An open letter to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Guest Post By: Barbara Bassett

Debbie, I admire and respect the work you do on behalf of women.

As a woman who works to unite women regardless of political party, I find this “war on women” that the Democratic Party claims the Republican Party is waging does not benefit women. Honestly it is harmful to women because it is divisive. We both know that the intent of the Democrats in proclaiming a “war on women” by Republicans is political grandstanding.

I am deeply offended that the women leaders of the Democratic Party have taken up the “war on women” mantra in an effort to further their own party’s political agenda at the expense of the very people they are professing to protect, Women

Politicians long ago understood that the women’s vote is vital to their election. Unfortunately, women at 52% of the population do not yet understand the importance of their vote as they continue to unwittingly appear to willingly divide their vote behind what I call the Great Uterine Wall (GUW) that is reinforced every election. The GUW was built by both political parties who profess to have the best interests of the women’s uterus on their agendas, women are told to divide according to the beliefs of their Uterus.

The left will protect the beliefs of their Uterus and the right will take away the beliefs of their Uterus.

The wall goes up and women divide according to the beliefs of their Uterus. The all powerful Uterus. It is debated on the floor of Congress, in the media, in the Supreme Court. Organizations have been formed for it, and to protests against it. A political candidate’s career can be made or broken with the answer to the question “what will you do with the Uterus”? So confusing is the question of what to do with the uterus that even the owners of the uterus are confused about what to do with the Uterus.

The 2012 election wants women to believe there is a war against the owners of the Uterus. Yes, “War.” The Democratic Party wants women to believe the Republican Party has declared War on the Uterus. All talks to settle the Uterus issue peacefully have apparently failed so we at war or are going to war.

Can we please stop with the political grandstanding? Can we please just agree that my conscious and my Uterus belong to me and yours belongs to you? Can we agree that men do not have a UTERUS and should have little say over what is done to it, for it, with it or about it? Can we – the rightful owners of our UTERUS’ now ALL unite and move on to issues that do indeed affect ALL American citizens who need to make intelligent decisions regarding the next election regardless of political party. Can we look at more important issues that women share that we need to be united on?

  • While you were reading this, thousands of Uterus owners were abused and raped?
    Many were battered and bruised in their own homes.
    Many were murdered, mutilated, kidnapped, sold, and prostituted into slavery.
    Millions denied an education, human rights and this very minute millions of uterus owners are deciding which child to feed.

WOMAN is waiting for the time when women demand a stop to using her uterus to further a political agenda when in truth their political agenda has not a thing to do with women’s rights because the minute every election is over the GUW comes down and women are left standing there saying WTH?

All that mud-slinging and dividing and yet we still do not have an ERA or a Fair Pay Act. Violence against women is escalating to epidemic proportions. All ignored in favor of the once again battle, make that war on the Uterus. It appears the 2012 election will focus on the wag the dog “war on women” I have received hundreds of emails from the DNC requesting money to fight the Uterine war.

Before women give you their hard earned money will you tell us what is it the DNC has actually done to earn the support of women? Was the ERA brought up by the DNC once in this administration? Was it brought up once during Pelosi’s 4 year reign?

In 2008 the DNC was responsible for the most misogynist campaign in history. Not one email was sent about the Obama campaign “war on women” all that Bitch/slut/Cunt talk was degrading to not only Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin but to ALL women. Mayer, Schultz, Olberman, Mathews etc were “amusing” to you. Yet, Rush Limbaugh Generated hundreds of emails, even warranted a call from the head of the DNC. Barack strutting across the IOWA stage to the tune of ” 99 problems and a Bitch ain’t one” , Obama is sorry a woman was called a slut, but not sorry enough to return a million dollar donation from Mr. misogynist himself, Bill Maher.

I guess I missed the email from the women of the DNC demanding the dirty money be donated to a woman’s shelter, you know that forgotten war on violence against women. With control of both houses in 2008 where was the campaign on women’s rights? Again, I must have missed the national coverage somehow. I could go on but hopefully you’ve gotten my point. HYPOCRICY!

I challenge the women of the DNC to stop being used to help the using of women as political pawns and ATMs and stand with all women regardless of party. The women of the Republican Party are more like you than not—they are not your enemies—they are being used by their leaders as you are by yours. It is time to UNITE. This is not what the parties want but it is what women need in order to succeed, we need to UNITE women rather than divide women. This is not about our Uterus – it is about the whole woman!

