Women to Rally in DC: We deserve Equal Rights under the Constitution

Plan A :Immediate Action

Every  woman should be writing to their representatives right now and telling them if their House or Senate member  wants her vote this November – she expects to see the representative name immediately placed on a bill supporting either HJRes 47 or SJRes 39. She should be insisting her vote will never go to anyone who does not support her inclusion into the US Constitution. Once their office is flooded by every female constituent in their district- I think they will get the message loud and clear and sign on regardless of party affiliation!

Plan B: Follow up Action- US Capitol lawn on Aug 18 , 10-6pm.

The Majority United is urging all women to come to Washington DC on August 18 for this women’s rally. Let’s take this opportunity to have all our voices heard. Let’s all show up and bring to the fore what the majority really has to say about what we want. Don’t let half of us speak for all of us and let’s all speak in one voice- women are more than just reproductive organs and birth control pills – we are first class citizens who deserve equal justice – equal rights- fair wages, and are every bit as concerned about  jobs, energy, the cost of gas, transportation and every other issue that exists as any man in the country. All issues are women’s issues. Indeed women are the majority and the backbone of America but we only count when we are heard – so let’s rally and make our voices heard in August. Speak up loud and clear. Our first priority is to pass ERA then remind men from both parties that every issue is a women’s issue!

I am are told the rally is drawing people from all genders, races, backgrounds, and political ideologies to the cause:

 “For those of you who think this rally is just about women’s issues, you’re wrong. Understand that we, women, are at the forefront of this movement, but we are not alone. Anyone, everyone, who does not fit the new congress’ narrow view of what America should be is in danger.”

Tammy Simkins of U4E of Ohio has contacted the Democratic Platform Committee urging HJRes 47 and SJRes 39 to be added to the Dem Platform.  You TOO can sign on THROUGH  JULY 25 at www.democrats.org/platform, fill out form using title as Endorse Joint Resolutions (INSERT BILL #S  HJRes 47 and SJRes 39)…, Removing the Deadline for Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.

TMU urges you to also contact your Republican Platform Committee and ask them to add it to their platform- call you House and Senate leaders running for office and tell them you expect them to sign on. If they expect any support this November! Use your majority vote as leverage for a change! All women from either side or center should be using their votes for all womankind and for equality for all our sisters and all our causes for all our daughters and all our futures for all of us and all who follow. We ALL count or none of us do!

We of National ERA Alliance sent in our paperwork to the Platform Ctte yesterday urging that ERA be on the Platform again, as in 2008 after J. Kerry took it off in 2004 after 40 years in place.  For more info contact sandyo@PassERA

No matter what your political ideology is – our number one priority is passing the ERA and we need to urge both parties to sign on to getting it back on the political platforms. The Democrats are working on that – and we need to Republicans to move on it too. Don’t let this be a Democrat rally or a republican war on women rally – Let’s tell it like it is- get up and be counted as an AMERICAN women who will not be silenced!

Thousands of us are planning to be on the US Capitol lawn on Aug 18 , 10-6pm.  Go to WeAreWoman.us to get In The Loop; no cost, just sign in via the Raffle at bottom– The Revolution has Begun.

OR make your own plans with your own groups-OR contact me- we can form a new group if you are more comfortable!  The Revolution will only have begun if all women agree on the end result –if we remain divided – only another civil war has begun~ BettyJean Downing

 Press/Media Release follows–circulate and post far and wide

Contact: Jessica DelBalzo, Media Coordinator
Phone: (908) 655-5546
Email: jdelbalzo13@gmail.comRE:  We Are Woman Receives Major Endorsements, Plans DC Rally

The co-founders of the event say that they are looking forward to, “Joining with others all over the country to stand shoulder to shoulder and shout ‘No more!'”

For more information, to volunteer or donate, and to connect with others who will be attending the rally, please visit:




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