty Words On Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening – Anita Finlay speak specifically to the all out assault waged by the Democrats during the primary elections back in 2008 when a woman had the audacity to actually try to run for the highest office in the land. I have written blogs about this woman hating phenomenon and now women are writing books, finally unafraid to speak out.
I reviewed both books thus:

This review is from: Admit The Horse (Paperback)

In 2008, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama waged an epic battle for the presidential nomination, but was it really a fair fight? The media told the mythical version of a dark horse coming from behind to win the race but Paulie Abeles opens our minds to an alternate narrative.
Perhaps those who wander down the yellow brick road may one day have the courage to pull the curtain back questioning who or what power was really behind the so-called magic of 2008 but those of us who worked the front lines know all to well it was plain old smoke and mirrors concealing the fraud and intimidation of the twenty-first century’s “War on Women”.
“Admit the Horse”, to those of us who lived it, is not a work of fiction at all- it is a factual account of the `war on women’ launched during the 2008 primary by the DNC, the left wing media and the pundits who rely on the political machines that run the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This review is from: Dirty Words On Clean Skin: Sexism and Sabotage, a Hillary Supporter’s Rude Awakening (Paperback)

 Up to now we’ve essentially heard from male authors writing from a male perspective. Dirty Words on Clean Skin, with courage and conviction, recounts the experiences that launched the REAL “War on Women.” Finally, after four years of silence, I am heartened that this woman author is coming forward to expose the truth as we actually endured it. This book is written by one who speaks for millions. Hat’s off to Anita Finlay and thank you for misbehaving! – Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Both are a must read.


Hillary is still standing; tall, strong and proud

Barbara’s Rant

Going to rant…I would think this blog piece re: Hillary raising money would have generated a better response especially from Hillary supporters. Where are you all? I have read some very disappointing comments on another blog and I have seen it ignored altogether on another blog.

Seems to be a lot of anger at Hillary for what is perceived to be her abandonment of you personally.

I have heard she should of done this, done that. Sorry, she did what she had to do. Hillary could not have walked away from the Democratic party, as suggested.

Where would that leave her politically?

She could not refuse to campaign for Obama, he was the nominee, at least in name, can you imagine the name calling if she did tell Obama to go screw after his selection in the fiasco in Denver?

 Racist sore loser party destroyer.

Crap, she was being crucified for not quitting when she was winning…think about what they would have done to her if she refused to play the “Obama is the Democratic nominee game”?

 She did what she had to do.

 Hillary was a sitting US Senator. If she did not play “Obama get elected” she would have been a lame duck Senator who would not be able serve the interests of Nyers. Quit the Senate and be labeled ala Palin… a quitter?

She did what she had to do.

 She accepted the SOS position, which also made many angry. But let’s take a look at that move.

 Removed from the debacle of the Senate, she can’t be labeled voting for any of the crap bills that have been pushed through and now has Senators being voted out of office for having done so. She is removed from the political fallout of the Obama administration. She is doing an excellent job as SOS and is the ONLY Democrat with double digit approval ratings from both parties. She is admired by the international community and draws huge crowds, now larger than the Pretender where ever she goes. She has gained foreign policy experience and she is speaking to her passion “women’s rights”

 She did what she had to do and because she did she is still standing among the ashes of the DNC and I for one am damn proud of her.

So…I would have thought that the small suggestion that Hillary might be thinking of taking what was rightfully hers, the Presidency, the first woman President would generate some favorable interest and at the very least remind us all of where and why we once walked with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We believed in her..and Hillary is the same woman we once fought so hard for.

 I am with BJ we should at least discuss this and generate some buzz among her supporters..if only to show Obama and the DNC..we are still here.

On Our Agenda

BJ you are one incredible woman all lifes blessings on your journey. I am honoured to be called WOMAN.

One of the many things I have learned from working with Senator Clintons Presidential Campaign is women have been left behind, we just didn’t know it. I am an intelligent woman why was I so stupid to believe the most qualified person who happened to be a woman would be elected President?
I believed that right up to the floor of the Democratic convention in August.

I believed that even though I bore witness to all of the sexism, misogyny, media bias, Dnc bias, caucus FRAUD, manipulation of the vote with the rules committee debacle, did they just take votes from Hillary and give them to Obama? Payoffs, threats, intimidation and did I say FRAUD?
But in August I was still believing because Senator Clinton did win the primary election so she would win the nomination. I was still believing Honesty and Fairness would prevail.

Why did I and millions of other women who so dedicated themselves to Hillarys campaign believe that? I think we believed it because “they” told us if we played nice in the sandbox and said please and thank you we would be welcomed to their party. Well they lied. Big time Liar Liar your pants are on fire. I have learned playing nice leaves you standing on a convention floor with your heart in your throat wanting to scream as they drag the woman they violated out to hand what was rightfully hers to the MAN unqualified inexperienced MAN.

Saying thank you when they call you hysterical B**ch or C**t leaves you feeling invisible. Asking sweetly PLEASE respect me, a woman, leaves you discarded thrown out with the balloons and the confetti from the party you believed would finally be for you and yours.

So NO more playing nice. NO please NO thank you NO fair NO honest NO more being left out NO more being left behind.

