Bi-Partisan Agreement at last: Hillary would have been a better President

BettyJean Downing

For what its worth there is bi-partisan agreement nationwide and perhaps worldwide that is that America’s 2008 historic election should have been Hillary’s.

Today former vice president Dick Cheney praised Hillary Clinton as one of the more competent members of President Barack Obama’s administration, saying it would be “interesting to speculate” on how she would perform as president.

Cheney was asked in an interview with Fox News Sunday whether the Democrats would have been better off with Clinton than Obama as their candidate in 2012.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage good primary contest on their side, but I don’t want to be the position of endorsing Hillary Clinton. That might be the kiss of death for her,” Cheney said.

Even within his own party, President Barack Obama is facing mounting doubts about his re-election prospects, with fellow Democrats beginning to ask if Hillary Clinton would have made a better president.

Morris Reid, a Washington consultant and former Clinton official.

“This is the downside of him not being terribly political like Bill Clinton was. Bill Clinton woke up every day relishing this kind of fight, and Hillary is just a tougher person.”

Mr. Reid added some Democrats were feeling “buyer’s remorse” for selecting the president in his epic battle with Mrs. Clinton for the 2008 Democratic nomination. “The notion everyone is talking about is ‘is he Jimmy Carter or will he be a one-term president’,” he said.

Gary Pearce, a Democratic strategist in North Carolina, a swing state Mr. Obama is likely to struggle to retain in 2012, said: “Democrats are worried. He looks weak, he doesn’t say anything that grabs you, and people are looking for some kind of magic.”

On his nightly television show, liberal host Bill Maher dismissed Mr. Obama as a Republican, and asked his panel if Mrs. Clinton would have made a better president.

“Yes,” replied astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, an African American astrophysicist and broadcaster, adding that the Secretary of State would have been “a more effective negotiator in the halls of Congress.”

An article in the New York Times by Drew Westen, a professor of psychology at Emory University and a specialist in political messaging, summarized the dismay at Mr. Obama’s performance and was rapidly circulated online by liberals. “Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography: that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president,” he wrote.

Eighteen million of us knew better and yet a good number of us voted for him rather than vote for Sarah as VP. Well, I suspect they will vote for him again rather than for a Republican let alone Michelle Bachmann. Some people never change- never learn and just keep going back for more.

Blah, blah, blah – all this talk about what should have been doesn’t change a damned thing. Is it really worth the chance to say I told you so? Not so much when it is at the cost of our Democracy and watching the fall of our country. I would have rather been wrong!

So let’s not do this again- it is too late for Hillary and it is too late for the Democratic Party to undo the damage they did to our Democracy, to the DNC and to women. Let’s stop with the should have’s! It is what it is – yes, Hillary would have made a better and more competent president, but the DNC wanted to make a different kind of History and so they did. Moreover, history will record it so long as we never ever let anyone forget exactly what happened.

That is all there is left to do now- record it and never let them forget! Let’s move on! It’s time for a third party. neither of these two are worth a  hill of beans. Both ARE HELL BENT OF EXTREEMS  most Americans can live without arguing about or killing each other over. Let the extremist go at it while we mend our country !


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  1. ‘Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography:”
    Those of us who “listened” to the inner voice, and were called by a saner Voice, saw in him the bad boyfriend, the insincere suitor, the less-than-convincing come-on artist who just had no friends who could properly introduce us, as proper relationships of this purpose must begin. Thus, we understood intuitively that he was more dangerous than a pick-up artist in a bar, an on-the-make gigolo. His people were turkeys like Bill Ayers and J-Zee, vile underworld Chicago machinery, and Oprah, who couldn’t BE more condescending in her avarice and greed for the purchasing power of Women and her determined choice to play king-maker among authors, churches, designers and schools. Like her, the “One” was a hopeless social climber who married his boss, not for her “charms” but for her politically connected father and her status. His life has been a glom-by-fringe-association and, in his presidency, his best appointments have been CLINTON people. Just as W’s most dominating cabinet members, (Cheyney, Rumsfeld) were HIS DAD’S people. It’s always about “Peeps.” In O’s Use-‘Em-And-Lose-‘Em path to power, he made NO FRIENDS and screwed enough of them that the only folk still obsessed by him are readily revealed as the “bewitched” spell wears off. The most gratifying turn-around comes from Maxine Waters, Socialist in a district that is more Hispanic than Afro-American, wondering over the “strange” words of the ICON who has suddenly taken a fist to HER base in a gesture of insistence that they put Mr. HOPE ahead of their own common sense. Nobody can find the weak underbelly of a system more productively than inner city poor. Like the roiling, teeming soil of the Rich Earth, the nutrients of our next leadership crop are cleansing their breeding grounds by eating the sewage in darkness, passing it through their system and coming out – finally – to be the worm that tempts the Early Bird. We were there early and often – and have learned our lesson, incontrovertibly, in the years of this election cycle. We have formed a community and have held faithful to our Country, not for what Obama could do for US but for what WE could Do for the U.S.

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