Did FOX Chief Ailes say Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’?

BJ Downing Kling

Did FOX Chief Ailes say Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’?

That’s the headline at the Huffington Post! Calderone opens his article claiming NY Mag Rag will claim he did and use an anonymous source to back it up:

That’s the takeaway from Gabriel Sherman’s New York magazine cover story hitting newsstands Monday. Sherman, who’s currently writing a book on Fox News for Random House, looks at how Ailes — who built up a stable of possible presidential contenders after the 2008 election, including Sarah Palin — isn’t so pleased with their chances at beating President Barack Obama in 2012.

Ailes doesn’t speak on the record in the article, but several Republicans close to the Fox News chief describe his concerns going into an election year.

Huff Post has become the Compost as far as I’m concerned. I had to read through the entire article to find out how Calderone was going to get out of this crock of crap. It was in his last paragraph:

I have worked with Sherman in the past, as I disclosed Sunday, and am very familiar with his coverage of the media. And I am confident that if Sherman reported he spoke with “a Republican close to Ailes” that he indeed spoke with a “Republican close to Ailes.” I’m not defending his source’s unwillingness to speak on the record or arguing that one shouldn’t be skeptical of anonymous sourcing. But when profiling a powerful person such as Ailes — who is not speaking on the record — I understand the reporter’s willingness to grant anonymity to someone who he feels can shed light on the subject’s thinking. The piece offered a unique window into Fox News and was certainly worth linking to on Sunday.

UPDATE: Bill Shine, the executive vice president of programming for Fox News, now disputes New York magazine’s source’s claim that Ailes thinks Palin is “stupid” and “an idiot.” Shine gave the following statement to the New York Times on Monday:

“I know for a fact that Roger Ailes admires and respects Sarah Palin and thinks she is smart. He also believes many members of the left-wing media are extremely terrified and threatened by her. Despite a massive effort to destroy Sarah Palin, she is still on her feet and making a difference in the political world. As for the ‘Republican close to Ailes’ for which the incorrect Palin quote is attributed, when Roger figures out who that is, I guarantee you he or she will no longer be ‘close to Ailes.'”


Meanwhile in the time it took me to read this rubbish 174 comments about how stupid Sarah is landed at the Huffington Compost Pile. The geniuses said things like:


Yes she is stupid but don’t count her out. Remember George Bush got to be president


and we’re still suffering the hangover from Bush the 43d’s shortcomings as he muddled through his 2 terms


I’m just amazed that I actually agree with something a Fox News chief said.

Robert Turner

Roger thinks the President’s election is a “disaster” but thinks Palin is an “idiot”. Lessie… WHO hired Sarah Palin?


The only thing that terrifies me about Palin is, what she has might be contagious!


She is….we have Michele Bachman

Read more comments from the genius Lemmings who can barely read, write or spell yet they think Sarah is an idiot!


Are erroneous headlines like Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is ‘Stupid’: New York Magazine (UPDATE) the new headline format for Huffington Compost? I am reading this less and less now that the teaser headlines have turned this into more of a rag than a source of genuine left wing information.

My comment which I could not resist leaving:

As far as Palin being stupid- like her and her politics or not – which one of you Geniuses have achieved what she has? Until you do – I would count yourselves not quite as smart as she! I have come to admire her tenacity and ability to triumph, if you can’t see that- you are the stupid ones!

The woman is no dummy and no fool- make no mistake- she is a very important mover and shaker and will shape politics. Call her what you will — her name will be in the history books one way or another – will yours?

As far as the Tea Party- it is of the people- you are better off with the people than either party – they are two wings on the same vulture- neither party gives a damned about the people. Any politician that latches on to the Tea Party does so because they think they can use them- but the people have had enough- the smart ones that is. The rest of the Lemmings will stay in your parties and babble on knocking the other party’s candidates while you pay through the nose for them to line their pockets.

You are all party fools! Paying spectators!

12 Responses

  1. The article is 7 pages long and worth a read. You read Huffington Post? I thought you hated that rag.

  2. I skim the headlines and only read anything I thing I might find worth commenting on – like this garbage. That is what a reporter does – no?
    You prefer I read nothing but choir proof?

  3. “You prefer I read nothing but choir proof”

    No, I would much prefer you go to the actual article in New York Magazine. Huffington Post has built it’s success on free bloggers/writers and linking to others peoples work with sensational headlines to get traffic to their site. I generally avoid Huffington Post and have customized my Google News Page.

    • Well you are right about that!- I have put them in the junk pile list more than once but they seem to slide through and I wind up wasting my time commenting when I know damned well its a waste of time!.

  4. I read it, so what? This gal is very immature to tweet stuff like that- very immature. Some way to protect your boss if you ask me – she should be fired! In her position she should know – she has no friends that can’t be bought! Everyone has a price and you never open your silly mouth even to a friend and certainly not on twitter !
    What a fool!
    Still here we go again people talk and somehow that reflecs on SP.

  5. Rebecca Mansour never met this person and only knew him/her through the website – Conservatives4palin. I read that this individual shopped around these tweets for money until Daily Caller made a deal and picked it up for publication.

  6. Palin needs to fire the Gal- she is unworthy of the job.

  7. Sarah Palin is stupid, she is an idiot and a moron all you have to do is listen to her

    • Ho Humm- you sound like a genius Art. Tell me what have you accomplished that makes you an authority on the subject?
      Nevermind- I have decided to judge you by reading your sentence- that is enough to figure you out!

  8. G`day BJ, Its great to see you continually take up the fight, your an absolute champion…go you good woman !!!
    For me, I would love to see Sarah do well as I think she deserves nothing but praise. Sarah is a women of great courage as she handles herself with distinction amongst the savagery of the left wing media vultures . There is a strong movement toward her principles which should be very encouraging for her team to take full advantage of peoples frustrations with the current political status quo. Uneasy times are ahead if we continue down the same path. Strong principled leaders are now required to pull the western world out of this quagmire and Australia is praying that Sarah is that someone who can stop the bleeding and end the slow death of democracy.
    UN generated policies will dictate world economies as socialist regimes around the world fight for 3rd world equalities which will be the death nell for 1st world economies. Physically, economically, financially and factually an impossible task to reach.
    Our first priorities lie with the welfare of our own peoples, we must secure our lands and our future. For other nations to survive they must follow suit or perish !! Our countries need more than ever before to unite and become strong so we can withstand future collapses of other economies without depriving our future generations of the hope of prosperity.
    I would like to think that Americans as well as Australians can achieve this goal by bringing about a complete change on the political stage in the upcoming federal elections so we can show our children that little ray of sunshine. In our hearts there is always hope, for we have come too far to watch our children slide into a world of insecurity and desperation.
    I`m an optimist and would like to think that Sarah Palin is the beginning of something new and grand for our childrens future… Lord knows our countries need it.
    All the best BJ…Regards to Liz.

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