Mission Accomplished: Now on to an All- Star Birthday Bash for POTUS and Recess for Congress!

BettyJean Downing

The House of Representatives passed a deal claiming the United States was close to defaulting on its debts. As the bill made its way over to the Senate, the media and Democrats are railing against the influence the Tea Party had on the outcome. During the debate, some Republican freshman members were urging leaders not to make any concessions, and some felt any increase in the debt ceiling was out of the question. How will these new Tea Party members react to Speaker Boehner’s compromise? How will Americans react to Speaker Boehner’s compromise?

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) began selling his conference on the deal struck late Sunday during a call and slideshow presentation, assuring them

“there’s nothing in this framework that violates our principles.”

After the cave-in where both Republicans and Democrats put on the big show of — we will do it against our will to save the country– both stepped up with votes to spare to give the president enough money both  to get through the next election and for the cuts to be mostly back ended in 6 years after he is out of office.  I would say he got a great birthday gift from the two party system and we got screwed again.

Obama, before during and after the debt con job debacle continues to insists on tax hikes. Apparently, he and the Democrats believe tax revenues are in this package, regardless of the Republicans denial.  

“We can’t cut deficit with just spending cuts”.

Not even Shakespeare could come up with such a tragic plot complete with to foil the people into believing they were in danger and keeping us at the edge of our seats for weeks thinking we were at the precipice of destruction. Hell they even had the three credit agencies working this great scam against the people.

Echoed from Reid but also from every non-Tea Party politician from Congress and the White House :

 “This is our last, best chance to preserve the character and credit of this great nation.”  

I don’t believe we were ever in danger of default or of losing our credit rating – instead they were in danger of not getting another blank check and set about figuring out how to get us to give them more money without asking them to give up anything out of their pockets or bilking their special interests funds. They did it again — they took our money and turned us one against the other rather than against them and politics as usual. Our 87 newbies were not enough to get the job done – not this time – not yet!

Talking about our Tea Party Patriots – the people sent to Congress to get the job done- they tried and for their efforts they were demonized by both the media and the left. Vice President Biden’s team is denying he used the word “terrorist” to describe the Tea Party during a closed-door meeting with House Democrats angry about the debt ceiling deal.

“The word was used by several members of Congress,” said Biden spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff. “The vice president does not believe it’s an appropriate term in political discourse.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, called a press conference at noon on Aug. 2nd. and clearly stated  his displeasure with the Tea Party stating their presence is “Disconcerting”. He went on to explain contrary to the fact these folks were duly elected by the people that the 87 were not doing the people’s business using comments like

“all too soon we would be back in the midst of partisan wrangling and with our economy once again held prisoner by extremist Tea Party Republicans.”

It “is not fair to the American people, to hold out and say we won’t agree to raising the debt limit,” he said. He called the radical Republican approach “unfair” and “bizarro.”

Reid said in the end the Congress did its job coming together to do the people’s work and coming to a compromise but adding “This is NOT PERFECT … The vast majority of Americans think this is unfair…

Oh Harry, this was perfect – a perfect scam and at the next election ‘We the People’ will not forget. Just as the Tea Party gave the House a headache they will give the Senate a headache and this time I hope we roll enough of the old guard out to prevent the bi-partisan  trick you both pulled off this time.

We the people are not fooled we watched and we learned the game- we just need more of us then there are of you, this is going to catch up to you crooks—just give us time!

You were right in when you said  “The vast majority of Americans think this is unfair” and you were right when you said in the end the two parties came together to get the job done but w2hat we got was a bi-partisan con job.

So go get the month vacation you think you deserve- sleep well thinking you got away with yet another fast one. You and the other con men will pay for this in the end! All I can hope for is when ‘We the People’ do take back our country – the first cut is to your pensions after we fire your crooked asses for extortion!

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  1. August 4 is President Obama’s landmark 50th birthday.

    It is the night that the Obama 2012 campaign has planned a splashy fundraising celebration in the President’s hometown Chicago. The historic Aragon ballroom on the north side of the city is booked for a concert and party. The Chicago Sun Times, which was the first to report on the event, says Jennifer Hudson may be lined up to perform.

    Obama backers who sign up 50 new volunteers for the campaign by July 28 – a challenge the campaign calls “50 for 50” – will be entered for a chance to win round-trip airfare to Chicago, hotel accommodations and entry to the party. The package deal is valued at $1,050, according to the sweepstakes website.

  2. Hey whaddayaknow – tha stock market just closed and it DROPPEd! So the plan to solve the debt crisis and save the market was yet another lie!
    All this bullshit just lost us hundreds more on the market. Were we told we had to act by today or the Market would drop hundreds of points?
    Yeah same old bullshit different day.

    Insanity = doing the same thing and expecting a different result- they are not the crazy ones after all – they do the same thing and expect the same result and by golly they get it every time. We are the idiots that expect a different result out of our politicians! We are INSANE!

  3. “I don’t believe we were ever in danger of default or of losing our credit rating”

    Right on the former wrong on the latter. The downgrade did happen.

  4. “You are right- we are downgraded- another historical first for the historical POTUS!”

  5. So — are you still in love with this guy and think he can do no wrong?

    Or have you come to your senses and realized neither party gives a fig for We the People?

  6. “Or have you come to your senses and realized neither party gives a fig for We the People?”

    Based on your writing and now defunct radio show, it appears that you are of the view that there is going to be a change in the two party system with other parties to the rescue. I think you are an optimist, I have no such hopes. I think the present system will stay no matter what.

    “So — are you still in love with this guy and think he can do no wrong?”

    Cant say I was ever in love with him but I think he has performed reasonably well under very difficult circumstances, I’m not seeing anyone better on the Dem side and he will not be primaried by them either. Yet to see who gets the Republican nomination so it’s an open question.

  7. The radio show is not defunct – My dad 90 died, my mom 86 took it badly and needed me so I took a hiatus for 6 months.

    And yes I was an original third party candidate my self back in the perot days and I still believe the third Party will evntually replace one of these two – preferable the Dems!

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