Italy: Berlusconi, Basta the bunga bunga

Contributed by Lisa Thompson

Here’s an article concerning Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi providing some background into his reputation as a debauched womanizer of worst ilk. Abolition!


“Bunga bunga” has entered the Italian lexicon as slang to describe Berlusconi’s debauchery, shouted in war-type by those newspapers that aren’t part of the premier’s vast, privately owned media empire. But where Egypt’s youth-led revolt succeeded in bringing down a dictator, the democracy that is Italy appears incapable of rousting this aging creep.

He pays for the company of underage girls. He throws lavish bacchanals at his palazzos — likened to brothels — from Rome to Milan and a hideaway villa in Sardinia. He’s being divorced over his alleged dalliances with jailbait. He uses political muscle to intervene in police investigations. He champions bodacious TV presenters, starlets and beauty pageant contestants for public office.

And BJ asks: where is the outrage among US women and the support for the women of Italy who are demonstrating in the millions for his resignation? SHAME on us- I am with Italy and the Italian women and their men who stand shoulder to should in the streets demanding respect for their females!

Berlusconi’s bunga bunga gets women fuming
Published On Sun Feb 13 2011
By Rosie DiManno Columnist

Basta the bunga bunga.

One needn’t be bilingual to get the drift. It’s Italianese: Enough with the orgies, the Lolita prostitutes and the old satyr rutting.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been notoriously leading with his Johnson — Giovanni? — for years, growing increasingly sybaritic and scandalizing as he approaches his 75th birthday, unapologetic and defiant and counter-thrusting as always.

READ MORE:–dimanno-berlusconi-s-bunga-bunga-gets-women-fuming


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