Molesting teacher cover-up? Steven Noyes vs. Jane Doe.

BJ Downing Kling

The story below does not present many concrete facts—it comes down to a he said she said which no doubt will end up with the child ‘s word holding less weight than the teachers in the end. While there is not much evidence that the teacher molested this child and many will point to a 5 million dollar law suit as a reason to make a false claim, great minds will have to look for more than circumstantial evidence whether they can prove it in the end or not. Having said that- there is one sentence in the article that floored me-it comes from the headmaster. This was more than a hug and the headmaster knows it—why else would she say “This is all my fault; I shouldn’t have let him hug the children.”

Appropriate male teacher distance to a 9 yr old girl - hands in plain sight

Appropriate male teacher distance to a 9 yr old girl - hands in plain sight

He hugs the children?

He hugs the children!!!

I am a retired school teacher, gone from the scene for 10 years and I remember clearly that we never hug the children, never under any circumstances and never the opposite sex. Indeed it is clear this behavior has occurred with teacher Noyes before and this school is going to do whatever they have to cover –up previous cover-ups. The only crack in this case appears to be the headmaster’s confession. She slipped up, break her and break the case or find another Jane Doe.

To win this case – they will have to find a prior to Jane Doe, because no one will believe the current claim without corroboration. I traced the case to the local news and the comments clearly aimed at discrediting the family. I will never understand why, with all the tragedy laid upon women and children by male perpetrators, the first response is always – he didn’t do it and she must be lying. Why is that? And why – especially when statistics shows 87% of the time he has done it? Even if it were 50% of the time – I want to know why HE always gets the benefit of the doubt?

raspberryberet wrote:

They must be underwater on their house.

TheSock wrote:

I sincerely hope a man’s reputation is not being destroyed over greed.


On second thought even another Jane Doe will be accused of jumping on the bandwagon for money- the headmaster must be made to confess what she knows and a very through investigation must be made into this teacher.

Who believes JANE DOE??
A little girl comes home with a terrible secret; she’s just been touched by her favorite teacher; touched in a way she knows is wrong. What anyone familiar with sexual assault will know is that this is was likely the beginning of the touching while the grooming of Jane Doe happened for months. 

JANE DOE does what exactly what we teach our children to do. If someone touches you inappropriately – TELL someone. 
JANE DOE did, but what happened next has left her family hurt, angry and ready to fight for justice for this brave little girl.
The story takes place in a close community in Naples, Florida, at Village School dedicated to Christian values where Doe has been a student since kindergarten.  She is an outgoing, kind girl, who still to this day doesn’t even get the sexual nature of a breast touch as sex and breasts even being sexual are not even on her radar. 

Her parents are the kind of people you’d want in your community, in your school, and as the support system to a traumatized kid.  They are church going, softball playing, parents who take pride in their value-driven life. In fact, they chose Doe’s school because of its mission of, “educating the child’s mind, body, and spirit through Christian values in an ever-changing world.”
Since the day they told Doe’s story to the school, they’ve felt anything but Christian values. 
It happened just after Christmas break. Jane Doe is in her homeroom class working on her math homework. She gets stumped on a long division problem and asks her teacher for help. She goes up to her teacher’s desk, and that’s when it happens. 
As Doe tells her mother and father, the teacher began helping her with her first question. He put his hand under her dress and on her knee. Then, he reached his hand up her back and under her shirt, coming around the front to rub her chest.  He keeps his hand there while he helps her with three other math problems.
Afterwards, Doe thanks him and returns to her seat.
The parents didn’t panic, but they did want answers. They approached the head of the school and heard her say, “This is all my fault; I shouldn’t have let him hug the children.”

Then things quickly turned from bad to worse. The school expels little Jane Doe (to me THE MOST EGREGIOUS PART OF THIS CASE!!)  The teacher, who has refused to cooperate with police, has returned to his job.

PRIOR TO ANY LAWSUIT, we made many attempts to simply get answers.  There was no desire to sue just a desire to make sure there was a proper police as well as school investigation.  While the police partially did their job, the school failed this family, and Jane Doe.  When I personally tried to get information, I was told the only way to do it was to bring a case.  So here we are.

This is the story of a father who believes, and is standing up for his little girl. It’s about a mother who wants to make sure no other child goes through the pain and suffering her daughter has.  The goal in filing a suit is to get answers, to hold the school accountable, to make sure that this case is not simply swept under the rug.  It is our goal to have a safe forum for people to come forward as we know that there are likely other victims out there. 


Miami attorney JEFF HERMAN and Los Angeles Attorney jointly represent Jane Doe and her family.  JEFF HERMAN is a nationally-recognized advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, announces the filing of a new lawsuit against THE VILLAGE SCHOOL, a Naples-area private school affiliated with the North Naples United Methodist Church, for the sexual abuse of a 9 year old student at the school.   The family is also represented by ROBIN SAX, a California-based attorney and former sex crimes prosecutor, who is a frequent network TV commentator on high-profile legal cases, including the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson prosecutions.  SAX is a national expert in child sexual abuse and has written several books on the subject.

