Jeremiah Fogle kills wife gets 10 years probation: Got away with it once so he did it again

BettyJean Downing Kling; Contributed by Barbara

Records: Fla. shooting suspect killed previous wife

LAKELAND, Fla. The man accused of killing his wife and then shooting two church pastors had pleaded guilty and been sentenced to 10 years of probation in 1987 in the slaying of a previous wife, according to court records.

Jeremiah Fogle, 57, is charged with murder and attempted murder after Sunday’s shootings. Authorities said Fogle shot his wife, Theresa, burst into the front doors of the church and shot the ministers before church members tackled him.

Fogle is accused of gunning down the 56-year-old woman inside their Lakeland home and running down the block to shoot the pastor and co-pastor of the Greater Faith Christian Center Church Sunday morning.

Theresa Fogle’s sister Maria Beauford said the couple ran a transportation business together. They had been members of Greater Faith, but had started their own ministry out of their house and regularly hosted Sunday services, Beauford said.

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Jeremiah Fogle was charged with shooting his previous wife to death in 1986 as he is accused of doing this weekend in Lakeland.

Accused Lakeland church shooter took plea after previous wife was killed in 1986

 Jeremiah Fogle, the Polk County man accused of shooting two pastors and his wife Sunday, was charged in 1986 with the shooting death of his previous wife in Highlands County.

Police found Fogle at his Avon Park home on another Sunday morning – July 6, 1986 – in his briefs clutching a Winchester rifle while his wife 34-year-old Diane Fogle was covered in blood and lying on a blanket on their bedroom floor with a pillow under her head, according to arrest records and news clippings from the case.

Police arrested Fogle for first-degree murder but the state later charged him with manslaughter. Fogle eventually entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors and was given 10 years’ probation, court records show.,0,3586097.story

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  1. Thank you for finding this. It is so sad the way domestic violence is brushed under the rug. Victims without a voice.

  2. Thank you for finding us- we are devoted to DV and giving victims a voice. Stick with us as we relaunch our radio show and send this message world wide! Bring others and let’s get this show on the road again.

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