Domestic Violence Registration Act remains unfunded

BJ Downing Kling

There is an epidemic few are trying to cure killing our women and girls. Four women a day are murdered, every 6 seconds a woman is battered by her intimate partner, everyday women are raped and fear reporting it while every 6 minutes many do to no avail and yet a simple early detection registry remains unfunded. Abusers roam the streets after repeatedly getting a slap on the wrist and women don’t even know who the enemy the courts have turned loose is. Of all the waste fraud and abuse in our government and with all the men that get away with battery and end up killing their women– the very least we can demand from our tax dollar is equal protection under the law and yet there is no money for a registry. The double standard that protects the perpetrators rights but leaves women and children vulnerable to convicted previous offender is an American national disgrace. Nearly every woman murdered by an intimate was previously battered and the law was so lax that the abuser was free to escalate his attacks to the point of murder. Many women would not enter into these relationship had they known the true nature of the man they were about to get involved with. A registry might also convince the courts to convict repeat offenders. Abusers may think twice before getting themselves on this list. Anything we can do is better than what we have done as the body count rises!

Sarah Coit, 23 was savagely hacked up, head crushed and murdered by a vicious monster who the courts should never have allowed on the streets, he nearly decapitated her and had a clear prior record of violence and abuse. Look at this beautiful young woman and imagine her gutted by a human animal.

Coit’s boyfriend, Raul Barrera, 33, turned himself into police last Sunday and confessed to killing the 23-year-old in their shared East Village apartment.

Police said that Coit had been attacked so brutally that her skull was caved in and her internal organs were exposed.

Barrera reportedly had a long history of domestic violence incidents against past girlfriends, but was never convicted. It was not immediately clear how the registry would protect victims against serial abusers whose cases never led to conviction.

Former neighbors said Barrera frequently fought with Coit and was arrested for bashing a man in the head with a bottle last year. He was indicted by a grand jury Friday in Coit’s murder.

State Senator Eric Adams, who introduced the “Domestic Violence Registration Act” bill in the Senate earlier this year, said the recent murder of East Village resident Sarah Coit, 23, allegedly at the hands of her abusive boyfriend, made passage of the bill more urgent. Structured like the state’s sex offender registry, the domestic violence registry would list the offender’s address, workplace, any property they own, as well as the criminal conviction.

“Domestic violence is a cancer in our society and, like all cancers, early detection is the key,” Adams (D-Brooklyn) said of the bill, which would require offenders with felony domestic violence convictions to register online.

There is an epidemic- why are we not looking for a cure? Why is there no funding?

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