Sen. Collins on the Administration’s Handling of the Christmas Bomber

Senator Collins does an excellent job in laying out the problems in the handling of the Attempted Christmas Day Bomber in the following video. There has been little reason given by those who want terrorists tried in civilian courts as to why military tribunals are not adequate. There is a media perception that military tribunals are ‘less fair,’ but that has not been backed up by evidence. The complaints under the Bush administration were legitimate because there was no timeline for detainees to be tried. That was rectified with the bipartisan vote to institute military tribunals. Those who want civilian trails would be wise to answer the questions, ‘Why civilian courts?’ and ‘Why are military courts not suitable?’

Senator Collins Upset About The Handling of The Christmas Bomber

Dear Janet Napolitano

By Barbara

Dear Janet,

It seems Homeland Security is having some problems figuring out a way to keep airline passengers safe while flying.

Since first declaring war on airline passengers in Sept of 1974 when the first suicide bomber who was sent by Abu Nadal bombed and blew TWA flight 841   out of the sky murdering all 88 civilians on board, our government has been trying to figure out a way to prevent our enemies from using aircraft as weapons of mass destruction.

It has been a long 35 year tedious process because every time we figure something out, well they figure out a way around it. Geez, it is so frustrating.

They bomb airport lockers, we remove airport lockers,  they bring guns and grenades on board (TWA flight 847 1985) We screen for guns and grenades they bring box cutters, we screen carryon baggage for explosives they then check explosives in their checked baggage, we screen checked baggage they check explosives in cargo, we screen cargo they wear shoes with explosives, we screen shoes, they carry explosives in liquids, we ban shampoo, water, baby formula, perfume etc and now they are bringing explosives on board in their underwear. It never ends huh?

I recently heard the POTUS Obama say he was not going to rest till he got to the bottom of this. Since I know how it feels to not get rest on a vacation and before we begin banning passengers in underwear, which I am sure you’re thinking is a brilliant answer to this new security threat may I pass on my 35 years of observation as a TWA employee.

I have observed many incidents and I have made a clue list. Clue #1 is that these Individuals are young males. Clue #2 is that they all have come from various Islamic countries. Clue #3 all the “isolated individuals” that board aircraft to commit first degree murder are of a certain religion.

Hear me out, Janet; I know it sounds insane to believe a religion could be responsible for all this murder and mayhem. But I believe I am on to something here.

I have done a lot of research on the subject and in thinking back to 1974…and then TWA flight 847 in 1985 when I heard the hijackers calling to Allah as they shot Navy seal Robert Stedham in the head. I had to ask myself who is Allah? All these “individuals” had Allah in common? It was a religion.

But was it Catholics, Jewish, Methodist, Lutherans, Protestants, Mormons, Buddhists, Atheists?

NO…….it was Muslim, and in continuing my research that included 911 I began to see a pattern emerging that all the “isolated individuals” were Muslim. So I studied Islam, and I found that in their holy book, the Qur’an, their prophet, Muhammad, demands they kill any and all non believers in the name of their god, Allah.

Geez, they have been hiding this info under the name of “Islam the religion of Peace”. I know this is hard to comprehend, but have your staff check into this and you will see I am right on.

Also have your staff check back to all the attacks on airlines including the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber and you will see they all are followers of Islam and they are all committing Jihad. It’s not airline passengers they have declared war on, it’s all non believers, especially Americans!!! Holy crap, Janet, this changes everything!!!!

So, I just want to offer some advice.

Since the terrorist, that’s what I call them, are all Muslim wouldn’t it make sense to use that as the CLUE? Think about it? Be on the lookout for Muslims boarding an aircraft.

Then give them the “extra” search, maybe instead of everyone’s shoes and underwear, which would mean really long lines the security personal could using the CLUE…..Muslim…concentrate on Muslim passengers. I have noticed when I fly that a lot of time is spent on the 80 year old woman from Peoria and her shampoo, and since we have determined she is not a threat, remember the CLUES, why continue to waste time?

Now I realize this could create some problems with “offending Muslims” but when you release the findings of Homeland security, that concludes that NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists BUT ALL terrorists are Muslim they will  understand we are protecting the non Muslim terrorists passengers as well. I know if it were 50 year old Irish catholic pre menopausal retired airline employees bombing planes I wouldn’t have a problem getting on the CLUE line, to prove I am not one of them.

 Then again, I was thinking maybe you could station an attorney at security and if anyone has a problem with the “clues” being used on passengers who fit the “clues”….well… the attorney could ask, do you want to file a complaint? This would also create jobs at the airports, since I am sure since Christmas day airline travel is off.

I hope I have helped.


