Whoopee pulls the race card and gets caught in a lie: White POTUS candidates are asked for birth certificates

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

Hey Whoopee – Hey Oprah – Hey you bleeding heart white guilt morons pay close attention! It’s not because he is black! It’s because it’s the law! Take your race baiting, race cad bullshit and shove it- It doesn’t work anymore, it’s wearing thin and it shows the majority of racist in the country lately appear to be black! First this dude had a Keynan father, next he was adopted and raised outside of this country which adds to the fact he refuses to produce the long form birth certificate that ONE the people he works for demand to see and TWO proof of eligibility doesn’t seem to be out of line- it has been requested in the past. It has absolutely nothing to do with his half black ass!


Ike needed birth certificate to run for president

‘Ike had nothing to hide!’

CAVE CREEK – Glen Fairclough, a reader from Salt Lake City, Utah, sent us an e-mail last week to express his gratitude for publishing the recent article regarding President Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

And, while going through digital images online of his hometown newspaper, the Deseret News and Telegram, Fairclough forwarded us a United Press wire article from the Oct. 2, 1952 edition he thought we would find interesting.

The article appeared on page 6A with a dateline of Sherman, Texas. It was headlined: “General’s birth certificate officially filed,” and stated, “A certificate recording Dwight Eisenhower’s birth in Denison on Oct. 14, 1890, was filed Wednesday [Oct. 1, 1952] in the Grayson County Clerk’s office.

“Nobody had bothered to make out a certificate when the Republican presidential candidate was born in a house at the corner of Lamar and Day streets in nearby Denison.

“A copy of the certificate filed Wednesday was mailed to Mrs. Eisenhower in Denver. Eisenhower’s older brother, Arthur, signed the certificate. It was also signed by the Grayson County Judge J.N. Dickson and recorded by County Clerk J.C. Buchanan.”

David Dwight Eisenhower was the third of seven boys born to David Jacob and Ida Elizabeth.

Since he was called Dwight while growing up, Eisenhower swapped his first and middle names when he enrolled at West Point Military Academy.

Elected 34th president of the United States in November 1952, Eisenhower made it through his first 62 years without any need for a birth certificate.

However, the need arose when he became a presidential candidate. Since Eisenhower was the oldest man to be elected president since James Buchanan over 100 years earlier, age was obviously not at issue. Instead, there was protocol in place for presidential candidates to provide proof of eligibility to appear on the ballot.

Eisenhower, whose campaign slogan: “I like Ike” became the most famous in campaign history, won by a landslide with Richard Nixon as his running mate.

Using what the Republicans considered failures of the Truman administration, which was said to be infiltrated by Soviet spies, Eisenhower’s campaign attacked Korea, Communism and corruption.

Republicans also blamed Democrats for the military’s failure to be fully prepared to fight in Korea and pounded the Truman administration for harboring a soaring number of officials accused of crimes.

While it’s difficult not to notice history’s propensity toward repeating itself, Fairclough asserted, “Ike had nothing to hide!”

So cut the crap Whoopee, Oprah and the milk white ass kissing racists that are  race baiting and have taken it so damned far – no one even gives a damned anymore! And this bullshit about never asking a white man for a birth certificate is the biggest pile Whoopie not the crap you tried to push as truth to Donal Trump on national TV. Get your facts straight! Ike wasn’t the only one either!

4 Responses

  1. Love the Spirit you express in your exhaustion for the Whoopie/Joy /Maher attacks that represent “The One’s” first line of defense. Lacking Substance, the Bully Pulpit is their GOTO tactic while they blow smoke up our skirts feigning a “Zero Tolerance of Bullying” to the school kids. This is Chicago Mob’s bare-knuckles on the job – as if we NEEDED our skepticism about this guy substantiated. It’s Whoopie who needs to hear herself. No wonder she’s going bat shit crazy: there’s nowhere else to hide except behind this brat behaviour. Remember, Betty Jean: Whoopie is a COMEDIAN! By her own assertion, a Comedian is SUPPOSED to disrupt, and NOT supposed to be held accountable. We should keep that in mind when these creeps are delivering their “views” and hold them “at bay” same as Leno and Letterman. They should AMUSE us, and if you really want to honor her, you must just laugh at what she’s saying.

    • …and for the record, Trump’s first “apprentice” was sent to Chicago to manage a project that pretty much proves Trump can kick ass in Chicago well enough to mentor a wanna-be in his methods. He’s neither intimidated by the Race Card nor bullied by the personal attacks. He’s saying the same thing Bill Clinton said in South Carolina: this is a fairy tale. But because he’s not bound by political correctness, the Business Man can say “Bite Me!” and still be invited back to “The View” because of all he does for their ratings.

      • How’s this for artistic license: The “O” cult is about black magic. Olbermannm, Oprah, Over the Top Ornery Organizers is left to the back alleys, the night, the underworld. This crowd cannot take the heat, nor can it survive the light of day. It’s not ’cause I’m white that I reject, Self respect motivates me to maintain composure so as not to make rash statements in haste. Whoopie chose to host a parasite in a racially motivated choice to stiff her sisters. After all, she’s really more of a SISTAH who never experienced discrimination because of her GENDER, Philosophy Ph. D. Doctor Goldberg was always a victim of white bigotty. Funny how she managed to get a doctorate in both the Arts and Economics of the Real World.

  2. Anna, I am so proud od Trump right now – I can hardly stand it!
    He made the word birther clean! Apparently the founders were birthers too!

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