Mr. Sestak: Full-term delivery or cover-up of an abortion

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Mr. Sestak you are the epitome of hypocrisy. After 9 months the White House and Senator- elect Joe Sestak have delivered a bouncing baby boy named Bill Clinton. What do you take us for ?

What an imperfect way to get out of a federal charge because you fools have a few very big problems. The position as unpaid advisor  does not fit the description of a JOB, nor the description of a high position and Bill Clinton clearly does not fit the description someone from the White House.

The story doesn’t even make sense. Why would anyone be enticed to get out of a Senate race for an unpaid advisory position?

“After more than ten weeks of outstanding questions, the White House has offered a version of events that has important differences from what Congressman Sestak has been saying for months – that he was offered a ‘job’ by ‘someone in the White House’ in exchange for leaving the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Why would that someone now go along with this story after being silent about the details all this time? Clearly he made a mistake telling the truth in the first place and now has to play ball. First he was forced to abort the truth and now they are trying to deliver us this baby and pass it off as the truth. And it took you fools 9 months to hatch this line of crap? Gimme a break! Even other Democrats are embarrassed by this line of crap!

First if I were Specter- I would be outraged and next- as a Pennsylvanian I urge every PA voter to vote against a man who traded his honesty for his party after running against a man on those very grounds!

Another interesting thing is drumming up a suspense theory for the Republicans to jump on and make fools of themselves over! Isn’t it odd the way Sestak keep this quiet long enough to sweeten the pot and keep the Republicans thinking there was a big story against his party only to slap them all in the face with a supposed Gottcha! Well Mr. Sestak – If that is all this was all about in the first place – why didn’t you, Bill Clinton and the White House come clean 9 months ago? A little bit of diversion maybe?

Mr. Sestak shame on you. You are just as dishonest as Arlen, you are the epitome of hypocrisy! Here is Joe Sestak in his own words the day after he was offered the “JOB” from someone at the White House again saying that he said it and his answer was an honest answer.

PA vote him gone! These Democrats cannot be trusted anymore than the Republicans can but we simply cannot keep voting them in when we catch them in these lies. No Joe did not take the job and he did expose it but he stopped short of the whole truth and now he is embroiled in what amounts to a cover-up. Is that who you would entrust as your Senator for the next 6 years and probably 30 years?