Law Offices of Robin Sax
A Professional Law Corporation
1434 Westwood Blvd
Suite 17
Los Angeles CA 90024
(310) 470-9955 office
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13 Responses

  1. sick ! little girls don’t make up these type of stories….human beings are creatures of habbits,,, it might takes years but there will be similar related incidents accusing this individual! I hope the parents find all the support they need to win this case.

    • Thanks for your comment and support. Please read through our other articles – we could use another vieer and commenter here and we would love to have your comments.

  2. I am a previous student of Mr.Noyes, he was also my coach. If is a very kind and gentle man, and self confidence is the main thing he aims for. He hugs us to provide a sense of comfort, he is only human and hugs are a friendly thing. There is NO facts saying he did this. Sue Hartwart, kids do makes these things up not all, but some do. A few years ago there was a teacher that the kids found creepy, so some made fun of him saying he looked like a rapist. Not only did 10 kids get ISS, they ruined this teachers life, and the teacher didnt return the next day. There is no case, this man is innocent. He won a golden halo award. This whole thing is crap, and so is that little girls lies.

  3. Just because someone wins an award doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of sexually abusing a child. You may know the teacher, but I am good friends with friends of the abused child’s family, and they are good, honest people.

    I understand the need to investigate a case like this thoroughly before assigning guilt as it can ruin an innocent person’s life…but why then did Mr. Noyes refuse to take a polygraph if he has nothing to hide? And I’m sorry, but hugging children to “provide a sense of comfort” is a parent’s job, it is NOT appropriate for a teacher to do so.

    I believe this little girl. A 14-year-old girl might try to “get back” at a male teacher by making false claims, but a 9-year-old? I don’t think so.

    • Unfortunately, teachers should and must keep their hands to themselves. We have far too many perverts taking advantage of our children these days and the laws are all on the sides of the damned perverts. No adult should be allowed to touch a child for any reason – that is sad very sad but we must err on the side of the child every time!

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  4. Expelling the student was a huge mistake, but unfortunately the admistrators at V.S. also have huge ego’s. Their arrogance got the best of them.

  5. My child was in this class while all this was going on, and once it hit the news, when this “anonymous” family came out with a press conference for “everyone” to see, you should have seen my child’s reaction when “little Jane Doe” was revealed! “what a lie, mom! She is always trying to get his attention!”
    I stood behind this teacher from the beginning, and my child’s reaction when it was publically talked about even confirmed that this teacher is innocent!
    This family & their child need counseling. They do not realize what they have in their own family! Karma will come around though, it always does!
    Our family, as well as countless other families & the whole school community believe in mr.Noyes’ innocence!

    Coming from a family with a long legal background, he was probably advised to no longer talk about the situation; after all, an investigation was completed and it was dropped because there was no evidence!
    My child was interviewed by detectives & I was told 1st hand that the case was closed.

    • Very often children who are groomed by their abusers act like that. So if what you say is even true – it si no surprise that the child was drawn to him. Then again often supporters come on and say things like this in support of molesters. I just report and I will leave it to the courts to decide. If he is a molester – I hope they castrate him – If not then I hope the family gets the child help.

  6. I taught at this school several years ago and know Mr. Noyes to be a caring, loving teacher. Likewise, the Village School was a caring, loving place for children where hugs and normal human contact like pats on the back were neither encouraged or discouraged but were accepted. The headmistress’ comment that “it was all my fault” probably reflects the fact that she did not institute a policy prohibiting physical contact no matter how innocent because she knew that we all loved and respected the children and treated them as our own, hugs and all. Furthermore, I can’t believe that any teacher with evil intent would be dumb enough to molest a student in front of a class, especially with another teacher present. ( this is two classes put together with two teachers present at all times) Mr. Noyes has been teaching for many years and this is the first accusation against him. Not exactly the typical molester profile. Based on his reputation, my knowledge of him, and the sheriff’s report which found no evidence, I find the accusations a complete fabrication.

  7. mr.noyes was my teacher in that class he never did that i know this girl very well and knew that she was trying to do something this is not right the girl is lying MR.noyes is the sweetest teacher i know!

  8. i was in the class that year i am so mad this girl i wont say the name Jane Doe she always gets what she wants she is the meanest girl i know and i know better then most people we have been in the same class for 5 years and Mr.noyes is my FAVORITE teacher in the world he was nice ,caring and taught education in the best way he would never do any thing to hurt an single living thing in the world even though i just stared middle school we still talk i need toi tell u this to because police talked to kids in my class they all said he did not do it he won a golden HALO from a girl very angry at that jane doe

  9. by the way he did not HUG US

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