Are we as STUPID as they think we are?

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

OK so we are not going to get rid of earmarks- but we are going to extend unemployment and instead of giving these folks a job to do in return for the money – we are going to spend it on replacing road sign that really don’t need replaced because they would be easier on the eyes! Civilian federal workers’ salaries will be frozen for two years but not a word about how much Congress will anti- up. Have I got this right?

Are we are STUPID as they think we are?

1-The Federal Highway Administration says switching from uppercase letters to a combination of upper and lower will improve safety. It says studies show motorists find it easier to read lower case signs.

Call and tell them the signs have at least a ten year life and when they wear out and absolutely need changed, then change them and not until then! And also tell these geniuses who like to spend our tax dollars  we don’t give a rat’s pitudy if they don’t match across the city as they change out only what needs changed let alone across the country – as we have people on unemployment who needs jobs use the money to pay them for work  done instead of replacing signs that are perfectly good .

2-As expected, Senator Coburn’s earmark ban amendment failed to muster the 67 votes needed for passage. (Due to the procedural tactic used, supporters needed to clear the super majority hurdle). The vote: 39-56.

Call and tell them they still didn’t get the message- stop spending money on earmarks – can you hear us yet? I guess not but Nov. 2012 we will take them out too!

3-Early yesterday, 27 Democratic senators sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) calling for a year-long extension of federal unemployment benefits.

The letter must have made an impression. Baucus introduced a bill last night that would extend federal unemployment benefits through the end of 2011. The bill, which would cost about $56.4 billion, is not offset in the federal budget. 

Call and tell them we have infrastructure that needs fixed, and plenty of jobs that need done… then  put these people to work instead of giving them handouts! Jobs need done- we are over paying big bucks to more and more federals employees and putting more and more regular folks on unemployment and spending more and more tax dollars on earmarks like signs we don’t need and scanners we don’t want!

4-President Obama announced Monday that civilian federal workers’ salaries will be frozen for two years to help cut federal spending

Call and tell them we have had enough of this! What about our elected officials – they have been getting raises all along? They don’t deserve higher pay than our soldiers who put their lives on the line! Are they included in the freeze? Better yet- let’s tighten their damned belts and roll back their paychecks to what we think they are worth!

Have we forgotten who the employers are here? Whose money this is? Who is in charge here anyway? We hear about entitlements – who entitled the House and Senate to the extravagant lifestyles they have become accustomed to?

I am a bit tired of the spin spin spin – let’s start cutting all the waste, fraud and abuse starting right there in DC and within every government program first then let’s see where to go next!