Did Maxine Waters just tell The Tea Party to go straight to hell?

BJ Downing

 “As far as I’m concerned the Tea party can go right straight to hell and I will help them get there,” said Maxine Waters and her audience of SEIU thugs agreed with her.

So much for Democratic civility!

Now what would happen if a Tea Party member told her and The Black caucus to go straight to hell followed by a direct threat to help them get there?

Let me guess — Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson et al.  along with a parade of every white guilt ridden liberal jackass would be out in the liberal media in 5 minutes screaming racist, Astroturf, low life but for the Dems, minorities  or the friggen black caucus to pull this crap is par for the course.


Hey Maxine and the black caucus and the purple shirts etc. etc. etc.  The Tea Party is not a political party. It is a group of American Citizens  who pay your damned salary and whose money runs this country and who owns this country and has a right to speak.  For you to tell any American Citizen or group to go to hell is bullshit lady! Just who do you think you are?

Maxine – You might not be “afraid ofanybody” but you sure as hell should be ashamed of yourself! What kind of a person tells American Citizens to go to hell and threatens to help them get there? Did you learn that in church or at your momma’s feet?

Kiss my ass Maxine! There are more of us than there are of you and we are not going to be intimidated by the likes of you either!

11 Responses

  1. Clearly Maxine needs a lesson on who exactly WE the People are. As a member of Congress she represents WE the people. Last week Maxine as a member of the CBC was yelling that Obama has Ignored the needs of “our people” she also demanded Obama campaign in the black communities.Now I do understand the need for organizations to look out for the interests of their members, NOW, NAACP etc. But Congress is the house of WE The People. IMHO the existence of he CBC is divisive. Why are we dividing people in the house of WE the People?
    It is obvious from Maxine’s comments of “our people” that she expected OUR President to do what NO POTUS should ever do, govern in this case based on his race. The powers given to the POTUS should never be used for some of “our people” . Isn’t that the very reason why the CBC existed, to prevent the governing of “our People” vs We The People?
    I think the fact that Maxine expected Obama to govern based on his race is unfair not only to Obama but to We the People and that in its self is racists.
    Anyway.. i think Maxine well i think Maxine…should retire

    • Maxine is losing her mind- she should be reprimanded at the very least but her president will do nothing- he likes this kind of fighting from their side — he just doesn’t like when we fight back.

  2. As far as the why isn’t Obama in the black community? Well Maxine surprise surprise welcome to politics 101…NO one seeking election spends time/money/effort in communities where their election is per determined. Why would any candidate spend time in a community that voted 98 percent for them? In the case of Obama the only thing he needs to do is continue to be a black democrat to ensure he says the black and democratic
    Vote. Period. Obama is doing what EVERY politician needs to do to win an election, campaign in the communities that are not likely to or on the fence about voting for him. Again, Obama is expected to campaign in black communities because he is black when it would be have been deemed inappropriate for Bush
    to campaign in white communities because he is white.
    Bush campaigned where he needed votes and Obama will continue to campaign where he needs votes. Its about VOTES. But don’t worry Obama will make the “stops” to his “base” for some photo cops and a speech to say how grateful he is to have your per determined vote as all candidates do. A fact is Democrats do not have to campaign in NY or CA. Republicans do have to campaign in Texas. Add to that fact Obama does not have to campaign in “your community” because ” your community” will vote For Obama.

    • He isn’t in the black community because he has their votes in the bag! They are going to vote for him because he is black – just like last time – what was that 90%?
      Now he has to go get the votes from those he has lost, the hispanics (here comes some amnesty) and from those with money!
      Doesn’t that woman know how politics works?

  3. And yet another comment from yet another
    Democratic Congresswoman: “The Real Enemy Is The Tea Party”

    “Let us all remember who the real enemy is. The real enemy is the Tea Party — the Tea Party holds the Congress hostage. They have one goal in mind, and that’s to make President Obama a one-term president,” Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) said at a Miami town hall with constituents.

    • Again with the enemies! So does that maske any American who votes against Obama an Enemy of the voters who don’t?
      Are we having another civil war here?

  4. I looked up Maxine’s district, CA-35. It is comprised of barely 10% White, 37% Black and 4% Asian, Indian, etc. Fully 47% of Maxine’s constituents are hispanic! She was advised on FoX & Friends this morning by Alveda King, the niece of the late civil rights leader, to tell the truth about what issues impact all communities and not just the African-American community and they at the King Center for Non Violent Social Change would be a little less unhappy with what she’s doing. As the Statue of King is prepared for this weekend’s dedication, we can all see that when the Chicago Mob Crowd did the same irresponsible things in the first two years of the Obama Administration, they thought they were so tough. What we are observing are Mob Wars and the Tea Party “Mob” has a lot of tradition in support of their efforts. No wonder they want to re-write the history books and name “Eubonics” as a 2nd language. They need a lesson in personal responsibility for the culture they’ve fostered.

    • They are fostering hatred between the races. This time racism is coming from the blacks – Obama has set back race relations 50 years and for those of us black and white who are not involved – this is very frustrating.

      It only takes a few radicals to hurt it for the rest of us! And all this bullshit is setting the women’s movement back – which may be part of the damned plan! I think we ought to just ignore this race crap and move on like we have deaf ears. Ignore them and get on to the real work that needs done! They are bullies- we should ignore the bullies!

  5. Today Jesse Jackson said (he tea party is a new name for an old game and Martin Luther King fought the tea party in Alabama.
    How divisive. Is this the mantra of the Democratic party?

    • Hehehehehe New name for an old game – its called RACISM! It doesn’t matter that it is coming from the blacks – its still racism.

      We whites are not falling for it anymore- Everytime one of these liberals or Black leaders open their mouths – I shut my ears. They have cried wolf one too many times, we don’t listen – its not shocking and we simply don’t give a damned when they say it anymore!

      The shock effect is gone! It doesn’t work. As far as I am concerned THEY can all go right straight to hell!

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