Gender Apartheid- Not Our Agenda—2

By Phyllis Chesler and Marcia Pappas

It is time for feminists, both women and men, of all faiths, and of no faith, to stand together for a womans’ right not to be murdered in the name of family honor. Indeed, we welcome Muslim men, both secular and religious, to stand with us against female genital mutilation/castration, forced veiling, child marriage, arranged marriage, polygamy, and “honorcide,” and in favor of a woman’s right to live as a westerner in the West without being threatened and beaten for refusing to wear hijab, wanting to have non-Muslim friends, wear makeup, attend college, drive her own car, or end an abusive marriage. Muslim and Sikh women have been honor murdered in North America for all these alleged crimes against their religion and their culture.

Here are some specific examples of how American feminist leaders have addressed the problems of Third World Muslim women, both here and abroad. Despite exceptions, most feminists have been brought to heel; they seem to feel more comfortable criticizing their own government. They hesitate to criticize foreign, Third World governments, lest they be demonized as “crusaders” or “politically incorrect racists.”

In the 1980s, feminists respected Alice Walker’s brave stand against female genital cutting/mutilation. Walker focused on perpetrators who were usually women of color, in the Middle East and Africa, who were savagely mutilating their own daughters and granddaughters to render them “marriageable” for men. As an African-American legend, perhaps Walker felt morally “entitled” to criticize foreign, including African, sexism. (Walker finally published her book about this, Warrior Marks, in 1993.) NOW national and state Presidents also spoke out against female genital cutting/mutilation in the 1990s.  

Today, sadly something has changed.  The unspoken politics of racism among the feminist intelligentsia, and among feminist philanthropists is as follows: If the victims are women of color, especially if they are Arabs, definitely if they are Palestinians, or Muslims, their suffering and their deaths matter—but only if their murderers are white, European, American, or Israeli. If dark-skinned Africans or Muslims of color gang-rape, kidnap, sexually enslave bury alive, immolate or stone women of color, including Arabs, Palestinians, and Muslims, (in the West Bank and Gaza, in Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia), or if one Muslim denomination (Sunni) blows up the other, (Shiaa) in Pakistan and Iraq, it is simply not politically correct to say so.  Muslim-on-Muslim crimes do not count in the same way that white European or American-on-Muslim crimes seem to matter.   

This is the party line in our universities, in our mainstream media, at the United Nations and in international human rights organizations.    

Why are Second and Third Wave feminists buying into this? Why are feminists sacrificing so many women to the dangerous ideology of “cultural relativism,” a belief system in which concerns about sexism are always trumped by concerns about racism? The authors are not saying that racism does not exist, that it does not matter, that it must not be addressed. We are saying that women are affected by both.  And when a man or a woman seeks to objectify, abuse or murder women,  they should be called out on it, no matter what their skin-color may be. 

Conflicting views about whether women’s rights are universal or not seem to be surfacing in contemporary feminist circles.

In the mid-1990s, and to her credit, Ellie Smeal, a former NOW President and long the head of the Feminist Majority, began appearing on American television to condemn the Taliban’s outrages against Afghan women. While no one went further than this: no one sponsored military-like rescue missions, or raised money to sponsor a multitude of Afghan women for political asylum, Smeal and other feminists were not totally afraid to speak out for womens’ global rights. Their feminism was not tempered by a fear that they might be called “racists.”  Smeal and others understood that the Taliban were male Muslim fundamentalists.    

Feminists were ready to take up this fight because Muslim women–who had either suffered female genital mutilation and/or had suffered at the hands of the Taliban –were guest speakers at  NOW  and at other feminist conferences. They begged American feminists for help. Feminist activists listened, cried, and vowed to take a stand against Muslim violence against Muslim women.