I sincerely believe the DNC has underestimated what part of their anatomy women will be voting with in 2012.

Debbie is fighting for a job and her political life- but it is up to American’s women us to fight for our own lives- shall we fight for Debbies Job and future or our own?

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks BJ,

    I sent a copy of this link to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and I encourage everyone to do the same.

  2. I have READ the bills against women’s rights and THEY WERE ALL FILED BY REPUBLICANS. We must go with the EVIDENCE. sandyo

    • Sandy,
      re: “I have READ the bills against women’s rights and THEY WERE ALL FILED BY REPUBLICANS. We must go with the EVIDENCE. “sandyo

      I have never known anyone who has read those – good for you.

      I would like to have a copy of that list- – this is a perfect time to post it and to send a copy of it along with our demands for Republican support for the current bills in the house and Senate . I would also appeal to Anne Romney.
      Can you please forward me a copy of that list so that I can use it ASAP. Thansk my very dear friend.

      PS. I don’t care who is worse – I only care that neither is doing for women what we need. We have been fighting for ERA since the 60’s. The Dems by the way had control for 40 years and they didn’t give us much either! O’man has had nearly 4 years and I haven’t hear peep out of him re: ERA- not once!
      I have enough to worry about getting woman her rights without fighting for the good old boys who refused to allow a woman to be POTUS even though she was the bvetter candidate and won more votes !

    • all women’s rights sandy, really? How about when a woman gets the most votes in a primary and the other guy doesn’t get any because he’s not on the ballot but he not only gets delegates, he gets FOUR OF HERS. How about her right to her own damn delegates. How about the rights of her voters to have their votes counted? Call me funny, but my vote means something to me and yet my vote was stolen from me BY DEMOCRATS in 2008.

      Who really cares who files a bill as long as democrats are acting like weasels and voting for it? Do you have a manufactured kick me sign or just one you make up with lined paper and a sharpie?

  3. Sandy,
    I do agree that these laws filed by the Rs are misogynist but the point I am trying to make is that the Ds are hypocritical in their claim of “war on women” by the Rs since the Ds who controlled both house and Senate did not a damn thing to advance the cause for women for instance the ERA, which I admire you for. The Ds not only ignored the misogyny in the 2008 campaign they perpetrated it. Any and all vetting of Obama was called racists yet Hillary and Sarah were dragged through the mud of sexists personal attacks and when we complained we were told “we were bitter” why we were even told ” we weren’t needed in the D party they had found a new voting block” so here we are in 2012 and the Ds need our votes and they are going to get our votes because BINGO the Rs are waging a war on women. I am calling BS and them Hypocrites.
    Both parties should and must be held accountable but the only way that will be done if Women join forces and call it what it is..divisive to women. How many elections do you want to be asked for your money, support and vote and when the election is over you’re standing there saying WTH? How many more years are you going to walk the halls and beg to be acknowledged as a citizen of this country?
    It begins with women looking “at the evidence” and truly comprehending they are the political pawns used and abused by both parties, we have more in common than our uterus, or it ends with accepting the divisive rhetoric that
    Hillary with a D is just a Bitch and Sarah with a R is just a C*nt so let’s move on there is nothing to see here.

  4. Sandy…they just need you to get your Liliput rope and prepare to strap Obama on your back along with all the other little women who are needed to lug the fading phoney across the finish line. His priority THIS term is the same as last: Immigration Reform. He needs the hispanic votes as well. (So will Maxine Waters whose district is now more than 50% hispanic and barely 30% black. ANY hispanic candidate could take her down.) As for the Campaigner In Chief, he’s a pathetic brat whose EVERY MOVE for the last four years has been- not what’s best for the Country or for Women, but calculated to re-election spin. He had no clue, when he spoke the words to Matt Lauer, what “Held Accountable” even means.

  5. great letter. 🙂

  6. Bill Maher adds his comments… Waiting on the emails Debbie.

    …Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen had said Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life,” and later apologized under pressure from top Democrats. 

    Maher, though, took Rosen’s comments a step further. 

    “What she meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work,” Maher said.

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