Who is the Martyr ?


Those of you who know me here know I am passionate about speaking to the violence that is directed at women around the globe. I for many years have made the voice of women under the oppression of Islam my voice. I post Her stories here, acid attacks, female genital mutilation, honor killings, torture, stoning, be heading, slavery, child marriages, gendercide and the thousands of ways Islam denies women human rights. I receive emails from all over the world daily, one more horrifying and heart breaking than the next. Since I posted a story about the slaughter of a Christian village mostly women and children in Jos about 6 months ago http://www.anglicandioceseofjos.org/dogo.html the stories I receive all have the common theme of Genocide, Christians murdered for no other reason than they are Christians living in the land of the Religion of peace –Islam. Churches full of worshipers being burned to the ground. Yet, have you heard about it?


Have you heard this story?


March 2, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Pakistan’s only Christian government minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, has been shot dead by Muslim extremists in apparent reprisal for opposing the nation’s “blasphemy law,” according to international media reports.


Bhatti, who was the “Minister for Minorities”, was driving to work in the capital city of Islamabad today when gunmen sprayed his car with bullets, killing him. Leaflets were left at the scene warning others that the same fate would await them if they opposed the blasphemy law, a measure that critics say is used to persecute religious minorities.  Reuters reports that the Pakistani Taliban have taken responsibility for the murder.


The killing of Bhatti follows the January assassination of Salman Taseer, the governor of the state of Punjab, also by Islamic militants, and also for condemning the country’s the blasphemy law. In the climate of fear following the killing, Bhatti had been one of the few government ministers who had openly condemned Taseer’s killing. Following the killing of Taseer, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari backed off from plans to reform the blasphemy law.


In a video recording of an interview released by the Telegraph, Bhatti said that he had been threatened by the Taliban and other Islamic extremists, but said he was ready to die to protect the rights of Christians.


“I am following the cross, and I am ready to die for a cause I am living for my community and suffering people, and I will die to defend their rights”


Controversy over the blasphemy law has been stirred by the recent conviction of Asia Bibi,( there was a petition) a Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy after defending her religious beliefs against the insults of several women in her majority-Muslim village. Her conviction has provoked an international outcry and has led to demands for the repeal or reform of the law.


Bhatti’s killing is the third murder of a major political figure by Islamic extremists in recent years. The first was Benazir Bhutto, leader of the governing People’s Party, in 2007.


In Islam, Criticism of any orthodox Islamic doctrine is interpreted as criticism of Muhammad and is charged as Blasphemy which according to Sharia Law is to be punished by death. So Mr. Bhatti was murdered because he as a government official spoke against the Blasphemy laws of Pakistan that would put to death a Christian woman, and therefore he himself was labeled a Blasphemer and was murdered on his way to work in accordance with Sharia Law.


A Martyr according to the Catholic church is a person who gives his/her own life for a belief in faith.


Is Bhatti a martyr? Read his words.


Now let’s take a look at Malik Muntaz Qadri who took the life of Bhatti and his words upon his arrest.


“He is a blasphemer and this (death) is the punishment for a blasphemer” short and to the point. He critized Islam so he dies.


Now you would think that someone who murders a human being for whatever the reason let alone blasphemy would be viewed as a criminal. But we are talking about Sharia Law, who gives the OK to murder anyone who doesn’t agree with Islam –so it shouldn’t surprise you that this defender of Islam was hailed as a hero.


“The adulation of chanting supporters who threw rose petals as he was led away by police. Calling him “martyr”. Since Islam includes suicide bombers as “martyrs” we can fairly connect the dots and see how it ends with this murderer being hailed a martyr, and how this “martyr’s” crime is justified because he even drew praise from the Jamaat-i-ahii Sunnat who issued a statement “those who support blasphemy of the prophet are they themselves guilty of blasphemy.”


So Taseer unforgivable sin was declaring Pakistans blasphemy law that calls for the execution of those who insult the religion or its prophet a “black law” and did so while defending a Christian woman facing the death penalty for alleged blasphemy.


So here is my thought since the words of Bhatti indicate he would die for his belief and then he did indeed die for that belief why doesn’t the Catholic Church honor him as a martyr? Would that not define a martyr? Would it not send a message to those who murder in the name of a religion that the world views you not as martyrs but as a murderers?


