So what? I have abortion rights and birth control!

WTF do I need ERA for? What do you mean I don’t have equal rights?

4 Responses

  1. Like everything about this “generation,” they just woke up. I guess they’ll have some snap management solution they haven’t thought through and won’t anticipate the opposition they’ll encounter. I can’t wait to see how the pre-teens are sold Womens’ Rights. If it’s going to take the same sort of shoving the Progressive Agenda has wrought, I’ll pay money to watch the males of their generation get “onboard” with the thing.

  2. BJ: I’m glad to see you posting – hope that means that your family have made it thru S&Y and the Nor’easter. I’ve kept all you Jersey Folk in my prayers, and wish you comfort, warmth and security.

    • Thank you friend- we made it through that disaster and the election disaster as well. Now it is time to wake up the women who were used and get them to work for their own good instead of the old boys club. Are you ready to reignite TMU?

      TMU IMAGINE Empowering Women To Unite & Mobilize !

  3. We need to drive women to this site and get TMU going again. there is a war on women that no one – including women is talking about. We have been tricked into talking about only that which benefits a political party and which it uses as a political football to gleen votes during elections every time. Its a tried and true issue but as for our real issues – those that really endanger our lives and well being- those that prevent us from full empowerment- they are not even on the table! Its time we bring them all to the table and insist – the next time they want our votes they pay with some real bounty not guarantees of what we already own for the past 50 years and have no chance of loosing.

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