Christmas Day Bomber’s Family Speaks

BettyJean Kling

One of the problems I have been having with the so-called “Religion of Peace” has been with their failure to speak out against their own when they radicalize! I have personally spoken out against this practice and have quoted the Koran, Barbara has also documented this practice here on our blog and so many others across the internet have also reiterated the same.

I started out this morning about to give a bit of acknowledgment to CAIR for what was reported as their immediate denouncement of the Nigerian bomber. I was also about to credit the family of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in direct contradiction to my recent devotion to the danger of tolerating Islam  or dismissing Islamophobia for the sake of political correctness when it was reported they had tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to warn us about their son.  

But then I decided to trust my better judgment and check deeper because my argument was based on that very glaring problem. We  have yet to bear witness or hear  an Muslim speak out against these radicals or try to stop them,

“And, by the way, the West had better wake up and understand that these acts of terrorism have absolutely nothing to do with the alleged American “occupation” of Iraq or the alleged Israeli “occupation” of Palestine or with alleged past western crimes of colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, Crusadism–or with issues of poverty and illiteracy. Bin Laden and Abdulmutallab are educated and wealthy and not all that altruistic. Jihadists, martyr-killers, suicide bombers, all believe that they are doing what the Qu’ran commands them to do: Kill the infidel, take over all infidel lands. For those who say that this is not their Islam, I say: Bring on that Islamic Reformation. If it were ever needed, it is needed now.” Phyllis Chesler

We have yet to see CAIR do anything but try to promote Islam as the only religion for the entire world and based on their own beliefs found in the Koran – kill the infidels wherever you find them!

“Right on schedule, CAIR-MI has burst forth with explanations for why the Nigerian Muslim, who identified himself as an Al Qaeda fighter after trying and failing to blow up an Airbus full of people, is not a dot to be connected with global Islamic terrorism.”~ T.R. Clancy

This political correctness has now prevented us from profiling this terrorist who by the grace of a higher God could not detonate this bomb. If you listen carefully this father was looking for his son who was missing and who had disowned his family suddenly.  Yes it was a warning for us but the family never really expected the boy to blow himself up thus they were not turning their son in at all. Reports however lead us to believe this Muslim would warn non-Muslims – not so!

 Video:  Would-be bomber’s family speaks out — CNBC’s Erin Burnett reports from Nigeria, where she visited the family of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man who attempted to set off a bomb on Northwest flight #253 — Aired December 28, 2009

Reports since Christmas Day which lead you to believe the bomber’s father warned us that his son had gone radical and while it’s true that the highly respected father of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab contacted authorities on several occasions and that those contacts should have alerted authorities, let’s not give credit where it is not due- these were not warnings for the benefit of infidels. These people hate us!

CAIR also spoke out this morning but in the same sentence added let’s not be Islamophobes over one lone radical. Let me tell you who CAIR is.

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”–Omar Ahmad, Chairman of CAIR

This man was a devout Muslim – from a fine family- the entire Muslim community and our president should have been on the TV immediately denouncing this FAILED – not foiled- bombing Delta Northwest flight #253.

Let me make one thing very clear. When forced, to answer why they do not speak out Muslims will always respond that these individuals are deranged and do not speak for them. The Muslim community with their silence in fact doers speak for them with their silence. It is by their silence that we can infer consent. They will always state that Islam is a religion of peace. What a crock of shit! All that we know of Islam is anything but peace, love, fairness or humanity or equality – all we do know is their God is a hateful and vengeful woman hating war monger.

Islam is actually a political movement disguised as a religion that must be driven from our shores immediately if not sooner.

“Islam needs to be banned from America, denounced as a valid religion. The Koran, should be considered a book of war and hatred and Mohammed instead of reverence should be relegated down below the ranks of Atilla and Hilter as the murdering monster he was. “— BettyJean Kling TMU

Mark my words – I will be ruthlessly attacked for my words against their Mohammad, but never will a Muslim speak up against another Muslim regardless of their murdering of of one another or any other acts commited against another human being. Thus they show their true colors of the non-existent religion of peace.



The Lonely, Murderous Sons of Allah: A Psycho-analytic View

by Phyllis Chesler


One is the 17th son; the other is the 16th son. Neither are the sons of a first wife. One is an engineer; the other was an engineering student. Both have ancestral roots in Yemen. Both are educated and come from wealthy families.

I am talking about Osama bin Laden–the 17th son among 57 children whose father is Yemeni–and the Christmas Day Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab–the 16th and youngest son, whose mother is Yemeni. Both men were born “shamed,” disadvantaged, because their mothers were not “first,” or high-status wives.

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