In memory of My Dad: Roy Downing

BettyJean Kling

BettyJean  is sad to report the death of her father Roy Downing, who died on February 1, 2011 in peacefully in her arms.  He was 90 years old and worked right up to the end for his country by giving his time and energy to the American Reform Party as the National Chairman since its founding early in the 1990’s.

Roy servved in the Air Corp during  World War ll, a  decorated War Hero and a former prisoner of war held in German, he was awarded several metals and a purple heart.

Roy was preceded in Death by both his Grandson Mikie who was 34 and his Granddaughter Denise who was 45, both came to his side at 7:15 pm. and guided him home where the three of them are now free of cancer and pain.

Roy was married to my mother our bodacious blogger known as “It’s Me Louise” for 65 years and she calls him his Prince- it was love at first sight. They have worked side by side their entire lives.

Full Military Funeral Saturday 9:30 AM at Santangelo Funeral Home, 300 N. Main St., Lodi for a 10:15 AM –

Visitation Friday 2-4 & 7-9 PM.

Chapel Service. Interment St. Mary’s Cemetery, Saddle Brook.

In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Lodi American Legion Post 136 Building Fund.

Life is a Courage

Courage to do something extraordinary,

Courage to fight with diseases,

Courage to make people stand on their own,

Courage to believe in someone,

Courage to fight against all odds

Suruchi Puri

35 Responses

  1. I am so sorry BJ.

    Sending you and your family strength, prayers and love.

  2. Wow, he was still active until the end, that is so cool.

  3. So sorry!

  4. B.J.

    My heart goes out to you with your current round of challenges and sorrow. Please know that you have many thoughts and prayers both in this difficult time, and always.

    Those who are truly blessed with wonderful people in their lives are equally burdened with additional pain when they are taken from us. The only consolation possible is to know how much better your life has been for having had them around you for any amount of time, no matter how soon they go home to a life of peace and joy.

    Continue to find your inner strength, because that is the true beauty God has blessed you with. You are, by far, the strongest individual I have ever “known” (albeit electronically) and you constantly serve as an inspiration to thousands of people. I know you do not think you are special or what you do is exceptional, but trust me – it is! Your perseverance and refusal to give in no matter what life throws at you has prompted many of us to pick up the phone one more time, or send one more email, or talk to one more person, or write one more blog, or sometimes just to get out of bed one more time. I can truly say my life is better having seen you as an example of what one woman is capable of.

    Please know that even though we cannot be there physically for you, there are many many women and men who have your virtual back and are sending you love and support!

  5. Grail,
    Your comment meant so much to me – not that each and every one did not but yours was the one that gave me the strength yo get out of bed one more time and pick up the phone and make another funeral arrangment. Mom- is very sick and I could lose her – my daughters are gone – I have no granddaughters- its all on me now- no sisters!
    Your words were a sister to me when I felt as if I would not have the strenght today to do what needs to be done.
    Thank you so much for the shot in the arm!

  6. My Dear Friend,
    I am so very sorry for your loss,you’re in my prayers as I do understand the overwhelming journey ahead of you. my mom was buried yesterday and my dad is very sick and now heartbroken about the loss of his “girl” of 60 years. Seems we are walking this path together, separated by miles but joined by the heart.
    You do have sisters and we are here silently praying for you. As you were the voice of comfort on the day of my mothers passing I hope I can bring you some comfort when I say Your dad is resting in the arms of the Lord. May you find peace in that truth.
    Blessings on your journey I walk beside you.

  7. When we lose someone we love it seems that time stands still. What moves through us is a silence… a quiet sadness …a longing for one more day….one more word…one more touch. We may not understand why they left before we were ready to say goodbye, but little by little we begin to remember not that they died but that they lived. and their life gave us memories too beatiful to forget. We will see Roy again, in a Heavenly place where there is no parting. A place where there are no words that mean goodbye.

  8. Seems we both had a great loss this week- let us hold each other up in prayer for strength- I know you just buried your mother last night as I was loosing my father . I am sorry I could not be with you but I know you understand.
    Go take care of your dad and I will take care of my mom that is the job we are both left with now. In their sorrow they need us to follow through.

    Let’s pray God give each other the strength we need to do the job ahead of us.

    I love you sister.

