100,000 Italian Women Grasp the Reigns; Prepare to Assert Command

Italian Mothers, Sisters, Daughters Take A Stand

Thousands invade Rome's Piazza del Popolo, joined across Italy by similar demonstrations

His education minister, Mariastella Gelmini, wrote off the protesters as “the usual snob heroines of the left who stepped out of their drawing rooms to exploit feminine issues and attack a government that continues to have the backing of the majority of Italians.

While the World viewed the dismantling of the Tent City built in Cairo and the calls for the young men to return to the business of their daily lives, the gathering places of Italy became the scene of protests of another sort. Unlike their Egyptian counterparts, the Women of Italy, hundreds of thousands of them, of all ages, demanded the resignation of their own Premier. In all, according to Nick Pisa reporting for the UK Telegraph, a million women and the gentlemen who agree with them, filled squares across Italy to protest the endless disrespect celebrated by the media empire Berlusconi owns in which his antics are depicted as acceptable.

If you think you were glued to 24 Hour News for the showdown between the testosterone-driven Egyptians, hook up yer foundation garments and prepare for what we KNOW will be a true show. Women demonstrating. Folks, I’m here to tell you, THIS JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN!!!

Women express their displeasure in ways that are uniquely feminine, and in normal times would not respond to calls to gather in the square to raise a common Voice of Objection. For wherever you may be in the world; THIS IS NEWS. Like Axletoad and Chucker Todd, the Italian “powers that wanna continue to be” dismissed a million protesters as the usual snob heroines of the left. How foolish that man is!

Even the Catholic daily, Avvenire, came out with a big editorial claiming that decent Catholic women should be in the public squares on the 13th of February. It’s rare of the Church to urge women to take to the streets to defend their dignity.

It is, indeed, a new day and we are watching History being made. I’m going to subscribe to all the news outlets covering THIS story and want to catch every single word written about it. I mean…. I want to read every observation made by every male reporter, gay or straight. I want to see banners, hear women on loudspeakers, watch the “crowds” mash the reporters and mug for the cameras while the likes of Anderson Cooper and Jiraldo Rivera give their authoritative masculine “take” on the seriousness of the complaint, the demonstrators’ determination to take down their sitting Premier and the probabilities they might succeed. I mean … DON’T YOU?


4 Responses

  1. We Italian Women have what it takes! Let me tell you – If I could leave 3 very needy souls right now – I would be on a plane to Italy to join them.

    Perhaps they can show the rest of the world’s gals how it’s is done.

    Andiamo donne e ragazze

  2. Anna please keep us op to date on whatever you can find on this as I am sure MSM will do their best to hide this news!

  3. interesting articles 😉 love it!

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