Virginia Senate passed the bill to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

BettyJean Downing Kling
rewritten and paraphased from a post by Diana Egozcue VA.

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R/T- Sen. Reeves & Vogel  VA. voted 4 ERA in Comm. but AGAINST it in the full Senate- Please Join us to Tweet & FB to show Gals will remember 

From Virginia:

There was Great news on Tuesday when the Virginia Senate passed the bill to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. It was a bipartisan vote of 24-15.

Now the bill goes to the House of Delegates, to a hostile Privileges and Elections Committee, which earlier refused to even give the bill a hearing. Diana Egozcue will be trying to persuade Delegate Mark Cole – the committee chair – to hear the ERA bill, Senate Resolution (SJR 130). She needs your help. Please e-mail or call Delegate Cole and ask him to hear SJR 130 in committee and give ERA a fair chance.

His e-mail is, and his phone number is 804-698-1088.

Also please call Speaker Bill Howell at (804) 698-1028. Ask him to please bring this bill to the House floor for a vote this session.

We just want an up or down vote in the full House – that’s only fair, right? Letting it languish in committee is insulting and unfair.

Before the Senate vote, there was a wonderful debate about the bill on the Senate floor. Senators Barker (our sponsor), Saslaw, and Yvonne Miller were magnificent in their defense. Senator Miller’s impassioned comments about being a woman could bring you to tears. – Diana Egozcue

You can view the debate in the Senate here. It may take a few minutes to download this but it’s worth it!! Remember to thank these senators below for fighting for ERA.

Senator Barker= 804-698-7539,

Senator Saslaw= 804-698-7535,

Senator Yvonne Miller= 804698-7505,

The Politics of the Vote

Senators Reeves and Vogel voted for the ERA in committee to get it to the floor but voted against it on the floor. This was a political ploy so they can tell their constituents they voted for it, but they don’t have to say where they voted for it. If you live in their districts, just remember to spread the word that they are not for women. (Senator Reeves represents the 17th Senate District, which includes Fredericksburg City and Orange County and part of Albemarle County, Culpeper County, Louisa County, and Spotsylvania County. Senator Vogel represents the 27th Senate District, which includes Clarke County, Fauquier County, Frederick County, Winchester City and part of Culpeper County, Loudoun County and Stafford County.) – Diana Egozcue

Nothing’s Impossible

I know some of you get tired with all the demands for e-mails about all these bills, but we have to let our legislators know we WOMEN are out here, we vote, we will be spreading the word about their votes and sponsorships of these bills, and we will be finding opponents to run against them next election. This might seem impossible to you, but Wisconsin and Ohio have shown us that anything is possible if you try. So many people told me that this fight for the ERA was dead and nobody cared, but that’s not true. We just have to make Virginians know that we are here and serious about fighting against this war. We have to volunteer for candidates, give our money if possible, and vote. Make sure you attend elected officials’ meetings with constituents and participate in their telephone town halls to make your views heard. Don’t let the opponents of the bill continue to dominate the soap box of public opinion.

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