Elisa Marie Lopez: Slaughtered and cremated

Contributed by: Liz Baca

A prosecutor this morning began presenting the case against a man accused of murdering his 41-year-old girlfriend Elisa Marie Lopez in their Murrieta home, dumping her body and setting it on fire.

Pictures of the body, shown in court Tuesday, depicted a blackened face and pelvis area. Most of her arms and legs appeared untouched by the flames.

“Based upon burn patterns, I determined the origin of the fire was on her pelvic area,” Gilbert testified.

Her face was unrecognizable because it was covered by black plastic from trash container lids that melted, Gilbert said.

This 2007 case is coming to trial this week and we need to closely monitor this one. The evidence is overwhelming, indeed this one will probably pay for his crime but it will be interesting to listen to the defense on this one. I will bet you this is another one of those cases where the women gets the blame for getting herself killed. How much ya wanna bet? Buy wait till you hear the defendants defense!

when investigators combed the house, they found signs of a struggle and a sloppy cleanup effort, Smith said. Traces of blood from high-impact blows were spattered all over the bathroom and a towel bar and trim had been recently removed.

There were clumps of Lopez’s long hair around the house and remnants of a blood trail leading to the back of her SUV in the garage. Inside the SUV, they found more traces of blood, Smith said.

It appears this animal drunk and in a jealous rage feared she was about to leave him for an ex-boyfriend.

Investigators discovered that Lopez had been trading text messages throughout the day with an ex-boyfriend, with whom she had recently separated.

Melvin Louis Shaw, 45, pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors say Shaw killed his girlfriend of a few months on July 20, 2007 after they got into an argument when he came home late and drunk on their date night.

They say he then dragged her by her feet through her Murrieta house, put her in the trunk of her SUV, dumped her body behind a building off Winchester Road, doused her in gasoline and set her on fire, Smith said.

Read the above story here:

If the jury buys his defense- they the jury should plead insanity—here it is: his defense!

A Murrieta man told authorities he was driving his live-in girlfriend to the hospital in 2007 but believing she was dead, he took her body to an enclosed area behind a Temecula gym and set her body on fire, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday.

Melvin Louis Shaw Jr. recalled a conversation he had with Elisa Marie Lopez during their three-month long relationship, Deputy District Attorney Brandon Smith said.

“Elisa told him she wants to be cremated,” Smith said. “He finds a place and in his words, ‘I tried to cremate her.'”

The update can be found here:

6 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting the story BettyJean. It broke my heart when I read it today.

  2. MAYBE one of his prison buddies will cremate him.
    Rest in Peace Elisa Marie Lopez.
    Yet another heartbreaking story of a women murdered . My thoughts and prayers for Elisa Marie and the family

  3. Can you imagine him saying he thought she was dead so he cremated her.
    Funny he started with setting her vagina on fire!

    Sick son of a bitch will probably cry insanity – he is nuts alright but no insane!

    Where have you been my friend- we need more stories for louisa’s law blog. They appear on here and also are recorded there- please comment there as well! and send stories – we have 4 women a day murdered and we never document them- why not?

  4. “she wanted to be cremated” so IT is HER FAULT…i guess she didn’t stipulate that her wish to be cremated would take place after a natural death and not after being beaten and murdered by a savage and then dragged around the house and into a SUV and then doused in gasoline and set on fire, that is all irrelevant to him as long as he fulfilled her wish to be cremated…HE is a GREAT GUY for fulfilling her wish. SHE once again got what she deserved/wanted..what is the problem???

  5. I can’t even believe the audacity of this moron – this beast- this animal!
    I am left without words to use and my heart aches- I can’t begin to imagine what his family and if he has a daughter what she is thinking a feeling reading these words?
    I want to know- I really want to know what his family is thinking and saying?

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