The Legacy of R&BL Committee 5-31-2008 … the Long “Progressive” Line

The Chicago Mob Style take-over of the Democratic Party launched by the Rules & By Laws Committee Actions of May 31, 2008 has resulted in the general thuggery now sweeping the PA House.  With zero sympathy for the “Members Of The Committee” being denied Voice by the Republican Leadership, I can only observe that the “Push Back” was easy fun for the boyz of the Progressive Leadership when it was Women and respectful traditional Democrats being pushed around.  With respect for the way men win, the way they cut deals, short-circuit the process and generally CHEAT wherever they can, we Women came to the DNC with the idea that we offer something of worth that will change the world.

Ah! The Wimminz.  We can’t have them in charge.  They’s already got half the money and ALL the pussy… which only counts in the straight world.  We need MEN in charge.  You know, the kind of guys, … Congressman Bob Brady, D Philadelphia, who reacts to the shooting of his female colleague with a motion to protect himself and his fellow representatives with legislation.  I thought – or my high school teachers taught me to believe – that the wheels of Government gear slowly; deliberately so, to prevent reactionary legislation…or men like John Edwards who would play “cut throat” with the nomination process, jamming a female candidate as though we were conducting a mugging instead of an election. 

That Mob-Style “Push Back,” of Adam Greene and  these NutRoots guys doesn’t fly, as Alan Greyson discovered.  Supported by 20 and 30 Something women who take their opportunities for granted, the guys must now, themselves, make the Forced March back to stability.  Even the Gentlemen of the Democratic Party stood by and took delight in the Circus, no, the Bacchanal that was the Democratic Convention in Denver.  They tried to pass it off as SUCCESS!   I have never had a worse taste in my mouth than when I endured the gloating of FORMER Pennsylvania Democratic Committee Chairman, T.J. Rooney about their “great” victory in 2008.  At that same Executive Committee meeting, Rooney impatiently verbally abused the member who objected to the inclusion of the County Chairs in the Executicve Committee’s Budget Approval meeting.  He then proceeded to flag his plans to further pile on the Woman who objected to the DNC’s theft of the votes of 18 million Democrats.  SOME WINNERS!  He’s gone now, along with his sour-faced Executive Director, Mary Isenhour who somehow didn’t make the association between asking State Committee people for $100 to attend a weenies and beanies fundraiser to pay her salary and treating those contributing members with respect. 

For all you PROGRESSIVES out there:

  • When you equate taking money from manipulators who will use you and lose you, you’ll learn how it feels to be called a whore.   
  • When you think full campaign coffers trumps courageous votes, such as those caste by Arlen Specter
  • When you “threaten” members of Congress, who don’t rubber stamp your agenda, with Primary Challenges
  • When you accuse female candidates for high political office of corruption while defending, to the hilt, a corrupt politician
  • When you adopt an “Ends Justify The Means” policy to ensure that at the end of each day YOU WIN
  • When you run your mouth, curtail discussion and refuse to even consider the views of the minority

…It’s just a matter of time before YOU ARE THE MINORITY!

Boo! Freaking Hoo!  Mike Turzai is violating your rights!  I can’t hardly stand it, it’s so poetically right on target!  Now the “Progressives” can – in the words of Ben Franklin – “Repent At Leisure.”  Nice work, Guys.  How’s that PUSH BACK thing working for yinz?


One Response

  1. Well you nailed it again !
    The problem is most Dem women are Dems in name only – they don’t really know much about what is going on- they are just towing the line for the party – errrr the men folk of the party!

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