Let’s us make martyrs out of the thousands put to death inside a church and not the terrorist who murdered them. Those women and children slaughtered in JOS because they believed in a God who preached “love one another”


Maybe just maybe we as a civil society need to be blasphemous and tell it like it is — any religion, any people, any culture that makes a martyr out of a murderer needs to fear us — it should not be the other way around.


Rest In Peace

Shahbaz Bhatti


18 Responses

  1. Perhaps, with the deployment of Social Media as a tactic, the sort of demonstration conducted by Italian Women expressing their displeasure with Prime Minister Burlesconi’s misconduct could be developed calling on the Pope to step up and defend his “flock.” If the Pope would take a stand – citing the same convcincing points made by Thomas Aquinas, condemning any religion that promises carnal gratification for the males who conduct these murders. Catch 22 on Steroids: Kill Women who would not look at you twice given a choice, and you will be rewarded with access to 22 Virgins who will, likewise, not have a choice. Any religious leader who motivates with promises of sexual accommodation by other human beings is clearly on drugs.

  2. I am wondering if we could have an “intervention” based on a “Humanitary” cause. Maybe establish a ” NO FLY Zone”.
    I received an article about a protest in Afghanistan over the burning of a Qu’ran by that “pastor” in Florida, the result was the beheading of 2 and the murder of a least 5 UN workers.
    Rioters carried Anti-US signs and burned US flags in Afghanistan.


    Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a statement calling the burning a ‘crime against a religion’.

    He denounced it as a ‘disrespectful and abhorrent act’ and called on the U.S. and the UN to bring to justice those who burned the holy book and issue a response to Muslims around the world.”

    ( A responce is an apology)
    Notice he didn’t condemn the murders or issue an “apology” to the even the families of the murdered.
    So I am wondering again when will a civil society demand
    “to bring to justice those who murder and issue a response to people around the world.”

    • Barbara, obviously burning the holy book is more of a crime than slaughtering a meer infidel!

      Are we a civil society? If so perhaps a civil society has no way to deal with the uncivil!

      If it were not so we would have to deal with them on their own level which is the only thing they understand — but no — instead we spend our fortunes rebuilding their God forsaken country of savages and our idiot pussy president does little or nothing in responce to this agreegious stament from Karzai.

      Hillary ( because Obambi has no balls) should issue a statment saying it will be a cold day in hell when we issue an apology over a fucken book while you show no respect for the innocent blood that was shed in return for that book!

  3. You hit the nail on the head Anna- as usual!

    This is a religion that rapes women and boys at will- then punishes the women for being raped. At the same time rewards women for remaining virgins by sacrificing them as a reward to be raped by obediant men.

  4. I sent Pope Benedict this post LMAO

    You can email him at benedictxvi@vatican.va
    Or write

    His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
    Vatican City State, 00120

  5. BJ,
    Here is another thing I listened to Obamas’ why we are in Libya speech and found it interesting that he stated “they are burning down mosques” as if that to him was the final straw. Blowing up aircrafts of innocent civilians, Women being “burned down” gang raped etc, burning down Churches and slaughtering women and children, be heading and murdering UN workers, burning American flags in of all places Afghanistan doesn’t seem to bother him at all.
    I am sure we will hear him apologize on his next world apology tour.

  6. I have seen a “former” church being used as a public urinal and while it stirred many emotions in me, anger being one, it is the belief in the teachings of the faith of that church that enables me to walk away with a prayer for all of mankind.
    I have seen Bibles burned and it is also my belief in the US constitution that enables me to walk away with the knowledge that Free Speech is protected whether I agree with that speech or not.
    I do not agree with the burnings of any books but I can’t for the life of me comprehend how the followers of the Qur’an can continue to terrorize the world ..and continue to claim it to be a “Peaceful Religion”.
    And those who bring this oxymoron of Islam and Peace are called Islamaphobics.
    The “phobia” here is of a “religion” who is commanded and does murder in the name of allah their god. Again, where are the “moderate” Muslims? If Catholics were today murdering people because they weren’t Catholic I would as a Catholic be yelling my head off and you can bet the rest of the world would be yelling rightfully so. Yet there is this silence when it comes to Islam.
    There is a silence when it comes to Sharia law, religious law that punishes a woman for her own rape. Instead of calling it what it is Barbaric..misogyny..we have some who believe Sharia “compatible” with the US constitution and fight to allow this in our US courts.
    I don’t get it

  7. Obama speaks
    “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the attack on the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan today,” President Barack Obama said in a statement. “Their work is essential to building a stronger Afghanistan for the benefit of all its citizens. We stress the importance of calm and urge all parties to reject violence.”


