Sarah Coit 23: Begged for her life as Raul Barrera 33, nearly decapitated her.

BettyJean Downing Kling

She screamed for her life – but he savagely stabbed her to death. We can document and be the news team boldly advertizing a minimum of 4 of these a day- and we should. Perhaps if we did sensationalize these atrocities all in one place – we could start to make a dent in the horrifying truth that there is an epidemic, of men slaughtering their women.

Moreover, this would be a bigger story –and Al Sharpton himself would be out in the streets if this murderer was white- but he is just another black man slaughtering just another black sister so no one raises a spectacle about her senseless murder – Perhaps if they were super stars… but alas no one will begin to care about this domestic murder unless of course there was a matter of racism involved in which case it would immediately escalate in its importance.

The problem as I see it–  women are not working together to solve the problem as a single group. Instead women split off into sub groups and are treated as minorities. Why do women act and feel better classed in small groups fighting alone as minorities. As separate groups we are all subject to be unimportant statistics ather than a strong enough lobby to end this pandemic.

When will we, our sisters of color and of different religions and nationalities be convinced that we are all women first and working as  women first we are a stronger lobby, together we comprise the a 52%  majority of the world’s population.

As the majority we can effect the change needed to overcome the challenges we face and change the laws to our advantage and stop the slaughter of women and children here and worldwide. We can and we must- but this can only be achieved but those of us who are at risk and only if we stand together and rise to the challengeas  The Majority United!

A man has confessed to nearly decapitating his 23-year-old girlfriend early on the morning of April 10, in a bloody knife attack after a loud argument inside their apartment at 63 Clinton St. on NYC’s Lower East Side, cops said. Raul Barrera, 33, was charged with murder in the grisly domestic attack on gal pal Sarah Coit, 23, who was breaking up with him.

“She was yelling ‘No, no, stop, stop, don’t hurt me!’ “said Brianna Andalore, 20, who was staying with a friend in the building. “My friend who lives her told me this has been going on for a while, they’ve been fighting like that for months. We were watching from our front window, when she was brought out. The cops were yelling, ‘Don’t look, don’t look!’ Her head was almost off, her neck was wide open.”

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