VAWA Debate: Are women being used as political footballs Again?

BettyJean Downing- Kling

Open Mic Live Debate tonight at 10 pm Easter 7 C Pacific. Please join us!

Remember – my Louisa had her brains blown out by a man who was out without bail after beating her dying sister Denise in the head with a claw hammer! He should have been in jail for attempted murder of her sister not loose on the streets to come back and take her head too! VAWA should not be a political football – 4 women a day are murdered, every 9 seconds a woman is battered! We are more than partisan votes – we are women who deserve JUSTICE- stop this WAR on WOMEN

Women are dying, beaten, raped while they play party politics with this football. This is not a game to the mothers of the fallen ! Please come to the show tonight and tell us what you think and how we can get them to stop the games and give us justice instead. They work for us- let’s remind them of that- we are the Majority you know! Remember – or does this have to happen to you?

BettyJean is opening up the phone lines to women from all sides of the argument. There is another fight on Capitol Hill on yet another so-called women’s issue. This should be everyone’s issue but be that as it may- What are they fighting about now? Let’s debates both or all sides of this issue among ourselves come up with what we as the women whose act this is supposed to be for want then tell those we elected to represent us to do the right thing about Violence Against Women. It is my understanding the intent of this bill is to protect women from violence PERIOD. Established in 1994 with bi-partisan support, it has been reaffirmed both in 2000 and again in 2005.

There have been two partisan oppositions to the Act as originally passed over the years, Republicans (shame on them) have attempted to cut funding for programs and failure of the Supreme Court (Shame on the conservative 5 to 4) to grant women federal suing rights against their attackers. Both restricted the intent of the act which I believe was intended to provide justice to women under siege from an escalating epidemic of violence against women.

Funding has been cut and or is wasted on bureaucratic red tape and administrative expenses rather than where the funds are most needed and the courts have been far too lenient and worse have given in to a healthier funded lobby of abusive men.

We need a safe place to share our pain and be acknowledged, we need compassion, we need to know that we and others will be protected from the perpetrator, we need accountability — someone who will hold the perpetrator accountable, we need restitution for the losses incurred by the victim, and we need justice (not revenge) but vindication — to be set free.  Scars remain, but healing is sufficient so as not to continue to be held in bondage to the trauma. ~ BettyJean Downing Kling- 2012 Bergen County Court State vs. Hartwig

There is now a new fight in Congress- also partisan. The question is WHY? Besides for cutting funding to unbelievable pitiful lows what is wrong with the bill as it is? Does it cover all WOMEN or not?

Are the Democrats using this opportunity to paint this as part of the Republican’s “War on Women”? Do we need to muck up the VAWA and/or hold up its reauthorization over a debate on whether to add a revision which forces us to give a Visa to illegal aliens if they become battered women? Do we need to hold up the reauthorization to specify the sexual orientation of the woman or is this meant to include gay men?

The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) is a United States federal law (Title IV, sec. 40001-40703 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355) signed as Pub.L. 103-322 by President
Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994. The Act provided $1.6 billion toward investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposed automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allowed civil redress in cases prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted. The Act also established the Office on Violence Against Women within the Department of Justice.

VAWA was drafted by the office of Senator
Joseph Biden (DDE), with support from a broad coalition of advocacy groups. The Act passed through Congress with bipartisan support in 1994, clearing the House by a vote of 235–195 and the Senate by a vote of 61–38, although the following year House Republicans attempted to cut the Act’s funding.[1] In the 2000 Supreme Court case United States v. Morrison, a sharply divided Court struck down the VAWA provision allowing women the right to sue their attackers in federal court. By a 5–4 majority, the Court’s conservative wing overturned the provision as an intrusion on states’ rights.[2][3]

VAWA was reauthorized by Congress in 2000, and again in December 2005.[4] The Act’s 2012 renewal was fiercely opposed by conservative Republicans, who objected to extending the Act’s protections to same-sex couples and to provisions allowing battered illegal immigrants to claim temporary visas.[5]

Tune in and bring your comments and questions I want a knock down drag out fight tonight. OK no knock downs but let’s drag out the facts and decide what we are allowing this act to tear women apart and why all these men are again using women to win votes when they give us less and less.

Remember – my Louisa had her brains blown out by a man who was out without bail after beating her dying sister in the head with a claw hammer! He should have been in jail for attempted murder of her sister not lose to come back and take her head too! Women’s are dying and beaten and raped while we play party politics with this football. This is not a game to the mothers of the fallen !

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