Princess Dream

By pghpuma

This weekend, I will walk with my Congressman in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh. The last time I made this “trek” was in the company of candidate, Hillary Clinton, Catherine Baker Knoll and the Secret Service. I learned about “talent management” and in my Scanner, addended my existing skills in “crowd control.” Ever watch the little girls in the marching units of Americana lore, bedazzled, spangled and pink; cradling the batons they are learning to twirl? Adult coaches and chaperones contain and account for the little ones (some barely three years old) by encircling them with lengths of rope, worked, not unlike marionette strings, to encourage the progress of the talent towards the reviewing stand, their safety abetted.

The crowds cheering Hillary that March morning assured us that Americans would make the responsible choice in the interest of those little girls, and from a spirited campaign, a historic candidacy would result. And
So It Was that Pittsburghers’ preferences were trumped by their “children” to whom the “Hope” was sold wholesale, with zero connection to reason. We get news almost daily, about how the advisors around Obama churn madly to deny us our choice. We ask for Women in leadership, and they let us have Nancy Pelosi, so resolutely willful that the democratic caucus is incapable of replacing her, despite the flat-BANG! Turn over from majorities in the House, Senate and White House to a defeat in the State Houses so devastating as to reveal that virtually the entire country has turned on the Democrats. Throughout two years of Obama’s administration, the Axelrod logic has flipped the bird to the citizens and played games with political tactics disconnected from the issues, challenges and realities facing Americans. The honor of being the first Woman to serve as Speaker of the House is almost secondary – judging from Pelosi’s prosecution of the 111th – to wielding the “ropes” circling the freshman class swept into the Majority in 2008. From a seat in my Congressman’s office to watch the inauguration of Pelosi, I observed her bringing the children and grandchildren, her own and those of members, to the Speaker’s Stand in celebration of the Change a Woman Speaker would hallmark. The first 100 Days grandiose proclamations righting the ship, “draining the swamp” to rid the country of the corrupt Republican Culture.

Her “Parade Style,” begun with a promising step, degenerated utterly with her irresponsible CHOICE to cultivate a “counter-culture” of restricted debate, hand-cuffing those Republicans who survived re-election and commandeering the votes of Democrats with quid-pro-quo trade-outs to embellish her control over the Democratic Caucus. I guess we expected more of a maternal concern for the country than a cynical power play to consolidate her grip on the reigns that kept the Democrats marching by the Reviewing Stand to the Bold Progressive’s Beat. Nancy’s district enjoys phenomenal property values. San Francisco style liberalism made it a magnet for those whose off-beat lifestyles met with rejection in Middle America. 434 other Congressional Districts were suddenly nullified by Progressive Replacement “Golden Rule” equating money with power to the exclusion of any other Force. Foolish, Naughty, Naughty, Nancy. Your Co-Equal Power Wielders expected something much different. Women who represent the Majority had something else in mind by way of leadership from you.

Imagine our shock that you and another “Sister” Oprah Winfrey, suddenly became incommunicado having hooked up with “the One” who changed your brains, not your life. All that aside, nonetheless, we understand, girlfriend. The guy who plays us gets away with it as long as the romance is good, the jewelry gifts arrive regularly and we can brag that passion is sustained. What we don’t get is the Big Sister Act, cutting us out of the Will, manipulating the Family dynamic with something more like Cinderella’s Step Mother Maneuvers.

The Oval Office Occupant back-burners the Country’s challenges, to campaign for re-election, and chooses by handicapping votes. We would do well to lift our chins, look around and see it all. That “Girl Power” tune Pelosi played at the bedside of Gabrielle Giffords worked like a Proverbial Charm: a Snake Charmer’s melody calling the survival instinct out of the basket. We aspire to real authority, not power. Our instincts permit us to forgive, but to unravel the mystery of Women and Power. Where’s the Deal here? When your head hits the pillow tonight, be “programmed” to revisit the history of Women. Review the Spell-Casters, the spies, the Wesleyans, and the “Firsts.”

When our Sovereign Will as Electors became crystallized as either Pro Choice or Pro Life, divided, we were “conquered” by cynical politicians’ concealed true agenda behind the smoke bomb pretense that our Choices are our own. Once they have manipulated our Step Sisters, we’re in for a struggle from which we have no option to demur. That rope encircling our marching troop is tightening ’round us, courtesy of the Secret Service. We sense the Forces maneuvering us to the Right to permit the S.U.V. to drive a little closer to the Candidate. While we carry signs proclaiming our support of Hillary, the guys sporting blue tooth’s tuned into their exclusive channel are employing all the resources of the United States Citizens in their own interest, to advance, armed to the teeth. That Ford Ranger isn’t on hand to provide an escape in the event of an attack, but more to carry the AK-47 and other hardware that shakes out Advantage: Protected.

Rain or shine, I’ll greet my Congressman eye to eye, wearin’ the Green and embracing my own Irish heritage. But this time, I’ll walk the parade route with a knowledge and a wisdom I didn’t have four years ago. I carry the inner Wii Me, programmed to travel to other games, and projecting the ability to process information as I receive it. While I honor the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, I have come to understand that not all men are equal to me. Endowed by my Creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I am also responsible for my choices. It is this responsibility, social, financial, professional, that drives me to lead my life, to choose a path that leads me onward and upward. The “Game” hasn’t changed for those of us who are accountable to our own standards, and the instant I make eye contact with my Representative, my Vote will be caste.

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