Why do we need another women’s group?

BettyJean Downing

The logo says it all,WOMEN women organized mobilized empowered nationwide. The letters create the very word Women,there is a women symbol within the word and an eternal flame within the heart of the women symbol. It is the color of both sea and the sky symbolizing our depth and height with a touch of red symbolizing our burning desires and yellow for our light heartedness. Oh yes our logo says it all. We are women, we are those who hold up half the sky with devotion deep as the deepest sea, with love burning as deepest as any fire yet whose touch is as gentle and light as a feather. Women who misunderstood and yet to be reckoned with but we are coming and we will be reckoned with!

A new member just sent The Majority United the following question:

Can I ask what the purpose of this group is?

You certainly may ask, and I am so glad you did:

At The majority United WOMEN coalition -we have several blogs- a newsletter, a radio show and these FaceBook and LinkedIn groups to find and gather women who need to learn about each other and to join forces for help themselves and each other.

We are all uniting for the purpose of forming the majority united! As a group of 52% we are stronger than diverse little groups each struggling to be heard.

As it stands right now there are two major groups of women, liberals and conservatives and they are speaking for all women which for all intents and purposes leaves us all pigeon holed into those 2 categories. Do you hear either one of them fighting for your particular issue?

I don’t? They are fighting either for a marginal issue- or one that has already been settled and not likely to be overturned anytime soon or one that affects 3% of the population or one that diminishes the real problems that face us daily – like losing our lives or our children or being second class citizens, or giving us the very equality they were set up to settle and finally they never address taxation without representation which leaves us out in the cold as far as getting justice for any of our causes.

These two groups have us fighting each other over divisive issues that the politicians have set us up to fight over- they have labeled them women’s issues. As if we only care about our crotches and sex! Indeed- is that all we are worrying about?

Are we not worrying about what the men are worrying about?

You tell me what the men care about – excluding sex that we don’t? They care about Wall Street- so do we— jobs – so do we— gas prices- so do we!

We care about the life and safety of our daughters— so do they- we care about the economy –– so do they, we care about crime –– so do they, we care about drugs and trafficking – so do they.

What exactly is it that is a women’s issue that is not a man’s issue. What do we care about that a great father would not care about for his daughter? Education reform?

What issue does a man care about that a good mother would abandon for about her son. War and peace?

There are no women’s issues – there are American issues and there are issues of women and children’s health and well being. There are issues of Justice and equality for all- BUT that is not a women’s issue that is a human rights issue.

So to answer your question – the purpose of this group is to give women a place to go where they are not disembodied or relegated to a body part as if we are only a single issue group or a group tied to a politic but rather a group of real women on a mission to show the world what real women look like and care about.

We care about every women and everything that affects every woman, and her children girls and boys and how they will grow up to be American men and women who deal fairly with their wives and husbands.

We are in this together – not for the politicians or for one political party or another but instead for one another.

I am so glad you asked. We want you and your group here – we care about you and hope you care about your sister here. Let’s grow together and help become the largest women’s group out there! Let them hear what real women sound like – let them see what real women look like and let them know what real women need and want and what they damned well will fight to the death for and then let’s fight together for it!

Please join usand help us get this the greatest women’s group on the move! The Majority United
https://www.facebook.com/groups/MajorityUnited/ we need members, 501c3 board members, a radio producer and more.


3 Responses

  1. http://www.superchooseday.com Hillary Clinton is the only name that ANY and ALL polls show winning the 2012Presidential election over any and all contenders. Hillary Clinton is a moderate who has proven in every job she has taken that she knows how to get things done. Hillary Clinton knows the meaning of words like: hard work, public service, strong middle class means strong USA economic health, leadership. You put Hillary Clinton and a Republican moderate like Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins on the same Presidential ticket and you will have your first non-party President and Vice President! When you do this you will forever break the strangle hold of the elitist partist posing as a two party system. Never again just the Democrats-Republican sameness! http://www.AmericanElect.org AWESOME! We are not just talking about a change in the White House but a whole new way to get election reform that by passes the do nothings in Washington! If they can’t or won’t fix it we will! http://www.AmericanElect.org Go become A Hillary Clinton, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins supporting delegate!

  2. Betty Jean, you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! So appealing to find a group that fills a fresh niche neglected by many other groups who squabble over territorial rights and ego-needs rather than viewing women as ALL WOMEN with common needs that require addressing.

    We have talents that are supplementary to most men’s, but we women are indeed reading the WStreet Jnl and seeking REAL national and international NEWS rather than what Gwyneth P wore to the awards ceremony.

    I am please as punch to work with TMU and want to support Betty Jean’s work for us all. Many work to divide us, but TOGETHER WE CAN CONQUER ALL.

    RIGHT now we must face the War Against Women with full-throated voices and intense Actions to stop the legislative control freaks damaging everything America stands for.

    As to my own insistence on passing the Equal Rights Amendment, let it be known that ERA is a CURE for the War on Women. Yes, the partner to the Cure is electing more feminists to office so Congress et al reach the critical mass of 30%.

    I’ve been yelling out for years that “WOMEN ARE NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE CONTRACT OUR NATION HAS WITH ITS PEOPLE–the US Constitution” (men are, 39 times! and it makes all the difference to our country and to women), and that that has Horrendous Implications. Obviously that omission powers this War Against Women!

    So NOW are you listening? Now that you notice that you HAVE NO GUARANTEED RIGHTS ? That’s BECAUSE WE HAVE NO ERA in the US Constitution. Link arms with me and us at http://www.2PassERA.org and me, SandyO@PassERA.org. TOGETHER, we WILL win an ERA. Don’t suffer in silence. Rip off your blindfold, and SEE the Light at the End of This Interminable Tunnel.

    GO, Get ‘Em, dear Betty Jean! HERE’s to all your fabulous Board members who work so hard to pull the rest of us out of the trenches!

    Sandy Oestreich, founder-Pres., ERA Inc and ERA Education Inc
    Prof. Emerita; fmr elected official; co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts; Nurse Practitioner; Profiled in Feminists Who Changed America; Received the Susan B Anthony award for Failure is Impossible work for ERA by LWVoters

  3. It really is about taxation without representation. We’re already “taxed” by the lower pay scales, and the break in career continuity childbearing creates, then we’re further “taxed” by the attitudes that motivate women to support men against their sisters in these “issue” conflicts. But Women bring to the table a survival instinct men don’t have, along with a capacity to reason that isn’t impaired by testosterone. To more evenly distribute elected officials, policy and decision makers across the genders, we would find the result would be the elevation of the calibre of debate on any of these issues….women offering a perspective men simply don’t produce but with which they readily concur. With our longer life expectancy, Women would also view pension negotiation, benefits and social security with a different motivation. We’ll be looking our for ourselves more purposefully.

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