Why Do Feminists Attack Sarah and Not Sharia?

Doug Giles

Given Islam’s enslavement of women and the Sharia erection of the Cordoba Initiative’s chief con man, Abdul Rauf, you’d think N.O.W. and their ilk would now be raising more Cain about this Ground Zero Mosque than they are about Sarah Palin.

Why should one think this? Well, it’s principally because Sharia kind of sha-whizzes on hard-won women’s rights, that’s sha-why. Duh. Yet we’re not hearing a whole heck of a lot from the fiery feminists regarding this Ground Zero affront and what it could entail for the girls among us. Yep, we’re hearing crickets from the virulent vixens of the lovely Left who vie for women’s rights.

So, my question is this: From an equal rights standpoint, why in God’s name do you, the Liberal ladies who are supposedly so earnest for fair treatment for the fairer sex, go after Palin and not the women’s rights-refusing Imams who think Sharia is the shizznah?

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Women: Under the bus right on schedule

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

Today- I am ashamed to be a woman!

Well it’s done. First let me say that for those of you who voted for Obama you got exactly what you asked for so stop whining about Stupak! For the woman’s groups that are now upset that the Pro-Life Dems held out and got what they wanted, remember POTUS, Nancy and the others let them have it too. I give you your beloved Democratic Party,  who again has thrown women under the bus. Did you really think you were more important to them than this historic presidency? You got the government you voted for!

For those of you who insist on holding on to the Dems simply for your rights to your own body- well I must ask — how’s that working out for ya? Huh?

Now we have a health care bill that doesn’t cover all your needs – you the majority’s needs. You have your right to your own body but pay for it yourself, and if you want breast exams wait till we say you are old enough the we pay for one then you pay for one cause we cutting down. Breast Cancer screening? Sorry ladies- you just lost 5 years of that! You got the government you voted for!

As for everything they do decide they will cover, they will have the IRS up your ass and make sure that everyone pays or is fined. That too sounds like everyone has a right to their own bodies huh? I wonder ladies, if the guys continue to get their Viagra and what else you start to lose! You got the government you voted for!

One more thing lady Dems for the third time now Mr. Obama has restated his dedication to enforce the “conscience clause” so that emergency contraception can be withheld. You got the government you voted for!

As for me- I would be disingenuous if I said there were not parts of this bill that I could live with, I wanted universal health care. Everyone who needs health care will have it, kids will not fall off their parents plan till they are 26, women will not be consider a pre-existing condition, all pre-existing conditions will be a thing of the past, there will not be caps. What you failed to understand is that this bill was not THE right bill but you Dems pushed and you pushed and you pushed because YOUR party told you they were going to take care of you and in the end – you found yourselves under the damned bus – right on schedule. You got the government you voted for!

As a proud Independent for the past 30 years, I got into this particular political arena when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy and I was specifically interested in her health care plan. I made a video which I attached. I had two children both adults who died from Cancer and we struggled to get medication to make their passing easier.

Mikie had the illness before 18 and fell off and then was so ill the rest of his short life that he would get sick lose his insurance and eventually got too sick to return to work and died of cancer at 34. My Denise fought ovarian cancer for 3 years, she had no insurance and she died at 45. Our biggest problem was not getting medical care it was getting medicine which sometimes cost 1000.00 a month for years on end.

I believe Hillary would have protected women and I believe we could have trusted her not to cut services to women and seniors as I believe this one will. Hillary and her Health Care Plan would also have been historic but it would have cared for the MAJORITY of our citizenry as well as the MINORITY!

Throughout the primaries the DNC proved what they and this president were capable of and still you voted for them. This bill was cut not for you and me this was another historic momentous piece for the record books. This entire fiasco has been historic but again women – the majority- have been left out in the cold and this time I dare say perhaps thrown to the wolves. But– you got the government you voted for!

The Republican Party is no better. If we had any sense at all we would all join together and form a third party but until then we had better clean out the House and Senate and if you can’t let go of your obsession with this damned party of yours at least change the damned characters. You got the government you voted for!

If you want HOPE and CHANGE- Unite the Majority and stop taking the damned crumbs they keep throwing us if when it so pleases them because ladies they are using us at their convenience and we are taking it like a bunch of damned battered wives. Today – I am ashamed to be a woman! When will you finally be ashamed enough to stop taking the battering, you make us all look bad?

IMAGINE– The Majority United!