How to tell if you’re a Good German

This post and the one after it are for all of us who think that we could never have participated in the Holocaust.

Programs that are being instituted in your village, town, city, county etc. right now, are programs that carry the stench of the future, and the past.  

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
Community Oriented Policing (COPS)
Neighborhood Revitalization
Neighborhood Stabilization
Know Your Neighbor

These programs are sponsored by your local government and are designed to find out everything possible about you.  Why?  Because you’re being assessed and mapped.  Your skills are being put on a map, searchable through GPS (global positioning system), so that you can ‘contribute’ to the well being of the community.  Your assets—stored food, water, tools, weapons—are being recorded. Click on this paragraph to see the questionnaire.

These programs are being touted as something YOU want, that YOU asked for—at a visioning meeting, perhaps, where you were Delphi’d.  They can’t do this without your assistance…and your neighbor’s, if you don’t cooperate.  What they don’t tell you is that they also record your limitations, your handicaps, your resistance, your personal behavior, your private life, your habits.  The skill-sharing is the candy-coating.

Now read this (from Wikipedia):
In Nazi Germany, a blocklieder (block warden) was the lowest official of the Nazi Party, responsible for the political supervision of a neighborhood or city block, and formed the link between the Nazis and the general population.  He was charged with planning, spreading propaganda, and developing an acceptance to the policies of the Nazi party among the typically 40 to 60 households in his area. It was also the duty of the blocklieder to spy on the population and report any anti-Nazi activities to the local Gestapo office.  This allowed for a Nazi terror state and was helped by keeping files on each household.

See our website for links to the questionnaire they are using right NOW.

Blame Dichotomies, Collectively Exhaustive Events

Cross-Posted from: HERLOCAUST.ORG: | December 09, 2010

Symbolic Rhetoric over Substantive Action is Exhausting the Collective Power of Women. Symbolic Rhetoric over Substantive Action is Exhausting
the Collective Power of Women.

52% in the Balance and the Power of Women Using Their Power Effectively for All Women

Women’s Rights

  • We don’t really have them. We don’t really need them.
  • We fight for them. We fight against them.
  • We believe in them. We denounce them.
  • We believe in the value of the advancement of all women. Or, we believe in the value of the advancement of all women based upon certain political and religious views.
  • We fight against violence, sexism, misogyny, political and socio-economic oppression. We passively condone violence, sexism and misogyny and political and socio-economic oppression.
  • We denounce corrupt, patriarchal misogynist leaders in other countries. We vote for and elect versions of corrupt, patriarchal misogynist leaders in our own.
Movement on one side - creates a Reaction from the other. Why not a 52% Response to solve the problems we face?Movement on one side – creates a Reaction from the other.
Why not a 52% Response to solve the problems we face?

One thing We can say for sure about Women’s Rights: Does it even matter if we have them if we fail miserably in intelligently using them – especially if we fail to use them in a manner that further benefits and empowers women and girls?

For 52% of the population of women in the United States, how much have we actually influenced policy-making in the past 10 years?  Are we pleased with U.S. policy, the management of our economy or the loss of entire industries to overseas interests? The result is an annual trade deficit of nearly 500 Billion dollars and trillions of dollars in debt to foreign governments, some who are not really our friends – and some who treat women and girls worse than their animals. That’s a fact!

As 52%, do we even care about government corruption and our elections being under the control of corporate, political party and foreign power brokers, rather than in the hands of the citizens who willingly pay to support their country? How much do women contribute? Think about all of the ways women try and do their part and think about all of the ways their abilities are interfered with or exploited in ways that are harmful to them and society.

As 52%, do we truly understand the impact of sexist and misogynistic assaults on women political candidates and upon all women in society?

As 52%, do we truly understand the impact of Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexism and Misogyny and Cultural, Religious, Political and Socio-Economic Oppression upon our society?

As 52%, are there any current conservative, moderate or liberal political leaders that women can trust or who could be elected in such a politically corrupt? How do 52%  get them elected, hold them accountable, and introduce or show support for policies that advances women and drastically reduces violence against women to the benefit of society?

The Chain is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

To which political ideology should we assign blame for diminishing the power of 52% as a voting block for real change in how our government enacts policy that inures to the benefit of all society – rather than primarily benefiting corporations, the wealthy and political parties?

Should we blame conservative women, moderate women, passive women, feminists or non-feminist women?

Or, should we narrow it down to stay-at-home-moms, intent on raising their children in healthy environments and guiding their choices to a positive result?

Or, should we blame working moms, intent on providing for their children and striving to advance their lives to healthier environments and greater opportunities for positive results?

Or, should we blame poor and disadvantaged moms, raising their children in economically oppressed and violent neighborhoods – or their children who are barely surviving those environments physically, mentally and emotionally?

Maybe we should blame all of the women who have ever been or now find themselves trapped in abusive relationships – or those who have been raped or murdered by someone they knew?

Oh, what the heck, let’s blame all of the women and girls who are succumbing to male aggression all over the world, every minute of the day, who may influence how many of us view women by culture, race and class in a positive or negative light?

Whatever demographic of women we might blame; it won’t make one iota of a difference in the facts. Children are being sexually abused, mostly by males – teens are being raped, mostly by males and, it’s mostly girls that are being pressured into having sex at an earlier and earlier age, resulting in a pandemic of kids having children – should we blame them too – or, just their mothers?

Regardless of whom the perpetrators are, or their demographics, women will bear the majority of the consequences and the ultimate responsibility for developing underfunded solutions to all of the gender-related problems they face – in a still largely impenetrable global patriarchal society.

Do we really have the time or energy for…

“Symbolic Rhetoric Over Substantive Action”

Couldn’t we all stand to learn how to better separate the wheat from the chaff in all of the dynamics affecting Women’s Right’ Progress and drastically reducing the incidents of Violence Against Women and Girls?

If you think so too, you may want to check out:

Alexis A. Moore’s analysis of the latest news, courtesy the Obama Administration’s White House Adviser on Violence Against Women:

Lynn Rosenthal White House Advisor on  Violence Against Women commentary offers more rhetoric

Alexis A. Moore |  December 8th, 2010

After a colleague pointed out that White House Advisor on Violence Against Women Lynn Rosenthal had written a commentary I was anxious to read it hoping that domestic violence and stalking resources were going to be changing in 2011 or that there were plans to improve resources “something”…alas there was nothing except more rhetoric and zero substance.

or, FreeMeNow’s…

Ms. Rosenthal, How is the White House Combating Violence Against Women?

…and  on the ‘Who Else Can We  Blame?’ don’t miss: Phyllis Chesler’s

“Did Second Wave Feminism Destroy Women? Nonsense.”

Still being Divided,  Put in Our Place, Placated – and Dis-Empowered – after all of these years? And, that’s “Progress”?

Let’s wake up to the statistics in  domestic violence, rape, teen pregnancy, women in poverty and women in the same or similar positions, or value to entity, earning less than men and leave the worship of religious, political and cultural ideologies asleep for a much…


Our ideologies are not helping in solving problems for women and girls or our social ills – in fact, OUR IDEOLOGIES ARE OBVIOUSLY A HINDRANCE.

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