Ode to Lodi, Bergen County New Jersey

By: It’s Me Louise

I was born in Lodi, Bergen County, New Jersey 1925 and I lived my whole life in NJ. I have always felt lucky that I always lived in Bergen County, NJ because it’s the richest county in the United States. Located just across the Hudson River from New York City, we are within minutes of every entertainment you could want plus the finest restaurants in the world. 

Bergen County doesn’t have any slums!

Bergen County is minutes away from the NJ shore with its power boating, sail boating and water sporting as well as surf fishing, crabbing, greatest ocean fishing not to mention the longest beautiful shoreline in the USA. Our white sand is so beautiful that Hawaii imports our white sand to cover their black sand beaches, that were covered by volcano ash.

We have lakes, mountains and streams as well. We are thought of as industrial but we are also the cranberry growers of the world and known for our farms and dairy cows. We have 21 counties many of which are extremely rural and a hunter’s dream. We are called the garden state because of our beauty and our four seasons and great climate.

Our infrastructure in New Jersey is the finest in the world. Our international air ports, cruise lines, trains, buses, highways tunnels bridges etc .

I wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else , I was born right here in Lodi and while I have been an avid traveler having visited every state in our Union many times, I always long to get back home. We live in a beautiful world as we witnessed firsthand when we traveled to Hawaii , Alaska, Mexico, South America, Europe and a dozen Caribbean islands but after having judged them all – It’s been my experience the climate is best and the humidity is lowest right here in Lodi, Bergen County, NJ.

I know I sound like I am bragging a lot about my home town but I just can’t help it  because I am just so thankful to have been born and raised here, the place I love the most.


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