Sandy Oestreich honored with the Failure is Impossible Award!

BettyJean Downing

Press Release, IMMEDIATE  February 3, 2012 
CONTACT:  Lauren Hallahan, 727 643-9063

FLORIDA’S MARTIN COUNTY LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS BESTOWS Susan B. Anthony Award   upon the National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance
St. Petersburg (FL)–  Founder-President of the National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance and former League of Women Voters member Sandy Oestreich of St. Petersburg will be honored with the Failure is Impossible Award for her Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) initiative on February 20, 2012. Contact for RSVP: Betty Paterson  1-772-288-3283.

Martin County League of Women Voters acknowledges Ms. Oestreich’s enduring and pro bono
effort to achieve passage of the ERA into the U.S. Constitution.  Ms. Oestreich began her ERA career in the 1970s by marching in New York, Virginia and other states to bring the Equal Rights Amendment to full 38-states’ ratifications status so it could pass. 

In 2001 she resumed her ERA campaign in partnership with Florida League of Voters while on their board and while in local elected office in 2001, speaking on the ERA issue regularly throughout Florida, the southeast, and in D.C.   Sandy says, “We only need three (3) more states to ratify ERA for passage into the Constitution.  Florida’s most influential state legislators  refuse to hold hearings to vote on ERA because they say, “ERA will ‘hurt’ business”.  Not so.   ERA language has raised the GDP in other countries by up to NINE PER CENT, boosts state tax revenues and cuts taxpayer expenses for food stamps, Medicaid, court costs and Public Assistance!   And, ERA requires no funding.” 

Ms. Oestreich’s non-profit corporations have grown to nearly 300,000 individual members in 326 major organizations, national and international. Her work has worked has resulted in annual ERA ratification bill filings before the Florida legislature since 2003. She helps mentor some of the 6 other states as ERA leaders legislators file their ERA bills; they refer to the ERA web site’s documented “Facts for Legislators”.

To clarify that ERA is “still viable and contemporaneous”, Oestreich’s ERA Inc. joined with 3 other states’ ERA leaders and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) to create and file the brand-new U.S. Congressional HJRes 47 ERA bill on March 2011. This bill seeks to eliminate the time limit mentioned in the original Equal Rights Amendment’s Proposing Clause that can sometimes cause unnecessary obstructions. “Substantive legal arguments exist to show that is a toothless objection.  We want to discard this red herring so that ERA can pass, bringing Florida and the nation into the 21st century along with every nation since WWII”, Oestreich said.

Sandy is an original TMU board member – we are so proud of Sandy O.

Go Sandy Go!

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