On October 8, 2007, NOW national President, Kim Gandy issued a statement in which, to her credit, she urged the United States to “call strongly for the protection of the millions of women who will become victims of stoning, stabbing, maiming, forced suicide, beheadings, acid throwing and many other cruel punishments with the false justification of “family honor.” Gandy was supporting House Resolution (H.Res.) 32, which denounces the practices of “female genital mutilation, domestic violence, ‘honor’ killings, dowry deaths, sexual slavery and other gender-based persecutions.” (This bill was passed by the House but seems to have gone no further). At the time,  Gandy noted that such gender-based crimes, (honor killings, beheadings), are “often sanctioned by religious and ethnic traditions and ignored by law enforcement authorities.

However, by early 2009, when an actual beheading of a Muslim woman took place in Buffalo, New York, not on foreign shores, Gandy contradicted herself and insisted that this particular crime had nothing to do with any religious or ethnic tradition, certainly not with Islam.

Like many other feminist groups, NOW President Gandy seems afraid of denouncing violence done in the name of religion—especially if that religion happens to be Islam. NOW has no such hesitation when it comes to fundamentalist Christianity. Under the leadership of Patricia Ireland NOW  launched an effective media campaign against fundamentalist Christians a.k.a The Promise Keepers,  a misogynistic, mainly Caucasian group. 

NOW’s campaign against the “right wing conservative” Promise Keepers, a campaign launched by former President Patricia Ireland,  and by current President, Kim Gandy, urged the members of NOW  “to take action in response to a dangerous, new group quietly building a mass movement in the United States. Promise Keepers is the fastest growing segment of the religious right wing.” They define responsibility as taking control and women taking a back seat. They extol the “God-given” right of men to lead and repeatedly call on wives to “submit” to their husbands.” NOW’s criticism was clearly based on the fact that: “This right-wing group stands against nearly everything we believe in.” 

Islam, as practiced under Sharia Law, in Muslim countries and in Muslim communities in the West, sounds a lot like the Promise Keepers whom then NOW VP Gandy once condemned. 

And yet:  In early 2009, President Gandy issued a statement in which she completely contradicted her support for H.R 32. In 2009, Gandy presents both Rihanna’s beating and Aasiya Z. Hassan’s beheading in Buffalo–as if the two are the same or of equal importance. (And, by the way: Where is the Reverend Al Sharpton on the matter of the Rihanna beating? Rest assured, if her batterer had been a white man he would have taken to the streets as he did in the falsified matter of Tawana Brawly which, arguably, made Sharpton’s career).

The 2009 Gandy thus conflates domestic violence with femicide. She also views femicides as the same as honor killings. This is not the case. Phyllis Chesler has published a study HERE in which she compares western-style domestic violence with classical honor killings in the West. The two are different phenomena. (The Hassan case in Buffalo seems to be a hybrid case in which some features of Pakistani-Muslim domestic violence co-exist together with a typically Islamic/Islamist and Jihadic signature style of murder: a beheading).

Our response to Gandy’s 2009 statement is this:  Femicide always ends in the death of the woman while domestic violence frequently does not. Femicide, western-style, is not the same as an honor killing. Western-style femicide usually involves one lone perpetrator. An honor killing usually involves an entire family which has decided that a daughter, sister, or wife has “dishonored” the family and must die. The non-Muslim target of a domestically violent spouse may require one kind of intervention but the Muslim target of a potential honor murder may require something else entirely. She may require the equivalent of a federal witness protection program. And why? Because her entire family will be looking for her and will never stop until they find her and kill her. If we refuse to think this through, and if we refuse to say so, we might be condemning Muslim women to being honor-murdered in the West.  

But wait just a minute. The victims of the dowry burnings, acid throwings, and honor killings (which Gandy referred to in her 2007 statement, in favor of H.Res 32), are mainly women of color who are Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs. Why refrain from saying so? Why would a national NOW President seek to protect men of color from being held accountable for their reigns of domestic  terror in America? For not only beating their wives and daughters but, in the Buffalo case, for beheading a wife in America?

