Obama tolerates Islamic justice of death penalty by proxy

Another Rant By: BJ Downing Kling

Terry Jones the so-called pastor in Florida has decided to make a name for himself by burning the Koran and now violence in Afghanistan and other Islamic counties is on a head hunting expedition.

He announced last year that he was going to burn Korans. After public pressure not to do so, he finally backed down while we are in the middle of a war and our troops would be endangered over there. In our country we believe in free speech but we understand clearly that these radicals do not! But Jones changed his mind two weeks ago full well knowing what would happen in return for his deed.

Pastor Jones had a death wish for others and what he should have done was go over to the Middle East and burn the Koran where the animals could have beheaded him instead of innocent others who are in Afghanistan rebuilding that God forsaken country.!

I am disgusted when I see people from these same countries burning our flag, or burning Bibles so I can understand the Islamic people’s concerns but I don’t understand killing a single human being over a holy book let alone several innocent persons for the so-called crime of another man burning the damned book!

To top it all off we are spending our fortunes, the lives of our service persons and our money freeing the Afghanistan people and rebuilding their county, and in response to the killings Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a statement calling the burning a ‘crime against a religion’. He denounced it as a ‘disrespectful and abhorrent act’ and called on the U.S. and the UN to bring to justice those who burned the holy book and issue a response to Muslims around the world.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan today,” President Barack Obama said in a statement. “Their work is essential to building a stronger Afghanistan for the benefit of all its citizens. We stress the importance of calm and urge all parties to reject violence.”

“I condemn”, “we stress… urge all parties to reject violence ” is hardly adequate let alone equivalent to denouncing the murders and specifically the beheadings as barbarous let alone ‘disrespectful and abhorrent acts’. Where is our president on the obvious crimes against humanity, did he call on the Karzai or CAIR or the Muslim World to bring to justice those who took the lives of innocent parties in response to ‘crime against a religion’.

Obviously burning the holy book is more of a crime than slaughtering mere infidels who had nothing to do with the crime! Who is next to die for the behavior or another?

My reply to Karzai?

Face East bend over the next sand dune, open your holy book and start praying for another country to come bail your asses out- rebuild your own damned sand lots!

My comment to Obama?

What a sorry so and so you turned out to be! If you get another 4 years, It will be the second wasted 8 years of political history in this century. We went from Foolish Cowboy to a Plain Jackass. In either event, the US is in a world of hurt thanks to the both of you ningcompoops. Long live the Constitution and the United States of America in spite of the fools who run it!


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