  8. As I noted in Louise’s post on Saudi Male Guardianship: threats to the lives and acts of terror actually TAKING lives are a coward’s last resort. Even Martin Luther King, advocate of non-violent social change, would understand these gestures to be in-your-face imminent threats. Every human being alive has the right to defend his or her life against such threats. The Women and civilized Muslims who recognize and understand this level of intimidation have the right to kill those who threaten their lives IN SELF DEFENSE. While the system of Punishment (I cannot with a straight face, refer to it as Justice) has set a precedent to kill these people for THEIR crime; defending themselves, it certainly comes down to the “It’s Me or Him” decision for those “good” Muslims. Just as with Organized Crime anywhere else on earth, if you’re going to look the other way while such skewed imbalance of power is skidding out of control, you can count on your day at the hands of these overt abusers. Either way, the lives of all civilized people are threatened and in our own self-defense, it is our right to stand up on our hind legs and behave as Human Beings infused with the Holy Spirit. If our esconsed “leaders” can’t get out in front to lead us; at THE VERY LEAST, they can have our back when we take action in the heat of the Kitchen Where We CAN TAKE IT and are told we BELONG!!!

    to the Florida Pastor’s act of Declaration of Outrage toward a religion that offends him profoundly,

    • The Qoran burning – in retrospect – can be viewed as nothing less than the Boston Tea Party where the Colonists had this choice: either suffer the “King” a parasite’s claim on your person or heal yourself and live free of any who would treat you as less-than-equal. The Florida Pastor, intimidated and threatened even before the burning: to the extent that I “thought” he backed down and never actually did it… Well, if anything, since the taking of the US Iranian Embassy back in the 70’s, I have always believed that the Reagan – backers cut a deal with the radicals / Contras who are, franklly, soul-mates of Bill Ayers and the entire crowd that “raised” Barak Obama. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/article538994.ece
      The students, inflamed by the granting of sanctuary to the Shah whom they had deposed, were set in motion and empowered by the grown-ups who thought it “slick” to let the kids do their dirty work. As this article suggests, “even Ayatollah Khomeini asked the radicals to leave the Embassy” but the students – having tasted power, had no incentive to obey. American/Middle East history has been written since then, in the blood of the victims of NAME CALLING – the true flag of losers.,…

  9. That link doesn’t work: tried Search ResultsBriefing: the 444-day US embassy siege, Tehran 1979 –

    • sorry…point being, this was a terrible time that shone the light on poor US Intelligence. Suffice it to say, that the gun-running underworld had the inside track on the release of the hostages and in exchange, were awarded the Presidency. If the Chicago Mob wants to flex and chest thump to impress the Wimminz, here’s the opportunity for the Ages. Have At It, Boyz: Pick on somebody your own size.

  10. ((((((((Pgh@uma)))))))
    Tell it like it is.

  11. Sorry (((((PghPuma)))))

  12. “Hillary ( because Obambi has no balls) should issue a statment saying it will be a cold day in hell when we issue an apology over a fucken book”

    She called the book burning disgraceful –

    Plus the folks that were killed were UN workers. Most of them Muslims.

    • I am again not sure of your point Risha “most of them Muslim” I seriously don’t care what Religion those murdered were…God rest all their souls….they were all murdered over a book…and as stated I do not agree with the burning or banning of any books that includes the Qur’an. murdering and beheading people over the burning of the book the qur’an should be disturbing to a civil society.

      Again whats your point “PLUS the folks that were killed were Un workers” Folks were murdered PERIOD and folks were murdered by the religion of peace who were angry over the burning of the qur’an. It is the hypocrisy of the religion of peace..HUH?


  13. The point is pretty simple. They dont much care who they kill, including their co-religionists.
    And Barbara educate yourself a little bit, that will help.

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