  9. I do not know where to begin to describe my Uncle Roy. He always had a smile on his face and always there to tell one of his jokes that was sure to bring a smile to anyones face as well. He was indeed the last of the true gentlemen left in this era. He will be greatly missed by me and all who knew him.
    **Uncle Roy, I will forever hold you in my heart and pray that you know how much I truly love you.

    • Angie, Thank you so very much for leaving a few words to describe Pop to those who didn’t know him.
      It is very special when I get to hear him described by others.
      He loved you too – you know that.

  10. I am very sorry for the loss of my Great Uncle, Roy. I will always remember his wonderfful sense of humor and his great stories. He will be missed but always be remembered. Bj, you, Aunt Louise and the rest of the family are all, in our prayers. May he be in a better peace now, free from pain or worries. I have a little magnet that I always keep near by that gives me strength when I read it and I’d like to share it with all of you:

    God’s Promise

    God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow or sun without rain. But God did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and a light for the way, And for all who believe in His kingdom above, He answers their faith with with everlasting love.

    • Thank you Donna,
      Everyone loved my Dad and his stories. He was famous for them for sure and his jokes too.
      The memories of him will all be of laughter- he was driving artound and visting everyone right up to the end always with a story and a good laugh.
      Thank you for God’s Promise

  11. So sorry for your loss, but thankful for your good memories of your Dad.

  12. My condolences. So sorry to hear the news.

  13. Roy Downing was a man of principle and vision. He was also the soul of generosity. I will never forget him, and I am very glad I knew him, and worked closely with him, for a few years. His is a memory I celebrate and for which I am grateful.

  14. I only “knew” Roy Downing through his good work in the “American Reform Party”. It had been in my mind to one day come closer to him to explore common social ground and see what I could do for the “ARP”. But I waited too long. I cheated myself of his influence by procrastinating and spreading myself too thin on the internet. I never learned, till now, that he resided in Lodi. So close. My mistake. I should have paid closer attention.

    My sincere condolences to his Wife, Louise Downing, his Daughter Betty Jean Kling-Downing and all his loved ones. Your sense of loss must be deep indeed.

    I pray for Louise to get well. She is needed.

    • Daniel- thank you so very much, My dad, mom and I have been with the ARP since Ross Perot first announced his ideas of REFORM. I would like to think that when folks think of him the think ARP and vise versa!

  15. Dear Betty Jean,

    We all suffer at the loss of your father, a wonderful man and a true patriot. His family and his nation are better for him having been here. His life of exceptional service stands as a rare gift to so many
    as both a leader and a brother-in-arms for personal freedoms and national liberty.

    Sharon Sebastian

  16. My Condolences Betty Jean. He lived a full life and you were a great daughter to him.

    • Well I certainly followed in his footsteps- he only had one and at first he wished I was a boy but he soon learned that having a girl – especially this one was all that and more.
      As much as he tried to test it – I always kept up and he died knowing that I was every bit as good of a kid as any son would have been.
      When I walked into the room – he was heard say ” God just walked through the door”
      I waited my whole life to be sure – he was ok with having a daughter- in the end – I was sure of it and so was he!

  17. It was a great ride.

    • It was a great ride WWorthley- he saw the world and held it in his hands- he and mom had a 65 year fairly tale marriage – they traveled the world together and did everything they ever wanted to do- he had no regrets.

  18. Sorry for your loss, BJ. He sounds like a wonderful man.

  19. I’m so sorry to learn about your loss
    From the comments here, he sounds like a wonderful man.
    From the picture, he was obviously a handsome man.
    He lived a long life and may he now rest in peace.
    My prayers are with you and your family.
    May The Lord bring peace to you all in your time of mourning and sorrow.

  20. Yes – he was very handsome indeed. Barely had a wrinkle, He was very strong right to the end- he drove right up to the last day!

  21. B.J I am so sorry for you loss and my heart breaks for all that you have been through. Myself and PMA Inl. prayer warriors have been praying for you, and will continue to do so. Know that you are much loved by us and so many others. Love , Janice

  22. BJ, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have been away from the computer for a while because of some health issues, but decided to check in today, and I read your sad news. Take care of your Mom, she will really need you now. You are such a strong person, but with all you have had to endure, I don’t know how. Take care, my friend.

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