And they call us conspiracy nuts?

We were just thinking about the Total Information Awareness Act (TIA) from the early 2000’s and wondered what happened with all of those DARPA (Defense Dept) programs that sounded like something out of a bizarre 1984 fantasy or a Men in Black movie. By the way, did you know that the Defense Department DOES hire Hollywood screenwriters to come up with scenarios for them? Yep, they do.

Well, anyway, we wondered if TIA was REALLY dead since Congress said that they were not going to fund the surveillance of US citizens within our own borders. You remember, don’t you? One of the programs was going to allow people to BET on the potential for war in different locales. We’re not making this up. When Congress realized it wasn’t a joke they quashed it. The logo for TIA is particularly creepy; it shows that eye on the pyramid that’s on the back of the dollar bill beaming yellow light at the entire planet—the all seeing eyeball.

We didn’t do too much research, just took a look at Wikipedia. And found that some of those programs are still being funded. Now, total information is vital to Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Really, it’s all about information. What you do, what you think, how to identify you, what you write, what you read, where you live, who you know, how you earn money and where you keep it, meetings you attend, conversations you have, your attitude, your hopes, your fears. Facial recognition software. Software that recognizes you even if you are completely covered from head to toe. Remote surveillance with drones the size and shape of a hummingbird. Audio surveillance. Infiltration of groups. Asset Based Community Development. Community Oriented Policing. Rails to Trails. Community Block Grants. Redevelopment. Neighborhood Stabilization. SMART METERS.

A vital part of Agenda 21 is PREVENTIVE measures to stop crime (thought crime?) before it happens. To actually intercede in communities and identify potential criminals and pay them a little visit BEFORE they commit a crime. OK, you might think to yourself that you like the idea of stopping criminals before they commit a crime.

What’s a crime? Who decides? What is a crime against the community? Who is a criminal? What is terrorism? Who is a terrorist?

UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development expands the definitions of criminality and terrorism. Countries that used the Communitarian ideology to determine criminality are Russia, China, Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany…do you see?

Are you a liberal identified person? Do you see the protection of the planet as something that you are willing to make sacrifices for? Fine. But have you thought about what those sacrifices will be? Do you feel the stress of money going into ‘higher, tighter, and righter hands’ as George Bush 1st stated? That was furthered by Clinton, and then Bush, and now Obama. All faces of the same Agenda.

Part of Agenda 21 is to limit your choices, restrict your money, exhaust you with overwork and commitments, destabilize your personal environment, subvert your education and discourage critical thinking; the list goes on.

STOP AGENDA 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT by educating yourself and talking about it. Turn off the TV. Make this your hobby, your avocation. Have the courage to be a bit unpopular sometimes.

Oppose Agenda 21 in Madison, Wisconsin; Stop Agenda 21 in St. Louis, MO; Fight Agenda 21 in Seattle, WA; Expose Sustainable Development in Camden, NJ; Say NO to Smart Meters in Santa Cruz, CA; Oppose Sustainable Development in Los Angeles, CA—Stand up. Speak out. We’re with you.

See our website: for more info and What You Can Do!

4 Responses

  1. Oppose sustainable development???? That sounds like republican speak for bombs away, it’s our oil even if its halfway around the world.

    • Nope, it’s not ‘republican-speak’ or ‘democrat-speak’, it’s truthful, verifiable information that you have in your hands right now.

      Making flip comments about UN Agenda 21 being about the prevention of an oil-grab is diversionary. The truth is that Agenda 21 is about reducing standards of living in the West in order to tighten down on the idea that we are ‘entitled’ to freedom. When you are cold, hungry and living in government housing you will be less likely to organize and resist. You’ll be looking for another job, struggling for food, taking public transportation only where it goes and no where else. This is about restriction of freedom.

      Oil is a diversion. There have been and will be alternative forms of energy that make financial sense. Innovations. But our tax dollars are funneled into crony programs that go nowhere. Why doesn’t your car get 200 miles to the gallon? Because those innovations were not funded by govt and industry. Now they can say that private vehicle use is not sustainable. And be able to monitor your movements on public transportation.

      When you step back and look at the larger picture, it’s about gathering and using information about private ciitzens to monitor their movements and activities. This is vital to Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. The ‘green’ story is just the candy coating on the pill of Corporatism and Fascism combined as Communitarianism.

      Read about it at

  2. Thank You for your continued effort- I think we have to start harping on this harder and harder.

    Please continue to bring us the news often.

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