Romney: Give the ladies our representation in exchange for our votes

BettyJean Downing Kling

I wasn’t going to get in to the fight this time- I got my ass kicked enough from Democrat thugs last time and my women’s activism work was put on hold for my troubles while I was called every name in the book just for being a patriot with a choice that didn’t march the DNC’s hand pickins. But 4 more years of this administration without one word about passing the ERA and his entire party pushing that the other party is at War wqith Women is wearing on my nerves– so I am in till I find out we are not getting a female VP choice!

I am ready for something right- Damned it! Perhaps he will chose Condoleezza – so we have a woman for VP and eliminate the race card. Oh not to have contend with this time! Wouldn’t that take the wind out of the race baiter’s miserable sails? It’s a sad day when you purposefully choose a women for the color of her skin just to combat having to fight against false racism. Thank God she is more than qualified. Condoleezza all the way!

If Romney does NOT chose a qualified woman – then I am not so sure I will bother. And let me tell you why. If it’s going to remain an all boy’s club with a few token ladies who for the most part have to play by the men’s rules then I will not be used for my vote.

I am tired of pounding the pavement and giving my vote to any party who refuses to give me equal representation. 16% is paltry. I will never again give my vote to the party that allowed Hillary Clinton to be mistreated and denied her rightful place or her votes or her delegates and as for the only other party- either start running women or forget about my vote as well. Without representation – all my vote means is a win FOR the party but very little advancement for women’s rights or representation. That is not country first. Women are 52% of the country population and should have at equal representation and I see not advancement toward that end.

More and more women are beginning to say – give us representation in exchange for our votes. There will be a revolution in this country and women will be at the front- stop using us for our votes – let us sit at the table and decide our own fates.

Go tell Romney that- we want a winning woman and we will mobile for them- or else I will stay home this time!!

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