How can Gandy support H.Res 32 meant for abroad, and yet adopt such a position at home? What has changed since she wrote her article in support of H.Res 32?    

If Gandy and other feminists would stop being afraid of being labeled as “racists” they might consider the following: That battered immigrant daughters and wives may have special needs and may be at risk in ways that are different from native-American victims of domestic violence. There is no shame in admitting that needs are different.  In fact, it’s more racist to deny it.

For example, a shelter for battered Muslim women who have escaped potential femicide,  might require different services than one for Orthodox Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant women. For example, they might require a halal kitchen, access to social workers who can speak Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Hindi, Urdu, and Kurdish for starters; access to mullahs and imams who have already begun the work of campaigning against domestic violence and against femicide/honor killing; law enforcement ties that understand that such victims, as opposed to victims of other cultures and other faiths, may require the equivalent of a federal witness protection program.

Gandy is certainly not alone. Many Muslim-American groups, other feminists, and even a coalition of eight Erie County domestic violence advocacy groups recently attacked Marcia Pappas. Unfortunately, they have not posted their letter in cyberspace and so we cannot link to it. Suffice it to say, they add nothing new to the conversation. All they do is denounce Pappas in abstract and politically correct ways. They do not give a single example of a real woman who is, in reality, in any way endangered by a departure from the politically correct line. Their letter suggests that national NOW has been demanding or requesting letters that support their position, letters that might be useful in a media campaign on the subject of honor killing in America.

Strangely enough, Gandy also wrote to President Obama in 2009. She presented him with an agenda. Included are the following:

“Address Violence Against Women Around the World and Stop Sex Trafficking…. Pass the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA), which provides an opportunity for the United States to be a leader in preventing violence against women around the world…
Provide asylum rights for women to protect them from violence and end “honor killings,” forced marriages, genital mutilation, femicide, child marriages, mass rape as a weapon in armed conflict, and other atrocities.” 

Thus, on the one hand, NOW’s Gandy is concerned with honor killings–as she imagines them to exist: Far away, in Third World countries, Muslim lands, Arab lands, and perhaps among Sikhs. She is just unwilling to imagine that they exist in the West, in the United States, in New York State.

This would be laughable if it were not so tragic. Look at all the beheadings being done in the name of Islam, not only by al-Qaeda (Daniel Pearl, Nicholas Berg, etc.), but by the Taliban in Pakistan, particularly in the Swat valley where they are throwing acid at and beheading girls and women for running hairdressing salons, attending school, teaching school, shopping in the bazaar, etc.

However, Gandy and her many feminist supporters still refuse to consider that Muslim women and immigrant women in general probably face much greater danger, both in terms of being beaten and being killed than do non-Muslim and non-immigrant women; that Muslim women in Muslim countries are prey, targets, human sacrifices, every single day; and that if we do not stop the forces of jihad that are headed our way that many more women will be beaten, veiled, and killed both at home and on the street. Instead, Gandy joins many Muslim/Islamist groups who all insist that honor killings either do not exist or have nothing to do with Islam; that an honor killing is simply domestic violence; that economic stress, war, colonialism, or decadent Western mores (!) lead to such gruesome acts as the beheading of a wife. 

One might conclude that womens’ rights may not be Gandy’s primary concern. What she is most concerned about is this. In her own words:

“Despite these patterns that are typical of spouse abuse and murder (only the manner of killing was atypical), most of the conservative commentary has focused not on male violence toward women….but has focused instead on attacking the Muslim community. Although the crime was quickly decried by Muslim groups, many talk shows and blogs used the horror of Muzzammil’s act to indict an entire community — in a way that they would never have accused the entire Christian religion because a Methodist man murdered his estranged wife in a horrible way. Three weeks ago, a Chinese graduate student at Virginia Tech cut off a female friend’s head with a knife. Not a single news outlet referred to his religion

Gandy is carelessly jumping right on board the politically correct anti-globalization, anti-Guantanamo, anti-post 9/11 redliningbandwagon. She is not thinking about womens’ rights and about feminist responsibilities but rather about the rights of innocent Muslim and Arab men not to be viewed with suspicion in America. We agree with that concern–but not at the expense of a woman’s right to live free of violence.  

