Help, I’m Islamophobic, Klanophobic, Naziphobic, Racephobic, Misogynyophobic and Sexistophobic!

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

A few days ago I posted an exhausted pieced from Barbara about Epidemic of acid-attacks on Islamic women. I barely got a comment or two. Why not? By the time you get done reading what is going on in our own courts here perhaps you won’t think it is not your problem!

I got a notice today about Time Magazine’s cover showing a beautiful 18 year old Bibi Aisha without a nose, the result of her punishment for running away from her abusers. Aisha:18-year-old sentenced by a Taliban

This came on the heels of an article that the stoning indeed has been called off but in its place Iran is going to hang Ashtiani for murder. We are now being asked to fight against stoning!

I am appalled that we are being asked to fight against the stoning. I was surprised as hell that we even bothered in the first place. What has taken us this long to get involved. I am glad to do it but we need to do more than stop the stoning. You need to understand that her whole family is now being tortured and the family of her defense attorney as well as he is in hiding for letting the story out.

We need to RISE UP and go a step further. We need to demand Human Rights for Women worldwide. It is not enough to end stoning, We need to end any and all mistreatment of women in every way, shape and form. It is abhorrent and must end! The kangaroo courts, the treatment of women as chattel, forced marriage and acid treatment or mutilations and torture or murders simply must end!

These are not religious customs – these are cults that sacrifice males and discard and/or abuse female human beings in torturous ways from birth to death and it must be stopped by the world community. We women as the majority of humankind should be the first to mobilize and we must rise NOW! We must recognize the need.

We also must realize it is already entering within our borders but being ignored by the media as evidence in the Beheading in Buffalo and the Honor Killing  of two daughters in Tennessee that was hushed up so we would not appear to be “Islamophobic”.

Appear to be Phobic? Phobic as in irrational fears? Do I look stupid?  Would I be called Klanophobic, Naziphobic, Racephobic, Traffickingophobic, Misogynyophobic and Sexistophobic just because I fear the continued use of those injustices and how they have hurt humanity? 

How about you?  Are you not phobic about these very real injustices that very well may befall you or your daughters? They are happening every day right here in the good old USA!

If so – I am sorry for your lack of good sense!  It appears we now label everyone in order to keep them from using good sense. So be it but I will take it then that phobic now stands for a rational fear based on risk and probability and overt threats in our lives and our country by those we now fear for good cause. Don’t blame us – for believing those who threatened us, we would be foolish to go around like village idiots ignoring the threats!

Fear Rational vs. Irrational:

We pride ourselves on being the only species that understands the concept of risk, yet we have a confounding habit of worrying about mere possibilities while ignoring probabilities, building barricades against perceived dangers while leaving ourselves exposed to real ones….
So I’d like to pose the idea that “rational fear,” or the ability to accurately calculate risk and thereby avoid trouble, *is* a function of Mind, whereas “irrational fear” or being thrown by every suggestion that comes your way, is not. “Rational fear” in this sense becomes a form of good judgment; “irrational fear” is allowing yourself to be buffeted by rumors and conjecture.

On the case of Islamophobia, What part of the 911 hijackers, The shoe bomber, The Denver subway plotter, The Christmas Day crotch bomber and Ft. Hood shooter, for starters ended up as rumors or conjecture? What part of the hundreds of terrorist rants since the 1990’s threatening infidels lives is pure conjecture and can be categorized under irrational fears known as phobia?

We need to mobilize immediately to preserve the dignity of humanity around the world and right here at home. Our daughters are in danger! Already Family Courts are prejudiced against mothers in favor of abusive husbands in unbelievable numbers. Are our courts becoming Taliban-like? You decide! Here is a whole site devoted to Judges who gave the abuser the child against the mother’s testimony. Read and see how many of these children lived to tell about it.

Try this story about a woman who was turned down by THREE judges and now her baby is dead!

VICTORVILLE • A woman whose ex-boyfriend murdered their infant son and then killed himself had sought a restraining order from two San Bernardino County judges only days before the murder-suicide, according to court records (click here to view records) obtained by the Daily Press.

From Care2Causes

Documents detailing the stoning sentence, however, make it clear that Ashitani was convicted of adultery – a crime she only admitted to after receiving 99 lashes, a crime she later retracted completely.

So why are the murder charges coming up again?

Mina Ahadi, of the Iran Committee against Stoning (ICAS), has the following insight: “In adultery cases, women are sentenced because of the complaints from their husbands or families generally, but surprisingly, Sakineh (Ashtiani) is sentenced to death by stoning not because the family of her husband have made a complaint against her, but because the Tabriz prosecutor has made a complaint. In other words, it’s the authorities in Iran who want Sakineh (Ashtiani) to be stoned to death.”

Or as the case is now execution by hanging.

How the judiciary is able to change Ashtiani’s conviction after all this time with no evidence is beyond me. It seems clear that as Ahadi says the authorities are the ones who want to punish Ashtiani – and will do so in with whatever means they can. In addition to the lashings she already received, recent reports from Ashtiani’s cellmate reveal that she has been tortured and severely beaten by several guards while in prison too.

As if this case couldn’t get any worse, Human rights attorney Mohammed Mostafaei, who up until recently represented Ashtiani, is believed to be in hiding now from officials as a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

His crime? Making Ashtiani’s incredibly unjust case too public. In fact, given the great international attention that the case has received local media have been banned from reporting on the case.

“Other attorneys have been arrested similarly when they have tried to advocate for certain people,” said Ahadi. “This is something the government of Iran has tried over and over again — to hush, using fear and intimidation tactics and also imprisoning anyone that they feel is threatening.”

Only time will tell what will happen to both Ashtiani and Mostafaei and his family but it is certain that the international community at large will be watching and waiting for justice.

If you haven’t done so already…TAKE ACTION: Bring an end to stoning as a form of punishment!