Palinoia: a lesson on woman’s derangement

Another Rant By: BettyJean Kling

UPDATE 7:18 PM : You must read Robin of Berkley – American Thinker

She puts this rant to shame and shows me that I no longer have the stomache for this. I’m burnt out. Done , finished, can’t handle this trying to help women anymore- Thank you Robin of Berkley!

I just read a really good piece that confirms my suspicions about why people treat Governor Sarah Palin the way they do. The reason, however, doesn’t matter because … there is never a good reason to treat another human being the way Ms. Palin is treated.

I am so disgusted by the failure in our society for having anyone available to step up and properly denounce this unseemly behavior.  I want to scream obscenities and shake people and slap faces and call POTUS ugly names for not admonishing the nation for this outrageous and un-American behavior.

 If our President is this lame, where in God’s good name is the Pope, to call on our church leaders? Surely someone somewhere? Why haven’t her friends the Grahams called out to that to heal itself of this ungodly behavior?

Faux Feminists can’t say they are for women while they help with the onslaught.  Conservatives can’t be doing the Lord’s will. Obviously it’s about jealousy from the women – women who can’t stand the fact that she has it all and looks like she does and actually enjoys her life too! There she is in her leather suits looking better than a body has a right too, while also being able to cook, clean, hunt, and have babies, and work outside the home as the Governor of a state and have a brain?

Afraid she sets the bar too high?

I didn’t think it could be done either – but it obviously can – and she obviously has a real life with real problems too, a Down syndrome baby, a daughter whose real life problems had to be aired and discussed by the whole world.  

 I also get the part men and women alike can’t stand a woman who stand up to the biggest and the best of them – even telling POTUS he hasn’t got the cajones.  Frankly, she has more balls than most Americans have.

IMHO, Palin’s problem is men are afraid their balls will shrink and women are afraid more will be expected of them and they may have to grow a pair.  The haters call her a moron.

Hypocritical Bastards. The duplicity of the Left is frightening – are they schizophrenic or dim-witted or just plain take the rest of us for fools?

Just exactly where are these  haters sitting right now, how much in their bank accounts, how many positions straight up the ladder have they held, and have they run for VP of the US lately?  Who’s the moron?

It’s one thing to not like the women’s politics—it’s quite another thing to be so damned jealous of another woman that you would … 

For three years I have worked my finger to the bone trying to unite women from both sides of the aisle and God love them many have come. I formed a 501(c)3, and several wonderful women run groups have also joined our efforts but I keep hitting the same roadblock each time I stand up for Sarah Palin. Some balk, some quit. Well I am not going to stop standing up for Sarah or for any other human being who is mistreated and since that doesn’t suit enough women– is going to take one step back for every step it takes forward. I guess this organization’s odds of success are only 50/50 at this time. Not my kind of investment- I have already vested a fortune and frankly – I have fallen in love with almost every women I have met and worked with but we were born women and my dream of uniting women is lost on an era of women no longer existing in  numbers large enough to pull it off.

We don’t need another girls club; we already have enough Liberal women’s groups and Conservative women’s groups. We have minority women’s groups, we have hate groups, love groups, uppity groups and every damned group you can think of including the one and only WOMEN’s group founded and created to unite all women regardless and in spite of all the above but it fails to gain ground precisely because too many women prefer to run in packs like wolves, and klatch in their gossipy little groups or form cliques devastating for odd girls out who are ostracized.

And so they shall remain as they please. “They” said it couldn’t be done – “They”   were right- it can’t.

Someone much more articulate and less aggravated with “They” than I, wrote a hell of a good article- Read it here:

Palinoia, the Destroyer
What’s behind the left’s deranged hatred?


12 Responses

  1. I read the article and the comments. I still believe their problem with Palen was that she flashed onto the scene, out of nowhere, as a certain irrationally celebrated, unqualified, full-of-himself but embraced by the left Barak Obama and … gasp! STOLE HIS THUNDER!!! Palin suddenly became the “new baby” in the house that took every body’s attention. She’s the little sister we’re EXPECTED to take care of and, … well,… we resent the fuck out of having to make room for her. We’re too childish and immature to understand how FAMILY isn’t about giving attention to the “only child.” Family, just like “American” is about expanding our strengths. Barak Obama’s candidate was “erected” in the most phallyc way, NOT built, on accomplishments, recovering from failures and learning from mistakes as did Hillary Clinton. The insipid rejection of competence in favor of whatever the fuck it was they responded to in the empty suit, was wrong and THEY KNOW IT!!! Palin was Almighty God’s gift to those of us who have earned better but got stiffed by the males first culture. In her, Divine Intelligence takes everything those foolish folk project from their dreams onto Barak Obama, and delivers it – without a prop-me-up Press Corp and with the most natural, down to earth EVERY WOMAN style… Nicole Wallace “hated her” and sabataged her while desperately trying to be MSNBC cool. Christ, Mika tries to be a hot babe and the men on that MoJo network routinely allude to the female “talent’s” sex appeal…and the fucking dingbats act “flattered” when they should slap the morons down with a flat-out assertion of the lack of professionalism communicated by such attention to matters that will invariably cost her in the end.

    The “vocal” liberal, paid media, carrying the turd that is Barak Hussein Obama MUST destroy that “little sister, Sarah Palin” because they are so heavily invested in putting “the One” in office that they are locked into defending their Journalistic malpractice and “passing their selection” of him off as something the electorate wanted.