Gandy, like so many other left-leaning secular fundamentalists, views Christianity as fair feminist targets–but not Islam. This is mind-boggling but it is part of an anti-western, pro-totalitarian  mindset. Thus, we are not surprised to see that Gandy also keeps referring to the “cycle of violence,” as if domestically violent men, (like Palestinian terrorists), are involved in a “cycle” of violence, one in which the perpetrator is somehow “provoked” by equal and opposite acts of violence. But this is not the case. Men who beat and murder female intimates, men and women who honor murder family members, or who blow up Israelis and civilians everywhere, are all perpetrating violence against innocent non-combatants. They do so as a way of systematically terrorizing others into submission. With each violent act, they are seizing and retaining control, and forwarding their agenda of male supremacy and/or of Islamic jihad. 

The fact that Islamic gender apartheid has been penetrating the West, including North America, should be of prime concern to President Gandy of NOW. The fact that it is not–is worrisome, tragic, and sadly, all-too-predictable.

It is time for feminists, both in NOW and in other feminist organizations, to unite to stop Islamic gender apartheid from penetrating the United States any further. We do not want to become like Europe. And, it is also time for feminists, both in NOW and in other feminist organizations to take a strong, principled stand against multi-cultural relativism and in favor of universal womens’ rights. Phyllis Chesler has been writing about this for years, most recently, in The Death of Feminism. Recently, Artemis March has supported this point of view in a very good position paper of her own on the subject. We call upon men and women of all faiths, all skin-colors, to join us in this task.

We understand that we will be attacked for taking this position. But, we also know that we have many allies, including all those incredibly brave dissidents in Muslim countries, or who live in exile in the West, who have faced serious death threats and enormous slander and ostracism for their principled stands.

As feminists, we know that speaking truth to power is always a dangerous proposition. In this instance, the positions of power are being held, not only by Islamist terrorists but by Western collaborators, including feminists who believe in “multi-cultural relativism” and who have deserted their original feminist vision of universalist human rights.

Dr. Phyllis Chesler is a well known author, an Emerita Professor of Psychology, and the co-founder of the Association for Women in Psychology, and the National Women’s Health Network. Marcia Pappas is a feminist/activist, holds a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Studies, and is currently the President of the National Organization for Women-New York State.

4 Responses

  1. Exactly the info I needed for my Muslim dating blog. Thanks!

  2. Good Evening,

    My organization is keeping track of murders of Muslims by spouses and other family members in the US. We have listed 23 so far and wanted to know if you have any resources on this subject you can share.

  3. Welcome,
    I have been trying to answer your question as to where statistics can be found in the US. I will say first it difficult at best because articles written about the murder of Muslim women are using the PC wording, so a be heading is simply “woman beheaded” so you will need to search a little more extensively.
    I will post some sites for you as.

    I want to say thank you for speaking to the issue of DV in the US however as the article stated there is a huge difference between DV and the murder of Muslim women, femicide, to defend the family honor. Which is the issue the article addresses. From the article
      “Femicide always ends in the death of the woman while domestic violence frequently does not. Femicide, western-style, is not the same as an honor killing. Western-style femicide usually involves one lone perpetrator. An honor killing usually involves an entire family which has decided that a daughter, sister, or wife has “dishonored” the family and must die. The non-Muslim target of a domestically violent spouse may require one kind of intervention but the Muslim target of a potential honor murder may require something else entirely. She may require the equivalent of a federal witness protection program. And why? Because her entire family will be looking for her and will never stop until they find her and kill her. If we refuse to think this through, and if we refuse to say so, we might be condemning Muslim women to being honor-murdered in the West.”