We played by their rules even tried to rise above their tactics.. It got us thrown under the bus and now we are being run over and some womens groups are either driving the bus with us under it off of a cliff or looking in the wrong direction or worse playing by the same old nicey nice tactics of PLEASE do not hurt me again, promise cross your fingers hope to die…did I say PRETTY PLEASE… with a cherry on top.

Ladies, Stop believing their bullshit lies and start given them yours.

Where is the rage?

You watched an election stolen. You stood on that convention floor and you watched the woman who won the nomination dragged out so she could nicely hand it to the MAN the unqualified inexperienced MAN. You were thrown out with the balloons and the confetti from a celebration that should have been for you and yours. You were disrespected, humiliated, denigrated and left behind….and surprise surprise YOU still are. It will continue till you take the old bull by the proverbial balls.

Why does The New Agenda still believes we need to be nice? Pick your battles they say in reference to Jon Favreau. I am picking them and I am picking them ALL. Starting with Jon Favreau must be fired and I am not saying please. Barack Obama fire your groping speech writer NOW. There are many PUMAs volunteering to write speeches for ahhhh uhh you. Besides, Your speeches are like Chinese food anyway an hour later we are wondering WTF did he say?

I agree with Dr Lynette Long. We need rage, good all fashion protest in your face rage. Show up where the perpetrators are. 

I agree with Murphy fighting fire with fire No we are fighting Shit with bleach.

I agree with BJ the New Agenda is not speaking for me if they continue to use please and thank you. It did not work EVER and It will not work EVER.

So I am taking off my stilettos and I am putting on my combat boots and heading over to Dr. Longs Camp. Going to fight a war the way a war needs to be fought. The way Alice Palmer, Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought it.In the face of the enemy.

Are you coming with me?
Please. Pretty Please.

Barbara I am insane and it is getting worse.
Puma Pac



I wrote something in a similar vein but it was not as gracious nor as well written so I decided to use Lynette’s piece instead. All I have to add is – Hillary- You could have left womankind a great legacy and we were counting on you to be “The One” to do it. Instead you will go down in history as the one who left a stain on your name and erased the phrase “woman thy name is courage.” `BettyJean Kling

Guest Post – by Lynette Long

Hillary elected Barack Obama. Single handedly she delivered the White House to him on a silver platter. She led millions of her supporters from outrage to complacency. She appeared a record seventy-nine times on behalf of Barack Obama. She played follow the leader. And her supporters followed in droves.

Still thousands of her supporters, ignored her pleas. Outraged by the misogynistic treatment of Hillary during the primaries, these supporters campaigned all over the country for John McCain. These women remembered being bullied by Obama supporters during the Texas caucuses.  They remembered watching buses transport Obama supporters across state lines to illegally vote in primaries and participate in the caucuses.  These  “Real Democrats” or “Democrats for McCain” approached young women, old women, straight women, gay women, and urged them to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.  A group traveled every weekend from New York to Scranton to canvas for John McCain.  Others drove around Ohio in a motor home putting flyers on cars and talking to voters. Others were interviewed on television and radio. Thousands blogged.   

But no matter how hard they worked to right a wrong, one appearance by Hillary Clinton on national television stumping for Obama erased all their efforts.  There was no way for them to win.

On the road many former Hillary supporters asked them, Why is Hillary campaigning so hard for Obama?  Others expressed their trust in Hillary succintly, Hillary is my leader, I will do whatever she says. These were the true champions of democray.  For their efforts their friends called them racist and their bank accounts dwindled as they left their jobs to fight for what they believed in.

Hillary could have stayed silent.  Her silence would have been deafening.  Hillary could have made one or two perfunctory appearances for Obama, instead aggressively campaigned for him.  She did not have to do it. She campaigned for Obama knowing he was mute when his pastor trashed her from the pulpit.

  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was blind when his supporters  wore t-shirts that read, Iron my Shirt, but don’t run my country. Or worse.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing he was silent when Ludacris called her a bitch.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing the Obama campaign cheated in the caucuses and was the illegitimate nominee.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama and the DNC refused to have a true roll call at the convention.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing Obama under the guise of ACORN registered tens of thousands of illegitimate voters. 
  • She campaigned for Obama after he ignored pleas from her 18 million voters to select her for VP.
  • She campaigned for Obama after he trashed her husband’s legacy.
  • She campaigned for Obama after she was consistantly and visciously attacked by the mainstream media.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that her supporters, many of whom waited a lifetime to see a female presidential candidate, wanted her to fight on.
  • She campaigned for Obama knowing that millions upon millions of women across the world were  cheering for her.

Hillary was delivered the perfect storm. She could have stood up and fought for the women in this country who have lived a lifetime of inivisibility.  She could have given us courage.  She could have rocked the world. Instead, she chose to put party before principle.  She chose to put her career above the wants and needs of her supporters.  She chose to work within the party rather than against it. She may have put 18 million cracks in a glass ceiling, but she sent a resounding message to the women of the world.  Go back to the man who abused you. Be silent.  Be a good girl.

It takes courage to break a glass ceiling.  You have to be able to give a punch as well as take one.  You have to be willing to stand alone. Hillary could have transcended politics. She didn’t.  Instead she lost the respect of myself and millions of women. History seldom gives a second chance.  And courage isn’t an acquired trait.  Some day, women will have their chance, per chance. But when?

Lynette Long