What Mothers want from Congress this year

By: Sandy Oestreich

Anyone can call the offices of their Senators and their Congress persons tell them you urge them to schedule an ERA hearing in 2013.  Explain why it is time! You can also write to them. Time is of the essence. Two bills are sitting there right now one in the house and one in the Senate that you can appeal to them to sponsor.

Both parties want and need our votes both are screaming that the other is waging a war on women- well let’s tell them to put their votes where their mouths are.

Tell them what we want in return for our votes this November. We want ERA!

I’m a mother.  My Day is coming up.  May I suggest what I ACTUALLY DO WANT?   I want dignity, respect and A PLACE IN THE NATION’S CONTRACT WITH  IT’S  PEOPLE, in the US Constitution.  Women aren’t there yet, that’s why the legislative War on ME thrives.  Give me that contract alongside all men.


Mother’s Day? Give me the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to protect me and my family, in the legislature.    Finally.


Call me Mom, Sis, Daughter or Wife—I am a WOMAN, and I want Personhood.  I want IN the US Constitution.  I want the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) there. 


Mother’s Day is here.  I make a home for you, I’ve born your children, AND I must stay employed.  Why not give me the full rights to self-determination that an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) would like NO Other Document DOES!


 “Every country since WWII HAS an EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT”.   USA has an image problem. I have a problem with being Second Class; give me an ERA!


Moms work hard in the home and out.  I want taxpayer and citizen recognition.  I want an Equal Rights Amendment.


 Women have been noble far too long.  We’re tired of being on the menu.  We want a place at the TABLE.  ERA needs hearings in the Florida House—Speaker, are you listening!


I’m a father of three children.   We can celebrate Mother’s Day when my wife gets equal treatment across the board.  Why can’t politicians stop waging this war against women so we can all move ahead?


About this Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  For heaven’s sake, why are we still dithering over assuring that American women get their protection from sex discrimination?  What could be so awful about passing ERA into the U.S. Constitution?

 YOU’VE GOT THE IDEA.   Email off your own Letter, or if mailing one of the above to Fl. Anyone can call the office of  Sen. Don Gaetz, 850 897-5747  and Rep. Will Weatherford,  813 558-5115 to urge a scheduled ERA hearing in 2013.  After TWELVE YEARS!! select one and tell me which one so no dupes. Yaaay for YOU! And for every woman and family. 

Sandy Oestreich, founder-president of Equal Rights Alliance Inc, and ERA Education Inc.
Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U., NY
Fmr. elected official
Co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts
Nurse practitioner
Biographied in Feminists Who Changed America
Wife and mom   www.2PassERA.org

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