March On Denver 2008


We march because – we must!


I will be going to Denver as will many of us – Why?  Because Hillary gave us a window into just how far we have not come in 88 years since we won the right to vote. On August 26, 1920 Women Ended Their Suffrage & Won the Right to Vote. Some of those women born before the got that right are still live. They live to have their voices heard before they no longer live.

We will march for those who cannot march for themselves, for those for those who have been knocked down, told to go home, told to shut up. We march for those who have been suppressed, betrayed by their peers, bullied out of their life’s work, for those who are fighting for the weaker who have no voice, for those whose voices need to be heard. We march for all who have gone before us and who have fought the good fight so that we would be able to march, for those who gave us voice WE MARCH.
The Denver protest this year falls, ironically, on Aug 26, 1920, 88 years almost to the day that women got the right to vote and just as ironically that we had the first viable women candidate. The best and most qualified candidate America has ever had as evidenced by the audacity of the thief who stole her platform shortly after having been selected by the party to usurp her place at the head of the party.

We march to finish the fight begun 160 years ago in Seneca Falls NY. We march to finish the fight they placated us with 88 years ago when they gave us the vote which proved in 2008 has not yet been settled.

We march to crash though those 18 million cracks that not yet broken through that glass ceiling. We March!