Women, Leave GoDaddy Behind

The following post, Ditch GoDaddy, is from my blog that focuses on web development and internet issues.  The article focuses on GoDaddy’s terrible customer service.  However, GoDaddy has one of the most blantantly crass advertising campaigns I’ve seen.  They often use naked, or nearly naked women, as an incentive to visit, view, or make purchases from their website. Currently, a blog post from their owner posted on the site states, “Bob’s Latest:  The SECRETS to finding and hiring GREAT employees. + 2 Smoking-Hot Go Daddy Girls!”  While there are numerous reasons to leave GoDaddy, my opinion is that women have best reason of all to kick GoDaddy to the curb.

If you follow the buzz on the internet you probably know that GoDaddy has raised the ire of plenty of the internet’s faithful. Their latest and most damaging transgression is supporting “SOPA” a poorly written law opposing internet piracy. While opposing internet piracy is hardly a radical stance, GoDaddy was in position to know that the specific law drawn up would cause huge headaches and potential legal problems for many reputable internet sites. Godaddy eventually withdrew it support for this law when customers started leaving in protest.

This, however, isn’t GoDaddy’s only public relations blunder. The president of company trumpeting his ‘big game’ hunting, and a series of tasteless and trashy commercials have left many web professionals looking for an alternative. While they are the most well know domain name registrar they are also likely the most disliked as well.

Yet my complaint about Godaddy is due to their customer service and business practices. I strongly recommend looking for another registrar like Network Solutions or NameCheap, because GoDaddy misleads its customers and bleeds money from them through their dubious practices. The most recent example I encountered is of a client who purchased a domain and email service believing they had also signed up for a hosting account. Technically they could ‘host’ their domain at GoDaddy, but it was a severely limited plan that only allowed for a canned page to be ‘hosted’ at Godaddy, which left them without the actual service they needed.

My initial problem with GoDaddy is that I placed an order using their ‘speedy checkout’ option. This wasn’t a short cut through the order process like it sounds, it was a sneaky way to get customers to sign up for auto-renewal for particular products. Obviously I hold responsibility in this mistake, I should have read over the fine print. However, Godaddy has made a lot of money by misleading people into purchasing the wrong product.

They also hold your credit card number, and you can only check out if you agree to let them hold this information on file. For most online businesses, this is a voluntary choice, not a prerequisite to ordering. GoDaddy is the last company I trust to hold my credit card information, and I highly recommend not allowing them to store your information. At one time, GoDaddy was the only real cost effective choice for domain registration. That is no longer the case, and taking your businesses elsewhere to a company that will treat you fairly is a prudent and wise decision.

I have moved my business to NameCheap.com. I have nothing against Network Solutions, but NameCheap is more affordable and has a good domain management set up. SWITCH2NC is a coupon code you can use to get a dollar off each domain name transfer (effective early March – don’t know the expiration date.) There are other domain name registrars as well, these are just two of GoDaddy’s most prominent competitors. -Katherine Morrison

2 Responses

  1. Nice Blog,

    You’re right

    All women should leave GoDaddy (men too). Warren Adelman is no better than Bob Parsons who is a pig. The Jerk does not represent women with the kind of respect they deserve, & profits off all women’s degregation (not only Feminists)

    Jan Brewer, the Arizona Governer is a disgraceful coward too. She says nothing 2 help women & is in Godaddy pocketbooks. She’s selling out the fair sex, so to speak, for her conservative agenda & votes

    Stephanie Miller would concur

    You’re right that you cannot trust Godaddy. In business, or Life. One must trust your suppliers with your information, but GoDaddy will betray you, as they did screw me. They tell lies, intimidate clients, & hide from authority when they are caught. They are losers who will not apologize & they should

    Bob Parsons (Parsons technology) associates himself with Intuit (which is scarey given their dishonesty) & Warren Adelman associates himself with big Internet names like NeoPlanet, Compaq, USA Networks, MTV, Universal Studios, New Line Cinema, McAfee, BigFoot & more

    Nice blog K

    This is who GoDaddy really is

    Your on the ball


  2. Thanks GuN – Watching comments come in on Twitter as people leave GoDaddy, it’s amusing too see how many state that they feel, ‘less dirty, or more clean’ once they’ve left. GoDaddy doesn’t just cross the line, they blow it up. Can’t remember an advertising campaign so unabashedly sleazy in years, and that doesn’t even take into account their terrible business practices.

    One of my favorite recent articles was about the top tech company blunders of 2011. For all the other companies the author gave suggestions about how the company could rebound. For GoDaddy, they just said “good riddance.”

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