How to tell if you’re a Good German

This post and the one after it are for all of us who think that we could never have participated in the Holocaust.

Programs that are being instituted in your village, town, city, county etc. right now, are programs that carry the stench of the future, and the past.  

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
Community Oriented Policing (COPS)
Neighborhood Revitalization
Neighborhood Stabilization
Know Your Neighbor

These programs are sponsored by your local government and are designed to find out everything possible about you.  Why?  Because you’re being assessed and mapped.  Your skills are being put on a map, searchable through GPS (global positioning system), so that you can ‘contribute’ to the well being of the community.  Your assets—stored food, water, tools, weapons—are being recorded. Click on this paragraph to see the questionnaire.

These programs are being touted as something YOU want, that YOU asked for—at a visioning meeting, perhaps, where you were Delphi’d.  They can’t do this without your assistance…and your neighbor’s, if you don’t cooperate.  What they don’t tell you is that they also record your limitations, your handicaps, your resistance, your personal behavior, your private life, your habits.  The skill-sharing is the candy-coating.

Now read this (from Wikipedia):
In Nazi Germany, a blocklieder (block warden) was the lowest official of the Nazi Party, responsible for the political supervision of a neighborhood or city block, and formed the link between the Nazis and the general population.  He was charged with planning, spreading propaganda, and developing an acceptance to the policies of the Nazi party among the typically 40 to 60 households in his area. It was also the duty of the blocklieder to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local Gestapo office.  This allowed for a Nazi terror state and was helped by keeping files on each household.

See our website for links to the questionnaire they are using right NOW.

Are you a Good German?

Most of us, about a minute after we first heard about the Holocaust, wondered if we were the kind of people who would do that. If we were being honest with ourselves we said no, but then had that sort of vague uneasy feeling. Could we be sure?

In the 1970’s Professor Philip Zimbardo conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment at Stanford University. He was a psychologist who wanted to see if students would torture each other if given permission. He set up a ‘prison’ at the university, arbitrarily assigned some students to be prisoners and others jailers, and watched. The experiment had to be ended because of the brutality of the jailers—just ordinary students. How long did it take? Six days.

Well, guess what! You’re going to get your chance to see what you’re made of, if you haven’t already. Yes, you can look into your soul or wherever, and find out if saving your butt or going along to get along, or getting that appointment to a local board is worth losing your humanity. Maybe you’re one of those weak ones who has already jumped on the bandwagon of spying on your neighbor for ‘their own good’ (Community Oriented Policing, Asset Based Community Development, Neighborhood Watch, excluding people from neighborhood groups…). Flattery is a big manipulator. Maybe you’ll be asked to reason with a neighbor—-you’ll be told that you’re such an important insider, hey, the mayor will thank you!

Maybe it will take just a little more to push you over the edge. When your child comes home and says ‘Billy’s mom says you’re crazy if you don’t support the Bike Boulevard, and she’s mad that you’re not going along with the neighborhood.’ will you go along?

Maybe you’ll just hide in anonymity since it could maybe cost you your job to stand up. Are your kids 100% indoctrinated into UN Agenda 21–Sustainable Development? What’s that going to mean for dinner table conversation? Will you be silent? It doesn’t take much to destroy a social fabric. Just a willingness to go along with it. And a fear that if you don’t, you’ll be hurt, or unpopular. There are studies that show that people would rather suffer physical injury than be rejected by their neighbors.

The resistance to this movement is growing and you are a part of it. You’re reading this. You’re thinking now. It’s not a TV show, it’s not a drama, it’s not a game. This is your life. Anyone can be a good German. The Nazis did it slowly. They took years to get up to speed. They weren’t taken seriously at first, but they manipulated the system strategically. They tightened the screws, narrowed the choices, rewarded the snitches, took out the brave ones. Does that worry you?

Maybe you’ll make up flyers in the night and drop them off before dawn. Maybe you’ll stand up at your council meeting and talk about ICLEI. Maybe you’ll run for School Board and talk about Agenda 21 openly. Are you tough? They’ll trash you, mock you, malign you, and call you crazy. But go back in this blog and look at the post on Picayune, Mississippi. Those citizens stood up. They fought it off. So can you. STOP AGENDA 21-Sustainable Development.

What does it look like? It’s a redevelopment project in Garland, TX. It’s a visioning meeting in Tuscon, AZ. It’s a Bike Boulevard in Petaluma, CA. It’s a Neighborhood Summit in Eugene, OR. It’s an Asset Based Community Development questionaire in Baton Rouge, LA. It’s a Community Oriented Policing project in Philadelphia, PA. It’s a Transportation Grant in Evanston, Il. It’s a Neighborhood Revitalization Project in Pensacola, FL It’s an Urban Growth Boundary in Detroit, MI. It’s high density urban development in South Dakota. It’s a Climate Protection Campaign meeting in Sonoma County, CA. It’s a conservation easement in Bellingham, WA…it is everywhere.

Don’t be a Good German. Stand up. Speak out.