Silliness is as silliness does: Look at his behavior on Oprah

BettyJean Downing Kling

Is appearing on Oprah and at $30,000.00 a plate fund raisers while tornados rip the country apart and hundreds die the more important things Obama was referring to?

Open thread.

So with all the serious problems going on here and overseas; major Cabinet replacements (General Petraeus and Secretary Gates etc.) Wednesday, tornado activity for the 10 days killing hundreds citizens, the gunning down of 9 in Afghanistan, the economy, the oil prices, jobs, the 14 Trillion dollar debt, and the budget debate, Obama comes out to contest a dispute with a one he calls a carnival barker on his way to Oprah’s last show where he is taped further jesting about the very “silliness” he is supposedly to busy to be bothered with on his way to three $30,000.00 a plate fund raisers for his 2012 election campaign?

Gimme a break- even his most fervent followers have to see this as bullshit, if he really has serious things to do – he should be doing them instead of answering this question now or raising funds for a campaign now. Even his most ardent  voters must care about the aformentioned issues and the country? Even the most devoted Democrats have to care about the future of our country enough to put party politics aside as have the Republicans and said ENOUGH already. This is not about an election this is about running a country and I don’t mean running it into the ground by either party.

The damned BC should have been shown a long time ago instead of creating a carnival atmosphere to grow and if he were taking care of the problems mentioned above – he wouldn’t need a billion dollars to get reelected! A standing president is usually always re-elected—good grief we elected Bush again didn’t we?

Isn’t it time yet that we realize that we have had two bad Presidents in a row and they came from both parties? Forget the parties, save the county! These are TWO wings from the same VULTURE!

2 Responses

  1. If it wasn’t so sad i might say it was funny or even silly of the POTUS to be more involved in his re election campaign than the actual state of affairs of this country. AMAZING… and the media just follow along wagging their tails being him. No other POTUS would have gotten away with what Obama has. It is really disgraceful

  2. Keep in mind, this is the “new” media savvy generation who has a leg up on the wise but OLD, disposable elders whom they eclipsed in ’08…They don’t know, of course, that the “plug” can be pulled on their electronics and the King of Roving Goal Posts will toss them under the bus the instant they becomes too expensive to to carry…just look at the college kids from near and far who are descending on Tuscaloosa to just help the victims of the Winds of Change. These young people are self-led, not needing their self-serving, system “Gamer” to show them decency and worth. They’ll see for themselves what makes the Economy function.

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