    So maybe the place to start is to identify it as Violence directed at women by a Religion. 
    I did go onto your web site and found this petition..
    End Domestic Abuse
    Started by: Hadayai Majeed

    Domestic abuse is prevalent in the Islamic community worldwide.  In the US we are now seeing more and more reports on the news of Muslim women, girls and some men being hurt and or murdered.  Several other reports have been made about successfully hidden murders of girls and women in Islamic households in the US. We can’t verify the information so we can’t include the victims in the Fatality Report that we are compiling.

    Islam does not teach nor condone abuse.  The Quran does not teach this type of behavior and speaks specifically against it. 
    ” Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not hit or abuse any of his family members. He is the example of what a Muslim can be if they choose”.

    We ask people to visit and help us end the ignorance that surrounds domestic abuse in the Islamic community today.

    We ask for Islamic leaders (Imams/Amirs) to make domestic violence awareness education a priority in every community.  We can only end this travesty against women and children when we truly know what it is.

    “We can only stop the growth of women in the Islamic community being violent towards men and children through education and advocacy”.

    If we are to look at the violence directed at women..we need to speak the truth in order to educate.
    So you begin by calling it femicide and then you as a community take a long hard look at where FGM, forced marriages, under aged marriages, honor killings, acid throwing, bride burnings, honor suicide come from.
    As women’s rights advocates we deal with these horrifying issues and no where other than in Islam is it found. The answer is not found in the denial of what Muhammad may or may not have taught but in the truth that Islam is at the for front of violence directed at women and maybe we need to hear more from your religious leaders accepting that it does exist rather than the head scratching, Where did this come from?
    It exsist.

    Also from your petition “We can only stop the growth of women in the Islamic community being violent towards men and children through education and advocacy”.

    There is not one case of a Muslim woman being violent against her husband and children. Let alone the “growth” of violence.
    If you’re intent is to educate then it must be in truth and maybe as part of the education you can suggest self defense classes for women as many women in the US do.
    For here in the US, the right to defend yourself is a right that all are entitled to.

    “How then, how then can we stop it… by confronting it full force. Reaction in history has never been pushed back by appeasing it, by excusing it, by tolerating it, by respecting it. It has been pushed back by looking it straight in the eye and standing up to it full force. “

    Maryam Namazie
    The President of: | Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

    Thank you for speaking up.

  4. I want share a personal story..over a year ago I was at the LI railroad station and I heard a woman screaming, by the time I made my way up the platform the police were arriving.
    There was a young girl sitting on the ground she had been attacked. She began by saying to the PO “my brother and my cousin tried to strangle me” I knew immediately this was an attempted honor killing. She proceeded to explain to the PO that they were angry because she was dating a Latino boy and they followed her from Queens to LI where she met him.” She said “I dishonored my family”
    her brother and cousin ran off and took her pocketbook..I guess they wanted her death to look like a robbery or perhaps a suicide on the railroad. She did have her cell phone in a backpack they couldn’t get off her shoulder.
    Anyway the PO officers were ready to toss this up to a family dispute and send her on her way.
    I had to explain to the PO the why of all can’t send her home because her family will kill her. I convinced the police to take her to the ER and I went with her. PUMAs will remember Maya because they all came to her aid.
    The point of this all is to explain how difficult it is for Americans to comprehend that a family would kill their own daughter over a date. The police themselves are not trained to spot an honor killing, I am in a little town on LI.
    To them its the mundane I had a fight with my brother call. It is incomprehensible for the average American to believe a family would stalk and attempt to murder their 19 year old.
    So we are sadly seeing honor killings but here is the thing..her death had they succeeded would have been called a robbery or a suicide. So maybe there are more cases than we are aware of.
    Maybe our PO need to be educated as well to spot this.
    I was blessed to have been there and the police and ER nurses know me. But what if she was sent home?

    Maya is living safe and is in school studying to be an OBGYN and hopes one day to return to Iraq and help the women of her country.

    Awareness and Education but it must be in truth.

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