    For all the bullshit about the Woman’s right to “Choose,” the mother fuckers absolutely went to town denying Women the Choice to Elect Hillary Clinton President. Now, like a tired and tangled web they have woven, they are enslaved by their own bad choice to misrepresent their Election Coverage. Look at Nancy Pelosi. The dip shit is actually enunciating assertions that NOBODY with eyes would believe. They put her statements on air maybe once or twice, but nobody picks up on what bogusnesquessness her statements are. Because NANCY rocked the bassinette for the Chosen One, blessed his “gaming” of the Primary and conducted a full two years of House business under the pretense that he was the President and she was getting things done for the People. At some point, we should admit we SMELL this stuff long before we end up stepping in it. The carrying on about Palin is ALL ABOUT HER TAKING ATTENTION AWAY FROM OBAMA. Just as a Jihadist would threaten the life of an infidel that disrespects Allah, Palin is taking the “adoration” energy away from their idol.

  2. Very perfectly put about the problem with the left – now tell me what the hell is wrong with the rest of the country?

    At best only half of the US is Left – what about the other half? Waht about conservatives- what about conservative women- what about her friends the Billy Graham clam – the pope – all the clergy – where is the outcry for the way this woman is treated?

    Why is there no outcry for the way WOMEN are treated? First they come for Sarah then they come for our daughters then their daughters!

    This is no longer about left and right and obama and nancy – this is now about human rights and enough is enough!

    This is not human behvior!

  3. We who reason. who fought so valiantly through the Primary of 2008 and chose Country before Party have learned that we get nowhere when we attempt to speak to these assholes. Americans showed up to town hall meetings screaming to be heard and were dismissed without consideration by the Democrats to whom we had foolishly handed majorities in both houses, White House and the “In the Tank” Fourth Estate. Obama is so full of himself, so incapable of any legitimate work, that these people are in shock to face the fact that we could “elect” such a cad. Like any “wronged” woman, we are “eating it.” We’re chewing on each copped honor, every pompous pronunciation from the academic whose entire economic “team” has done their damage then returned to their high paying jobs, … we’re done with the outrage. We’re holding our fire and building our message. Women are voting out the pricks and quietly, — no, SILENTLY separating, sorting, filing and SMILING. Hannity and Limbaugh go on endlessly about the anti-palin stuff, but Palin has only to post a FaceBook item or tweet and THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE SIEZES on it, because THEY MAKE MONEY OFF OF HER!!!… all the while holding their noses in the air about how she “quit” to make money. It is truly a derangement syndrome. She prays to God for guidance and acknowledges the Almighty for the Grace in which she makes her choices. The Devil, undergoing an Exorcism, carries on with the same sort of unrelenting abuse attempting to survive the ritual. Unfortunately for the Devil, God is With His Servant, and promises to preserve her. Hang in there. It’s Closing In On Them and the intensity of their reaction affirms the Spirit. Indeed, this is NOT human. Thus, nothing done by these inhuman perps should disturb you. See them as lower life forms, rise up in your own divinity and take dominion over these subordinate minds. The instant their EYES are open, they will correct.

  4. Betty Jean, this is excellent. It had me laughing out loud in some places, nodding my head and agreeing out loud in the rest.
    I was already disgusted with the left, and then some. But their behavior since this happened has made me ashamed to admit that I ever was a Democrat. I’m thinking a new screenname is in order. I don’t want to be associated with them, even marginally.
    And you are absolutely right. Most decent people would defend anyone against attacks this far below the belt. There are two kinds of people who wouldn’t. Those who stand to gain politically, and are craven enough to remain silent because of that. And the Foghorn Leghorn variety, wetting their collective pants, and afraid to call attention to themselves, lest they draw the attention of the attackers.
    What isn’t being said is that they have literally done exactly the same thing they accused her of doing, and much more forcefully and directly. They have deliberately painted a bright orange target on her back, and on the backs of anybody who is in contact with her on a regular basis, including her children.

  5. As a wise Accountant from Long Island once told me, “It’s Lonely Out In Front.” When you feel despair that nobody “sees” what you see, know that you are ground zero for the WORD. It matters that YOU get it. From here, the message, like the rings of civilization moving outward, get across.

  6. I don’t mind fighting for the worthy but fighting for those who are fighting me for fighting for them – yikes!

    I was actually attacked by a woman in a personal letter who had the nerve to say – I taught my daughters to wind up dead!

    She says I would like all women to be pumping babies out in a trailer somewhere!

    no one mentioned this in any of the articles but many of the haters are those who have had abortions and have consoled themselves by saying it was best for the kid who would otherwise be one of 5 in a trailor. —

    Sarah and Bristol rock their world view!

    They must stab anyone who rocks their world. Frankly their not dealing with the abortion – this woman is still reeling from a botched abortion she performed on a friend she killed 50 years ago. That is my fault and Sarah ‘s fault!

    Adoption would have be easier no?

  7. I would like to have a long talk with whoever wrote you that letter. But I think this is a very salient point:
    “no one mentioned this in any of the articles but many of the haters are those who have had abortions and have consoled themselves by saying it was best for the kid who would otherwise be one of 5 in a trailor.”

    I understand why Sarah Palin would be an affront to some people. What I don’t understand is the 5 in a trailor part. Do they think pregnant women who are poor should be forced to have an abortion?

  8. You as always Miss Kling are awesome..People should appreciate you more..As far as Governor Palin goes she is a role model to women..She gave birth to a down syndrome child..Has five kids yet finds time to support other women and people..She stands up for what is right just like Betty Jean…Period

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