11 Facts about Women Around the World | Do Something

Contributed by: Barbara
1.Women perform 66% of the world’s work, but receive only 11% of the world’s income, and own only 1% of the world’s land.
2.Women make up 66% of the world’s illiterate adults.
3.Women head 83% of single-parent families. The number of families nurtured by women alone doubled from 1970 to 1995 (from 5.6 million to 12.2 million).
4.Women account for 55% of all college students, but even when women have equal years of education it does not translate into economic opportunities or political power.
5.There are six million more women than men in the world.
6.Two-thirds of the world’s children who receive less than four years of education are girls. Girls represent nearly 60% of the children not in school.
7.Parents in countries such as China and India sometimes use sex determination tests to find out if their fetus is a girl. Of 8,000 fetuses aborted at a Bombay clinic, 7,999 were female.
8.Wars today affect civilians most, since they are civil wars, guerrilla actions and ethnic disputes over territory or government.
3 out of 4 fatalities of war are women and children.
9.Rape is consciously used as a tool of genocide and weapon of war. Tens of thousands of women and girls have been subjected to rape and other sexual violence since the crisis erupted in Darfur in 2003. There is no evidence of anyone being convicted in Darfur for these atrocities.
10.About 75% of the refugees and internally displaced in the world are women who have lost their families and their homes.
11..Gender-based violence kills one in three women across the world and is the biggest cause of injury and death to women worldwide, causing more deaths and disability among women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria, traffic accident, and war.
Amnesty International
US Census Bureau
Women’s Learning Partnership
Discrimination Human Rights Women’s Rights
Info Sheet

3 Responses

  1. I started to say that these are astonishing statistics and realized that they really aren’t astonishing at least to those of us who pay attention to the issues pertaining to women. So I will say How very sad and how disheartening these Stats are but hope those of us who do speak will continue to do so and those who don’t will somehow find a voice to speak to just one of those eleven stats.
    Thanks my friend BJ

    • Dearest Barbara,

      As usual you have brought light to a dark subject. Without you we have few women talking about more than abortion and birth control pills. As if all women care about is between their thighs — as usual you have lit the path and given us choice. We can sit blindly or we can stand and say we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

      So much for the new war on women as if it ever wasn’t and all out assault on womankind! As if one party is worse than the other. As if women are only baby making machines or baby murders– madonnas- or sluts.

      The war on women is real alright but it results from woman’s war on each other and a general malaise from those who don’t want to fight either radical side at all and therefore refuse to step up and stop it.

      Rather than unite and take our place as as the majority God created, we cower in weakened minority groups, or as the silent majority. How sad! We the creators of life cowered, weakened and beaten without voices. How sad, considering the God given power of the majority force! Instead of squabbling over a few reproductive issues which keep us divided into political male dominated camps for male political powered authority- we should be united over the major issues and wielding equal power over issues that dominate our lives and families.

      In the land of the free and home of the brave our women have very little power and control over their own lives- less than 20% representation and yet they scream for the ability to abort their children and control their reproduction rather than control all aspects of their lives, education, work, finances, and livelihoods from their own birth to death.

      Thank you for bringing us statistics that show us that we have much more to consider than our vaginal canals! Are we really ready to settle for so little control and call it in control?

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